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LSU’s Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in higher education administration is designed for professionals who want to become administrative leaders in colleges and universities. Covering admissions, financial aid, Greek affairs, student relations, and more, LSU’s program taps into the multifaceted arena of higher education, preparing students to effectively manage academic and administrative challenges and conflicts.

Online Masters In Higher Education

Through 36 credit hours, students develop advanced leadership and management skills while understanding how the higher education industry works. The program consists of courses in student development theory, higher education finance, higher education and law—topics that students encounter directly in higher education. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for roles such as vice president of enrollment, dean of admissions, director of student financial aid, director of academic advising, academic advisor, director of alumni relations and coordinator of residential life.

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With class sizes of 20-25 students, this allows professors to focus more on each student’s learning and development.

“Our program incorporates a theory-practice model. Our students learn from full-time researchers as well as respected practitioners in the fields of student affairs and higher education administration.”

Student Erric Baldwin explains why he loves his master’s degree in higher education administration.

Online Master Of Arts In Higher Education Leadership

Instructor and Associate Professor Paul Manthei, Ph.D. Discusses the professional implications of earning a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Higher Education Administration.

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Credit hours and fees are subject to change. Fee schedule may vary per course for instructor and/or books per program. Contact a Student Success Coach for more information.

Applicants must apply through the LSU Graduate School and must:

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The program’s holistic approach recognizes all stakeholders involved in higher education, ensuring that students from LSU understand and understand the conflicts facing students, faculty, alumni and others. Coursework is important and covers a variety of higher education topics relevant to graduate careers. Program topics include enrollment management, admissions, development, fundraising, marketing, educational technology, student affairs, academic affairs, diversity and inclusion management, corporate partnerships, and more. Students can build valuable professional relationships with current LSU professors and administrators, as well as connect with the LSU alumni network for career opportunities. Because it’s 100 percent affordable, LSU’s master’s degree in HEA allows professionals to pursue career goals and advance degrees while meeting other personal commitments.

Students who complete a Master of Business Administration are prepared to enter the challenging field of higher education and become leaders in their schools.

Every day, higher education administrators across the country create opportunities for students and professors to have the richest academic experience possible. These professionals build relationships with alumni groups, lead fundraising initiatives, create meaningful and trusted connections with the Greek community, and strive to enhance the higher education experience for all stakeholders.

The Master of Education in HEA provides graduates with the management skills and comprehensive understanding of higher education operations to become highly competent administrative leaders. This degree helps graduates obtain rewarding positions and helps students enrich the lives of university members with the knowledge and skills developed in the program. The Master of Professional Studies at Georgetown University prepares you to synthesize the complexities of learning. Developing connections across the higher education landscape and the global education community.

Online Master Of Education In Administration

Through research and analysis, students explore the implications of globalization for management, operations, academic and student engagement, and admissions, and explore contemporary realities and challenges in higher education from a global perspective. During the program, you will learn from respected scholars, colleagues, and experienced practitioners. During placement, you will work closely with a faculty advisor who will guide you through the detailed design and implementation of the project.

The Master’s in Higher Education Management will develop your ability to make a positive contribution early in your career and enable you to work in a variety of project teams, industries and disciplines. You will learn how to communicate your ideas and strategies to the global community. You will also have the opportunity to work on one of two electives – Student Management or Personal Training.

Using Jesuit pedagogy, our online degree courses address big questions of social justice in ethical decision-making. You will explore issues that are important to creating an ethical culture in your institution.

Ideal for working professionals, our program is designed online, fits your schedule and allows you to earn your degree without interrupting your career.

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Upon completion of the degree, you will be a forward-thinking practitioner capable of playing a leading role in higher education, including student affairs, admissions, academic advising, alumni relations, and diversity and inclusion.

* Tuition fees for each term are published annually, usually in February. The total tuition shown here is reflected in the semester of admission.

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Masters Of Education In Higher Education Administration

Industry Trends After 75 Years, the Fulbright Program Still Strives to Change the World 75 years later, the Fulbright Program is still changing the world.UMass Lowell’s flexible and affordable online M.S. Ed. In the Education section: Choosing Higher Education.

Make a lasting impact on the future success of higher education with UMass Lowell’s Department of Education: A Higher Education Option. This online M. provides the knowledge necessary to manage change and address the many challenges facing colleges and universities today. During the academic year, courses are offered in a direct online format, while summer courses are offered in a traditional online format.

This program serves professionals located in higher education, including those in various areas of higher education (eg, academic affairs, residence, admissions or counseling) and those interested in doctoral studies. Those working in non-traditional educational settings or who wish to work in higher education are also welcome to apply. Applicants to this program will automatically be considered for graduate study.

“Employment of after-school administrators is projected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, an expected growth driven by increased student enrollment at colleges and universities. The median annual salary for after-school administrators in May 2020 was $97,500 constituted.”

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When offered in the spring and summer, the above elective courses are recommended, but may be taken in consultation with another elective advisor. If the business major is chosen, the 2-credit business courses (MGMT.5010 and MKTG.5010) must be taken in conjunction with one of the electives listed above, resulting in a total of 7 elective credits.

This program requires 30 graduate credits. All applicants must complete 18 coursework consisting of six credits, three research credits and nine credits of core courses. In addition, each candidate must choose a six-credit elective and a six-credit/practicum experience. Students may request to transfer a maximum of six non-degree credit hours into the program. The School of Education reviews applications and awards credits.

Candidates who work in UMass Lowell’s Department of Student Affairs M.E. term paper. The course is jointly supervised and assessed by the appropriate supervisor in the department and the Faculty of Education. Candidates who do not work within the department

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