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Online Web Design Degree Accredited – Earning a bachelor’s degree in web development is a great way to boost earning power, value, and versatility in a competitive marketplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15% growth in the employment of developers between 2012-2026. This growth is mainly due to the rapid growth of software, mobile tablets, e-commerce and online applications.

Below are the top 15 most affordable bachelor’s degrees in web development. This list was narrowed down from about 40 programs that included a bachelor’s degree in web development. This list also includes online degrees that offer web design and development as concentrations or majors. In addition, based on affordability, all selected web development courses cost less than $650 per credit hour.

Online Web Design Degree Accredited

The selected web grades for affordable web development are calculated based on specific criteria which include:

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In the event of parity in points, the online bachelor’s degree program with the lower tuition rate is the higher number.

Honored for its high academic standards, Southern New Hampshire University has degree programs for a wide variety of study areas. SNHU has a low-cost online BS in Information Technology that is especially feasible with a lack of web development. Graduates with this online bachelor of science degree can access careers such as computer software, systems analyst, and information security analyst, among other related fields. The curriculum associated with the BS includes computer systems security, service computing and cross-platform technology. In addition, SNHU has generous programs to earn credit for the fact that incoming students already know information technology.

Hodges University is a low-cost, military-friendly institution popular with mature students. Hodges boasts a 93% job placement rate among graduates pursuing career-oriented employment. Hodges’ computer science degree options include a BS in computer information technology, cybersecurity and networking, or software development. For students seeking skills in web programming and development, Hodges provides the curriculum necessary to gain confidence in the workforce. Hodges consistently ranks among the top affordable web development sites.

Based in Delaware, Wilmington University has a variety of academic degree programs. Wilmington’s online bachelor’s degree in web development focuses on software development, theory, computer architecture, systems analysis, programming, including HTML/CSS, PHP and Java, JavaScript, C# and C++. Wilmington brings flexible, affordable 100% computer science degrees to lead careers in IT consulting, multimedia programming, database management, and more. Fierce mandates only for courses that are required to earn or complete a bachelor’s degree.

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Franklin University’s most affordable online BS Web Development degree; this 124-credit degree combines general education with professional courses relevant to the major. Students are enrolled in 100 online web development bachelor’s degree courses, and the ability to train professionals in the field is recognized. The comprehensive curriculum includes principles of computer networking, graphics editing software, software development, Linux administration, and human computer interaction. Franklin University students may transfer up to 94 college degree credits. Franklin tuition is 66% less than the national average for 4-year private colleges.

A high value, low tuition, American Public University is a nationally recognized institution. APU’s bachelor’s degree in computer science is an excellent choice for students seeking a degree with a web development concentration. The 120-credit online degree has monthly opportunities to start the course; Among the course options are user interface design, web development and enterprise data exchange using XML. This college allows up to 90 transfer credits from other institutions. APU’s University Book Grant allows students to access all works at no additional cost.

Recognized for its non-traditional approach to education, the University has a full Sail curriculum and practical facility. Full Ship has several 100% bachelor’s degrees in computer technology, such as computer science, information technology, mobile development, simulation and visualization, and web design and development. A bachelor’s degree in web development provides students with design, programming skills in web software. Students also learn server languages ​​and advanced database structures. The full navigation of the University offers a dynamic learning environment, top software programs and networking opportunities.

Fort Hays University has a well-rounded array of programs and a 17: student-to-faculty ratio. FHSU offers an online BS in Information Networking and Telecommunications degree; this level of web development merges with e-commerce and data development. In addition, FHU’s online degrees in general studies include a concentration in web development; This combination is 21 credit hours that includes courses in designing interactive systems, web scripting languages, intensive web development and more. Fort Hays is an affordable option to earn a bachelor’s degree through web development.

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Based in Nebraska, Bellevue University has more than 50,000 graduates on a global scale. The opportunities in Bellevue’s flexible line are considered affordable, and especially military-friendly. A notable outcome of Bellevue’s online bachelor’s degree in web development is the improvement of technology. BU’s online BS in applied technology leads to successful careers in web development, information technology and similar fields. BU’s bachelor’s degree in applied technology can be done with additional credentials; These certifications include back-end web development, social media marketing and system management.

Founded in 1878, Champlain College is a Vermont-based private college with both on-campus and online degrees. This college’s 100% online bachelor’s degree in web design and development is affordable and flexible. Students enrolled in a web development degree have completed 120 credits in a general education and professional web course; These credit hours are taken over three seven-week semesters a year. Graduates of Champlain’s online bachelor’s degree in web design go on to careers as computer programmers, web designers, UX designers, front-end developers, and more. Additionally, web development faculty are experts in their field.

Brigham Young University, an admirable name in education, has a wide spectrum of offline degree opportunities. BYU’s online BS in applied technology leads to successful careers in web development, information technology and similar fields. BYU’s bachelor’s degree in applied technology can be specialized with ten additional courses to choose from, including web development, social media marketing and management systems. This level of affordable web development costs only $286 per hour, making it an education with the best return on investment.

Colorado State University Global, an entirely online school, has an affordable tuition that hasn’t risen in more than seven years. CSU Globally has an online BS in Information Technology; This step includes hands-on access to an online web course. The 120-credit bachelor’s degree in information technology offers courses in programming, technical assistance, theoretical and applied technology, network design and management, online IT security, software and application development, and much more. More than 84% of CSU Global faculty are current professors with terminal degrees in their field.

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12. Northwestern State University of Louisiana Natchitoches, Louisiana Online BS in Computer Information Systems: Development Concentration Early Childhood Education

Founded in 1884, Northwestern Louisiana State University has a long history of top academic programs. NSULA has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS); This online BS program has online courses for a variety of study areas. SNHU’s online BS in Information Technology has a low cost; This program can be done in particular by adding a web development concentration. Graduates of this program often seek Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft certifications. NSULA’s CIS program has been awarded 17 national titles in cross-country competition.

Strayer University, based in Strayer, Virginia, is an excellent choice for non-traditional students who want to pursue a degree on schedule. The school offers an online bachelor’s degree in information technology with a concentration in Internet technology development. Strayer’s web development bachelor’s degree is highly affordable, flexible, and the curriculum is presented in a user-friendly tool. The web programming major includes courses in C++ programming, human-computer interaction, JAVA programming I and II, among others. Straer offers personal services that include student coaching and 1-1 counseling to help shape and achieve a soccer career.

Founded in 1965, the University of Maine at Augusta is a large school with many areas to pursue degrees both on campus and online. UMA has a 121-credit, 100% bachelor’s degree in computer systems; This affordable web development degree prepares graduates for versatile professionals. Online students study courses in systems design and analysis, organization theory, systems integration, project management, database theory, and much more. UMA is ranked among the 2020 “Best Vets” colleges by Military Times.

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The university’s independence resonates well with non-traditional students, as it values ​​flexibility and personalized learning and has spent years developing a space for learning pedagogy and delivery. Liberty U’s online BS in Web Design and Development helps students learn how to code conceptually, work in multiple languages ​​in interactive design, and build the versatility needed to thrive in the field. IU’s affordable, 26-month online bachelor’s degree in web development leads to careers in information design, web design and development, and mobile application design. Freedom has excellent benefits and military deductions. Internet design and web careers are the fastest growing professions in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates career opportunities for highly skilled web developers

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