Online Masters In Communication Disorders

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Our accredited SLP program combines academic and clinical training. Our students become doctors who apply research hands-on to their fields.

Online Masters In Communication Disorders

We offer an intensive online prerequisite program that meets all of the prerequisite requirements for commencing the master’s speech-language pathology program at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Bachelor Of Science In Speech Language And Communication Disorders

2019 CSD graduate students prepare for a day of intensive cleft palate surgery examination/therapy and 5-day speech therapy clinic at Hospital Universitario di Neiva, Colombia.

Smile Train’s collaboration with Gift of Speech is bringing adherence to cleft palate surgery to children around the world.

Welcome to the Communication Studies and Disorders program! We offer graduate degrees focused on the study of all aspects of human communication and the prevention and treatment of its disorders throughout the lifespan. Programs provide continuing education and training in individual human communication processes (speech, hearing, language, literacy, and bilingualism), human communication disorders, and swallowing procedures and remedies for these disorders. Graduates are prepared for positions in a variety of professional settings: educational settings, community speech and language centers, rehabilitation centers, hospital clinics, private practice, state departments of education, departments of health, federal agencies, and colleges and universities.

Earn M.S. and New York State initial or professional certification for teachers with speech and language impairments.

Online Bs In Communication Sciences And Disorders

*More than 90 percent of our graduates choose one of the first two options. Only one additional course is required for the Bilingual Extension Certificate.

** This option is only available to those who have completed a minimum of three years as a speech language provider at NYS schools.

***Because all students graduate with the required coursework for the NYSED TSLD, some students choose to pursue a master’s degree in SLP instead.

The Bilingual Extension Institute is for speech-language pathologists seeking advanced training in how to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to bilingual patients/clients/students. This state-of-the-art institution is offered both online and in person.

Graduate Admissions Info & Requirements

Our doctoral program is a research-based degree designed to train doctoral candidates to become productive scholars and educators in their fields. Students gain training and experience in all aspects of the research process, including conducting research studies and analyzing data, presenting and writing research, applying for funding, and personal and professional integration into the international scientific community for their field of study. All of our doctoral faculty have a strong research portfolio and are certified speech-language pathologists with research interests in diverse populations. The Department of Communication Studies and Disorder offers graduate programs on campus that equip students with the career-ready skills and hands-on experience needed to make an immediate impact on people’s lives.

Students receive classroom and practical preparation in applying family-centered, developmental, cognitive, psychological, behavioral, and clinical models to the assessment and treatment of various communication disorders and differences. We welcome students applying from a variety of undergraduate degree programs. Our diverse pool of applicants includes those who have not completed their undergraduate studies in communication disorders.

The 72-credit curriculum is designed to prepare you to work with a variety of communication disorders across the lifespan. This is a combination of 18 credits of basic courses, 42 credits of academic courses, 4 credits of clinical methods, 5 credits of clinical practicum, and 3 credits of interdisciplinary courses.

Students must meet both (1) the college’s requirement that they register for at least 5 semesters of clinical practicum (CD 605) and (2) the ASHA’s requirement that they accumulate at least 400 hours. Both are minimum requirements and are independent. To complete the 400 hours required for ASHA, 25 hours must be spent on clinical observation and 375 hours must be spent on direct client/patient contact. Of the 375 contact hours, at least 325 must be earned in the degree programme.

Online Graduate Program

Three 1-credit seminars are taken during winter and spring intervals. Students choose three of the available courses.

All students must complete foundation courses in six subjects before commencing their clinical courses in the fall.

Please note that students taking this course and students taking this course five years ago with a B- or lower will need to retake the foundation course to meet this requirement.

In order to take a basic course in communication disorders in, students must attend the program and have their enrollment confirmed. Upon entering the program, students are informed of the basic courses they must complete. This course is offered during the summer and we highly recommend that you complete the foundation course with us.

School Of Communication Sciences & Disorders

The graduate program director must approve foundation courses taken at or at an alternative institution. If students intend to take foundation courses, the graduate program director arranges enrollment for these courses. Students should contact Lisa Wiseman Weil to confirm their basic plan of study.

The College Master of Science (M.S.) Education Program in Speech-Language Pathology (Residential and Distance Education) is accredited by the Council for Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard. , #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700.

Specific concerns about the accreditation status of programs should be directed first to programs and colleges and then to CAAs. Safe havens, Section 8, and student loan debt: Emerson alumni say they (mostly) don’t regret the financial risk

The college launched its first online master’s degree program in communication disorders this September. Online programs maintain the same curriculum, fees, and instructors as their on-campus equivalents. Both the online and on-campus programs require 400 hours of clinical practice experience to become a speech-language pathologist in a school, clinic, hospital, private practice, or other facility. The Master’s degree is available on [email protected] website. Other online certificate programs exist, but the new speech pathology degree marks the college’s first foray into graduate study online, according to a review of the college’s website. US News & World Report ranks on-campus graduate programs in the top 20 nationally in communication disorders. Because of these ratings, 2U, a company specializing in providing online learning platforms, has partnered with Emerson to make the online program accessible to students across the United States. “Eventually, we will be enrolling hundreds of students in these programs within five to 10 years,” said Joanne Lasker, Chair of Communication Studies and Disorders. “There will be more speech-language pathologists with master’s degrees from Emerson.” Phaedra Hamilton-Reyna, program administration director, called the new title more of an opportunity than a challenge. “It’s a different format, a different approach,” Reyna said. “It’s a different way of educating our students and getting them to learn… so I thought it was an opportunity in itself.” Colleges and 2u  have spent the last year preparing for the launch of a new online degree. 2U also works with other institutions around the country, such as Northwestern and New York University. “It’s a process by which we roll out elements of this program over time,” Lasker said. “We’re working with the curriculum we’ve already done and delivering it in a different way.” Before classes begin, students must attend a two-week weekend orientation at the Boston campus. From there, September’s group of 42 students participated in live weekly classes. Both 2U and Emerson help students find Emerson contract clinics or facilities in their communities. There are three admissions cycles for new online degrees starting in September, January, and May. The January class already consists of 35 students. The program offers two enrollment options—full time and part time. A full-time student can graduate in 20 months, while a part-time student can graduate in 36 months.

Post Baccalaureate Program

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Here, you will learn from accomplished professors who have real-world experience and are eager to share their knowledge with you. Through courses and professional experience, you will become an expert in speaking, listening, and language development and behavior. You will also learn how to assess and diagnose various communication disorders.

An important component of the program is providing students with clinical experience. Offered through our Center for Communication Disorders and more than 90 off-campus affiliate sites, this opportunity allows you to work with real clients of all ages and types of communication disorders.

Our renowned degree program offers two options and

Ms In Communication Disorders

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