Online Psychology Courses With Certificates

Online Psychology Courses With Certificates – Complete any course from any university, institute or organization and walk away with a free certificate from us.

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Online Psychology Courses With Certificates

For any online course you complete, from any school, any university, any e-learning platform, you can claim a free certificate. That’s right, complete any online course and get your free certificate. What else? There are more certifications as you move up the ladder. Read the FAQ to clear all your doubts before applying.

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To get your certificate, email us with the details below and attach the relevant documents as mentioned below –

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A. Any document proving that you have completed the course – a certificate from the institution that you have completed the course or your course completion email or a screenshot proving that you have completed the course or any other supporting document.

O. It takes us 2-5 days to process your request and issue the certificate. In some cases, it may take longer.

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O. For individuals who complete 1 course or up to 4 courses, we offer one Prime Certificate for a course of their choice among those completed. Beyond a Prime certificate, we offer Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum certificates for completing 5, 10, 15 and 20+ courses.

O. Effectively, you can get up to 5 free certificates from us. They are available as follows –

It. The name of the course is mentioned in the Master’s certificate. We issue one Prime certificate to someone who completes 1-4 courses and beyond that we move to Silver and other categories.

O. In special cases, we offer a Super Platinum certificate for those who complete more than 50 courses. We have given awards to several people in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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Best Free Online Psychology Courses With Certificates In 2022

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Monash University was founded in 1958 in Melbourne, Australia. In just 60 years, Monash has grown to become Australia’s largest university and has earned great national and international influence for research and teaching excellence.

Monash University is the youngest affiliate of the Group of Eight, an alliance of Australia’s most prestigious research-intensive universities.

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Monash University now offers free online psychology courses. Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and is ranked in the top 1% globally by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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Join our community to get more help from other professionals and improve your chances around the world. In this certificate program, you will be introduced to the field of positive psychology and learn tools and practice strategies that support personal, organizational and community well-being. Online courses in Applied Positive Psychology teach you the theoretical and empirical foundations of human well-being, how well-being is measured, and what activities enhance human well-being in various contexts and settings.

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The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology is a 4-course, c.u.* credit study program taught by University of Pennsylvania faculty. To earn a certificate, students complete four courses offered in any order. Students who complete the Basic Certificate can earn an Advanced Certificate (6-courses, 6 c.u.*) by adding two additional courses in Positive Psychology.

Penn LPS online courses for the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology are offered on an accelerated (8-week) schedule. Courses in the online certificate program must be scheduled by instructors with mostly synchronous sessions.

You have the option to enroll in individual courses without committing to the full online certificate, enjoying the flexibility and specialization offered by Penn LPS Online to fit your schedule and interests. Visit the Cost of Attendance page for tuition and course fees. Courses within the Applied Positive Psychology certificate may be applied toward our Applied Arts and Sciences degree, but do not count toward Penn’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree.

Watch a video of a recent virtual information session to hear from the program team about the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

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*Academic credit is defined by the University of Pennsylvania as a subject unit (c.r.). A subject unit (c.u.) is a general measure of academic work over a period of time, usually a term (semester or summer). That c.u. (or part of a C.u.) represent different types of study in different types of study programs and are the basic unit for progressing to a degree. One c.u. Usually translates into a four semester hour course.

It is strongly recommended that students earning the certificate first complete APOP 100: Introduction to Positive Psychology. Certificate Students who complete the four online courses listed below earn a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. After completing two additional courses in positive psychology, students are eligible to pursue an Advanced Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology is designed to help you become more effective as an individual, employee, and leader in your workplace and community. In addition to strategies for improving personal well-being, certification has broad professional applications in a range of fields. Rogers Psychology Center Singapore offers several skills-based applied psychology courses for professional and personal development through Udemy.

Our certification courses for accredited and certified experts are available @ @udemi courses are offered with Udemy certification and accreditation.

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This course will provide Udemy certification. To obtain a certified e-certificate from Psyrec Academy, there is an additional $15 e-certificate fee.

2. Pay us $15 by emailing to request

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