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Online Masters In Nursing Degree Programs – A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is a highly qualified advanced practice nurse (APRN) with a master’s or doctorate in nursing. Clinical nurse specialists can become certified in a variety of fields, including adult/gerontology, neonatology, or pediatrics. Adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialists (AG-CNS) provide care to adult and geriatric patients in a variety of settings including:

Rather than focusing solely on patient care like a nurse practitioner, an AG-CNS has a broader focus. They provide direct patient care, mentor and train nursing staff, and have a positive impact on the health care system itself. To become certified as an AG-CNS, students must complete a graduate-level advanced practical education program at an accredited university and pass a certification exam.

Online Masters In Nursing Degree Programs

We created this ranking of the top AG-CNS programs in the country. We have removed our first program listings from College Navigator and AACN. To narrow down our list, we only consider programs that prepare students for real AG-CNS certification by providing a valid curriculum. From this list, we applied our ranking criteria to determine the top 15 AG-CNS programs from accredited universities in the United States.

Online Nursing Degrees: A Guide To Program Types And Costs

Ranking the top 15 adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist programs

One of the best SNP adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist programs offered at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has a Doctor of Nursing Practice clinical nurse specialist with options in adult-gerontological health or adult-gerontological critical care. Students can complete the track online, come on site for immersion courses. Most students can complete the program in three to four years of study, which includes 336 hours of DNP practicum and 672 hours of clinical nurse specialist practice.

The gerontology clinical nurse specialist for adults at the University of Pennsylvania is a flexible program available to full-time and part-time students. The course covers advanced areas such as:

Students receive valuable training through clinics and work under the guidance and supervision of a qualified preceptor. Students are encouraged to choose a minor related to the area of ​​interest to further develop their skills and gain more experience.

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The MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist major focusing on adult gerontology is a 38 credit hour program consisting of 29 hours of didactic coursework and 9 hours (500 clinical hours) of practical experience. Students may begin the program during the spring or summer semester, whichever is best. The program is open to full-time and part-time students, allowing students to choose the schedule that best meets their needs.

Michigan State University has an adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist with a nursing education concentration. It prepares nurses to become clinical specialists and educators. Offered in a fully online format, this program is a great choice for busy students who want to advance their careers. Students take three to nine credit hours each semester. They can be adjusted to meet individual needs. Graduates are eligible to sit for AGCNS certification exams offered by ANCC and AACN.

. The adult-gerontological acute care clinical nurse specialist program is designed for practicing nurses. Courses are offered both on campus and online. Students may enroll full-time or part-time. This 48 credit hour program consists of four unique hands-on experiences, providing students with rich training. Clinical sites include Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and VA Medical Center.

The School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota has an Adult/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist DNP program. It is for students who have a passion for adult health care throughout their lives. This three-year, full-time program is in an on-campus format with classes held Tuesday through Friday each week. Students complete 1,000 clinical courses at the university’s campus. Graduates are prepared to sit for the ANCC and AACCN CNS exams.

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The adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist (AGCNS) program at Kent State University is 100% online. It also has full and part-time program plans to meet the needs of working professionals. Faculty are highly educated and trained professionals who guide and motivate students to reach their maximum potential. Students may begin the program in the fall or spring semester. Clinical hours can be completed close to home under the supervision of qualified and dedicated preceptors.

The gerontology clinical nurse specialist at California State University Dominguez Hills is a graduate program designed to practice nursing. Courses are delivered online in an asynchronous format. Students complete 500 clinical hours under the supervision and guidance of a qualified preceptor. Limited On-campus housing requirements are limited. This allows students to come together for hands-on classroom instruction and connect with teachers without having to move or leave their jobs. Graduates are eligible to obtain AG-CNS certification through ANCC and AACN.

Capital University’s MSN program features a flexible, holistic, and comprehensive adult-gerontology CSN specialization. Caring teachers assume the role of career advisor, mentor, and professional colleague. Small classes give students the opportunity to develop a professional network and connect with peers. Courses are offered in a hybrid or online format, making this a great program for working professionals. New in fall 2019, students can choose CapFlex. CapFlex is an online option that allows students to choose from an eight- or 16-week course format. They can take one or two classes at a time depending on their schedule.

New Online Adult-Gerontology Nurse Specialist/Clinical Administrator at Old Dominion University. It is in collaboration with the Standardized Patient Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School. This unique partnership provides students with the opportunity to complete safe hands-on experiences with exceptional artists. Most courses are delivered in an online format. However, students will need to go on campus for training and testing at various points throughout the program.

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The Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (AGCNS) degree at the University of Southern Indiana is an online program that includes core and clinical nursing courses. This 42 credit hour program can be completed in three years. It includes limited on-campus requirements for four courses. New students are admitted to the program once a year and can take courses throughout the year. This program is accredited by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and meets the ACCNS-AG certification exam requirements.

A major gerontology clinical nurse specialist master’s program at the University of North Dakota with limited on-campus residency requirements. Full-time students can complete their degree in just five semesters, including the summer semester. Four times during the program, students come to campus to join their peers in lectures. There are also labs, simulations and clinical exams. Students complete more than 600 clinical hours under the guidance of an approved preceptor. The program covers areas such as:

The College of Nursing at the University of Colorado has a full-time adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist master’s program. It can be completed in three years of study. Students complete 35 credits of academic coursework and 540 clinical clock hours covering CNS roles and responsibilities. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of community and hospital settings, working with patients in acute, critical care, hospice and palliative care.

The College of Nursing at Purdue University Northwest offers an innovative online AG-CNS master’s program taught by faculty certified in online teaching. Concentration courses are available in areas such as:

College Of Nursing’s Online Master’s Degree, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty Rank In Nation’s Top Two

Students complete 555 hours of hands-on experience, divided into four different experiences. Full-time students earn their degree in just 24 months, both full-time and part-time students are welcome.

The adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist master’s program at East Carolina University focuses on providing students with advanced practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Full-time students can complete the program in two years. Part-time students can complete in three and a half years. Courses cover areas such as:

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