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Online Payment Services For Businesses – Over the past 5 years, we have seen significant advancements and changes in FinTech and online payments. Some of those new technologies came too early to impact the travel industry, and the B2B payments landscape was radically difficult for businesses to adapt to the market. However, as time goes on, both suppliers and buyers are on the way to making the right decision and adapting their business to what their customers are looking for. The real question is — what is the future of B2B online payments and what are their advantages? Faster payments will be even faster! If there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that speed and efficiency are critical to the success of any online business. While some companies have to wait days to process check payments and bank transfers, others that have already changed their processes have a platform that can complete fast transactions that strengthen relationships between buyers and suppliers. In one of our last posts, we even talked about the role of SEPA Inst Payments and its benefits, which is basically a process that enables instant payments between accounts (Single Euro Payments Area) anytime, every day and within seconds. It’s no wonder why we expect to see faster online payment solutions and secure transactions not only between local and national businesses, but also across international borders in the next few years. Huge opportunity for income growth! B2B costs and fees will be almost zero Integrating a payment gateway is not only a benefit for B2B payment customers. As businesses increasingly use these technologies, the FinTech providers behind each solution can reduce costs and fees for each transaction, making it more cost-effective for businesses to increase sales volume and profits. Online payments will become even simpler According to several studies, consumers are more open than ever when it comes to online shopping. With the spread of smartphones, they are able to shop anywhere and anytime, meaning that the fear of using a credit card on websites or their digital wallets has almost completely disappeared; Mainly thanks to the strict security measures implemented by the internet and the government. On the other hand, suppliers are also looking for a way to work faster and more reliably. Getting paid as soon as they sell their goods or services to their customers is key to any successful business. Unfortunately, digital wallets are not suitable for the B2B payment sector, so FinTech providers need to provide a better solution and create platforms that facilitate payments between buyers and sellers. In fact, some online payment providers are already talking about the important role of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in the near future. Why? Well, you see, having a global currency increases the speed of every operation, reduces costs and fees, and has strong security protocols that make the system free from fraud and payment problems. But again, the future of B2B payments depends not only on the acceptance of B2B businesses, but also on other factors such as cooperation between FinTech organizations and banks. A strong and fluid relationship that helps both parties benefit from better service, especially when it comes to handling international B2B payments. Easy invoice management In addition to the advantages we have just discussed, we can mention some other special features: it simplifies payments and communication between buyers and sellers. Delayed payments and increased cash flow will greatly reduce administrative costs and increase the productivity of the administrative/finance department. It automates online billing processes, reconciliation processes. Completely eliminates manual procedures in B2B invoicing. Businesses have full traceability of every invoice, making invoices available to your customers in a digital online file for as long as the law allows. As you can see, there is no doubt that these platforms will continue to grow in popularity and will become key for any business interested in expanding and improving their sales strategies. While some will stay as faithful as possible to traditional payment methods, others will be able to quickly implement a solution like TravelgateX and enjoy new revenue streams and deliver exactly what the market demands. Learn more about TravelgateX

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Online Payment Services For Businesses

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Interview: Mustafa Alabsi, CEO, Earth Inside Earth Vacations Advance B2B Global Travel Platform provides access to travel partners worldwide. The reason behind that? Introducing tools that make it easy to build robust and functional websites with stunning aesthetics.

It sounds amazing and makes you want to start developing your own e-commerce website or online store, right?

But hang in there! No matter how great your product is, no matter how much in demand it is among your customers, no matter how skilled the web development company you hire, if you neglect the most important part of online business ie. the right integration of the payment gateway, you will not get the results you are looking for. It’s like building a beautiful warehouse without an efficient checkout counter.

Payment gateways are very important for any e-commerce store. While the ideal payment gateway seamlessly processes payments, accepts all major cards and processes international transactions, it provides convenience to customers and ensures confidence as they provide their card details.

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In this article, we have listed the popular payment gateways that you should integrate with your e-commerce or online store for smooth transactions.

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Simply put, a payment gateway is a service that authenticates and processes a monetary transaction between you and your customer. What happens under the hood is that it exchanges information between the customer’s bank account to the seller’s web server and the recipient’s bank to confirm the payment. For a clear idea of ​​how the payment gateway works, check the information documents below.

Paypal is actually one of the most popular payment gateways out there. Even a layman who has no idea about PayPal gateways must have heard of PayPal and know what it is used for. It has been facilitating online payment processing websites for the past two decades and has 218 million active user accounts along with more than 17 million merchant accounts. That’s a big number! Another amazing part that adds to its awesomeness is the simple pricing structure. No start-up fee, no termination fee and no monthly fees. A flat fee is charged for each transaction made online.

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If you’re looking for a trusted name, quick and easy integration, and no developer background, PayPal is the perfect fit for you.

All the big names are invited to the party, but Amazon didn’t make the list? That’s funny! The multinational behemoth is one of the most trusted brands in the world and there is no doubt that it was a huge success when they launched their payment gateway in 2007. Amazon Pay, also known as Amazon Pay, is packed with amazing features. Thanks to Amazon Login and Pay by Amazon. By using Amazon Sign In and Pay, merchants can provide personalized service using customer details such as name and email address. It provides a free fraud protection service protecting your business from any kind of fraudulent transactions.

It is among the easiest payment gateways to integrate, offering enough options to integrate custom APIs at a competitive price. It accepts all major networks, but does not handle PayPal, ACH or Bitcoin transactions.

Launched in 2010, Stripe is a relatively new payment gateway. However, when it comes to popularity, it eclipses its two-decade-old competitors. Now you might be wondering what makes it so popular? Bar is more than a payment gateway. It is made with developers in mind to provide advanced customization for e-commerce website. Anyone with developer experience who wants to create a unique experience can do so through the Bar. It also has the best documentation you’ll ever need to get the ribbon working in fancy use cases. Stripe also offers a wide range of products depending on your business needs. For example, Stripe Connect for marketplace platforms and Stripe Billing for a recurring business model. Wondering who uses this amazing service? To name a few – Lyft, Postmates, Doordash, TaskRabbit, Deliveroo, Slack, Kickstarter and Pinterest.

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Stripe is recommended for companies looking to create a customized experience. It is common for large companies to hire their own developers or hire web development companies for their project. However, if you are a small entrepreneur

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