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Online Masters In Library Science – It is no stretch to say that a library is, by definition, an information sharing space. If you’re a librarian, you already know the great feeling you get when you help people find a book or article or knowledge that will change their lives. Maybe you intend to upgrade your degree, for whatever reason. Maybe you want to get more skills in your job, or you want or need to increase your salary. Pursuing a master’s degree in library science will accomplish both of these goals. Earning your degree online will help you stay active while attending school and taking care of your daily responsibilities.

The job titles available with a master’s degree are many, and include: genealogy; Media Coordinator; Archivist Database Manager; Director of Information Services; adult library services; School Library, K-12; Children’s Library; catalog; law librarian; Museum Collection Specialist; and other roles and titles that may not exist today.

Online Masters In Library Science

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 6 percent growth for the profession, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations, adding: “Librarians will continue to manage libraries and help patrons find information.” If you are technically skilled and data savvy, the position can pay very well. The median wage in 2018 was $59,050, about $28.39 an hour. Here are some representative jobs and their annual salaries, as of 2018 (BLS).

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This list researches library science programs at colleges and universities and ranks them according to the statistics below. When the list was equal, weight was added to schools with lower tuition fees.

Southern Connecticut State University has a 36 credit hour, online MLIS degree. To apply, send two letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume and $50, but GRE scores are not required. The Library Science Department keeps students informed of all important information through the SCSU_SCALA Listserv. Southern Connecticut State University’s Online Director of Library and Information Science Curriculum includes: Library and Information Center Management; reading, literature and reading in schools and public libraries; general development and management; multimedia hub for smart services; integrating technology and media into the K-12 curriculum; and Information Centers: Public Libraries Reimagined.

The 36 credit hour, library and science degree offered at Louisiana State University and the College of Agricultural and Mechanical College is a 100% online, informal program with no campus requirements. Students may choose to pursue a double degree with a master’s or master’s degree in history or another approved subject. Nine specialty degrees are available. Information systems management is one of the most important, required courses. Louisiana State University and its College of Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering require the following materials when applying online for their MLIS: a transcript showing a minimum 3.0 GPA; Three letters of recommendation; recovery; purpose; and 25 Rs.

You can earn a 36 credit hour online MS in Science and Library Science (MSILS) at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. In fact, the program was the first of its kind in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, available only online, and boasted two focuses: service and consumer; and basic research. The program covers the following topics: information and services; data processing; Library administration and management; training in information centers; Library and information management. Clarion University of Pennsylvania requires a transcript, resume, and a $40 application fee on their website, MS in Information and Library Science.

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Chicago State University offers an online Master of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS) with four majors: School Librarianship; storage and records management; academic libraries; and public libraries. The program is 30-43 credit hours, with 15 hours of required coursework. Courses include foundations of the information profession, information management, library management and processing, database design and acquisition, physical education, and information technology for libraries and information centers. To apply online to Chicago State University for their MSLIS, submit a transcript, resume, personal goals, and a $25 application fee.

The 39-semester, 100% online master’s degree in library science available at East Carolina University has three areas of focus: academic librarianship; public library; and school library media. The program consists of 8 required courses, core, to be followed in sequence and include the following: Foundations of Literature and Information Research; Technology in Library Services; information processing in libraries; library management and administration; and developing collections. Applying online to the MLS at East Carolina University requires a transcript and a $75 fee. Applicants for a master’s degree in library science and seeking school licensure must submit transcripts for review.

At North Carolina State University, you can earn a 36-credit hour, online bachelor’s degree in science with three tracks; coordination and communication systems; Information Management Systems; and a health plan. Seven core courses are required, and organizations include information systems, communication skills, database systems, and project information systems. The University of North Carolina does not require a GRE score to apply to its online MIS program, but does require a transcript showing a minimum GPA of 2.75, two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, a resume, and a 50 application fee. .

Emporia State University’s 36 credit hours of library science coursework is an online group model program, excluding two face-to-face weekends. Some courses are completely online. The four concepts are: archival research; Information Science; leadership and management; and youth services. Courses include information-seeking behavior and information services, management in information organizations, and capstone courses. When applying online for the MLS offered by Emporia State University, submit a transcript showing a minimum 3.0 GPA overall or a 2.5 GPA and $50 in the last 60 hours of college work.

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The University of Southern Mississippi offers a 31-credit hour, 100% online Bachelor of Science in Information Library Science (Licensing) and two programs, leading to an MLIS and Master’s degree (30 hours), if desired. Courses include storage, cataloging, presentation, public development management, research, presentation, and library management. The University of Southern Mississippi’s online MLIS (licensure) program requires 22 hours of required coursework, electives, a comprehensive exam, and a three-hour project. Apply, submit transcripts, GRE/GMAT scores, three letters of recommendation, application form, resume, and $60.

The online Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Science offered by Syracuse University is 36 credit hours and can be completed in 18 months. The program’s three main themes are a focus on users of library and information services, the use of technology to provide exemplary services, and the management of information services and systems. Syracuse University’s MSLIS has been accredited by the ALA since 1928, and the online format includes weekly classes, multimedia courses, and collaborative learning experiences. To apply, send a resume, transcript showing a minimum 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, GRE scores, personal essay, and $75.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s 36-credit hour, online degree in library science has been accredited by the ALA since 1976. The four major ones are: library research; information organization; information Technology; and the public library. Students can choose from six categories: academic libraries; system libraries; Information laws, policies and ethics; reading and writing; public libraries (children and adult services); and private libraries. In addition, a joint program can be organized from the nine degrees, leading to a journalism school. To apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for their online MLIS, submit a transcript showing a minimum GPA of 2.75, two letters of recommendation, and $75.

Drexel University’s online degree in Library and Information Science is a 45-credit hour, 15-course program that will take 1-2 years to complete, with 3 core courses, five electives, and capstone courses. The course covers the following topics: information and digital technology; problems with reading and writing; public library service; and store promotions. When applying to Drexel University for their online courses in literature and science, submit a transcript showing at least a 3.0 GPA, GRE scores, a letter of recommendation, a resume, and a statement of intent. No application fee is required.

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An online degree in library science from the University of Kentucky offers internship and study abroad opportunities, as well as the chance to study at a prestigious library in Washington, DC. Asynchronous classes allow flexibility and include the following topics: information systems; Information Architecture; Introduction to Paternity; Leadership in LIS; and information representation and access. When applying to the University of Kentucky for their 36 credit hour, online Masters in Library Science degree, you must submit letters of recommendation, transcripts, and a $65 application fee.

SUN at Albany has a 100% online degree in library science that requires a transcript, resume, faculty interview, three letters of recommendation, and a $75 application fee. Loan Scheme 36

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