Online Masters In Instructional Technology

Online Masters In Instructional Technology – Education has undergone significant changes over the last two decades. Where the board once ruled, digital devices, mobile devices and social media are king.

This raises an important question for teachers: Will you embrace the richness of technology, invite it into your classroom, or will you cling to tradition and risk losing the next generation of students?

Online Masters In Instructional Technology

By combining the digital activities that students engage in every day (if not regularly) with relevant and thoughtful curricula, teachers have the opportunity to provide effective and long-lasting education for students. Of them. Masters in Educational Technology can give you the skills to become a true teacher of the 21st century.

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Still want to get your bachelor’s degree? Our best online undergraduate degree in elementary school is the best place to start in the world of teacher education.

Although technology is constantly evolving, which can be daunting (if not confusing) from the point of view of teachers, the rewards are huge for students and teachers alike.

Currently, the demand for teachers who specialize in technology integration is growing. And it is expected to track 7% annual growth for the foreseeable future. Not only is the market stable for this position – it is actually growing – but teachers in the tech sector earn more than $ 60,000 a year.

Money and stability are the real motivators. So why should you consider a degree in educational technology? It can take you wherever you want to go.

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These programs not only prepare you for leadership roles in the classroom, but many will fully prepare you to work in business, government offices, nonprofits, the military, and more.

Maybe you are not interested in working directly with students? Maybe you are interested in software development and digital curriculum building? These degrees teach you how to design, create and use effective educational programs.

Whatever your long-term goals, a Master of Technology in Education Technology program like the one below will serve you now and for the rest of your life. And all that we have described here are some of the best in the world, as well as something that allows you to study online and do it yourself.

Despite the preconceived notions that people have about distance education, getting your education online is not only an affordable option, but it offers a flexible and easy way to Boost your career.

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Distance learning offers the rigor and prestige of a “traditional” degree, but often costs half as much: most online programs are free of charge. With online education you can study whenever and where it suits you and get a degree at your own pace.

Distance learning also means you can keep your job at the same time to facilitate your career choice! So even those first negative thoughts about degrees online, forget it! They are now considered the equivalent of “traditional” education.

Our list considers the reputation and academic reputation of each program, the value of participation, student satisfaction, and return on investment. After extensive research on graduate technology programs across the country, we have compiled the following list to highlight the best.

Part of Columbia University Elite Teachers College offers a wide range of educational degrees. It is the oldest and largest educational institution in the country and it prepares students interested in the intersection of education and psychology, health, technology or social sciences.

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Columbia MA in Instructional Technology and Media teaches students to develop teaching strategies that drive success. The 32-hour degree covers topics ranging from social and cultural education to pedagogy, comprehension and online teaching. This is one of the most popular programs in the country. Among the many classes you will take include:

Columbia’s Teachers College is among the top 10 schools in the country. Ranked No. 7 by US News & World Report last year, it has always ranked No. 1 in the country. In particular, it is known for its strengths in training, curriculum, basic education and law.

Originally established as the School of Agriculture, Ohio State University (OSU) has become one of the largest institutions in the country with its hundreds of well-known student organizations and sports programs. OSU is a public Ivy, meaning it is similar to a private Ivy and a member of the Big Ten Conference.

Whether you find yourself in a traditional K-12 setting, higher education, nonprofit, military, or in a government office, this master’s degree in e-learning technology will get you there. This 30-hour credit program provides both theoretical and practical training in the areas of design instruction and technical construction skills. Graduates find jobs in:

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Ohio State University is ranked best by Forbes USA. News & World Report and Washington Monthly are the same. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education recognizes OSU as the only site for study-related research. OSU is also one of the best branches in the country for LGBTQ students.

Florida State University (FSU) is part of the Florida State University system and is located in Tallahassee. It is organized into many colleges and schools and research centers, laboratories and other technical programs. It is a leading STEM university in Florida and home to over 40k students.

This program is great for those who want to focus on emerging technologies, improving performance and designing instruction. Students attend all subjects, from psychology to communication and management, as FSU emphasizes the importance of leadership development. This MS degree offers 36 hours of credit and includes courses such as:

FSU is well rated by Forbes and US News & World Report for its academic excellence and by The Princeton Review and USA Today for its affordability. In addition, many of its departments are among the top 100 departments in the country in their respective fields, from the Department of Education (37th) to the Department of Library and Information Science (17th).

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Located in the national capital of Lansing, Michigan State University (MSU) was established as an agricultural school and now offers a number of undergraduate programs. MSU is known for its research efforts, especially in the fields of energy, astronomy, physics and education. MSU is part of the Big Ten League and enrolls about 40 students.

Michigan offers a master’s degree in educational technology that can be completed online. The program is based on the practitioner, meaning you will get a lot of hands-on experience. You will also become proficient in a variety of technologies as well as integrate those technologies to enhance a successful student experience. Graduates become:

MSU is home to exploding bottle gardens, Abrams spacecraft, countless museums and theaters, as well as research centers and more. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the country by US News & World Report and Washington Monthly. The Department of Higher Education ranks among the top 20.

Located in the nation’s capital, George Washington University (GWU) is a private research institution organized into more than a dozen colleges and schools. It is a middle school with about 27k students. Among the many research centers on the GWU campus are the Center for Equity and Excellence in Education. GWU is one of the most active research institutions in the country.

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For those interested in leadership based on a master’s degree in online education technology, the leadership from GWU emphasizes professional development. You will learn how to improve people’s skills while gaining management skills. You have the option of completing a certificate (required 18 credits) or a full degree (36 credits). Classes include:

In addition to its academic positions from Forbes and U.S.News & World Report, GWU is recognized in several fields by The Princeton Review: For its political activism for having the best college newspaper for its curriculum offerings. One of the most popular abroad. Etc.

Auburn University, located in Alabama of the same name, is one of the top universities in the state. It was established as a free school and retains that foundation today. Nearly 30k undergraduate and graduate students attend Auburn. It is a prestigious member of the Southeast Asia Conference.

Auburn’s online technology education program is great for anyone who wants to work in the library system. This Master of Arts in Media and Technology Library prepares students to manage the many technology-dependent libraries. You will study information science, theory, design, teaching and educational leadership. And you will have a bachelor’s degree and a diploma in media librarianship. Auburn online classes include:

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U.S.News & World Report has received rave reviews on Auburn for its curriculum (ranked 71st in the country) and for becoming the top public university (ranked 43rd in the country) among the celebrations. Other cheers. Known for its extensive research activities, Auburn is home to state-of-the-art award-winning ocean and space awards.

Conveniently, one of the largest schools on our list, with about 75 students enrolled, Arizona State University (ASU) is a large institution with many branches, including its own university. ASU is an active research university and has many schools and colleges. Of it.

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