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Outer Banks Vacation Hotels Oceanfront – Salty air, ocean breezes, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean are all yours at this OBX Beachfront vacation rental. Twiddy & Company offers over 375 beach rentals in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, South Shore, Duck, Corolla, and 4x4s. Twiddy’sOBX beach rentals range from convenient luxury villas to traditional single-family beach houses. Book early to experience an OBX Beach vacation, as Beachfront homes are some of the most popular vacation rentals on the Outer Banks.

The easy allure of the beach has been the main reason vacationers have been traveling to the Outer Banks for decades, and beach vacation rentals offer travelers a prime location for all the action of the Atlantic Ocean. Finding your Outer Banks beach vacation home is easy. Large local companies like Twiddy & Company offer thousands of vacation rentals. You’ll want to book your Outer Banks beach house early, as 50% of homes are booked by January each year.

Outer Banks Vacation Hotels Oceanfront

Since the Outer Banks includes approximately 150 miles of barrier islands from Kerowa to Ocracoke Island, this means approximately 150 miles of beachfront property. From secluded 4WD cottages in Kerowa and Swan Beach to spacious homes on the southern border of Hatteras Island, vacationers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the most beautiful, convenient and ideal vacation rentals. The beach

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Plan your Outer Banks vacation in style, view and scenic surroundings, taking advantage of the area’s favorite amenities with these beach vacation rentals. After a morning at sea or a week of quick trips to the beach, you’ll be glad you chose one of the Outer Banks’ premier locations for your beautiful beach vacation.

The official definition of “ocean” is straightforward, but it varies from region to region. A beachfront home is classified as a home with no property or buildable space between the home and the beach, but, depending on the zoning building code and slope system, that means the home is only 10 yards or 100 meters from the ocean. Far, it depends entirely on the region.

For example, in the three rural areas of Rodante, Wave, and Salvo, the shoreline that stretches between the buildable property line and the actual ocean is managed by the National Park Service as part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The distance to the beach varies. In Rodante, coastal erosion is a widespread problem, with beachside vacation homes located just meters from the high tide line and with access to sandy beaches along the coast. Meanwhile, a small town called Salvo, a few miles south, has been more or less spared from the ocean’s erosion, thanks to a system of double mounds covered with beautiful seaweed, and as a result, these coastal houses Two minutes away. . Stay away from real ocean washes.

Regardless of proximity, a beachfront home offers a wide open view of the Atlantic without obstruction, without other buildings and developments spoiling the area. One of the key aspects of the Outer Banks is the simple fact that, although it is a cluster of small oceanfront hotels and motels, particularly in the popular hubs of Nags Head, Kil Devil Hill and Kitty Hawk, the rest of the islands remain. out. Created by an exclusive vacation home, travelers will find a quiet and scenic location where they can enjoy a private, quiet beach vacation, feeling like there’s nothing between the holiday party and the wide open ocean view.

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Many beach vacation rentals have private or shared walkways that lead directly to the beach from the home or community. These trails consist of simple sandy trails or easy boardwalks, with benches or terraced areas along the way to take a breather and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. The vacation rental company you choose can tell you where the local beach boards or trails are, and what the general area is like.

As mentioned above, the views from all levels of the house are exceptional, and although the upper levels are the most spectacular, the ocean views stretch down to the coast. In between, local builders and developers have built beachfront homes where the main living level is located upstairs, also known as the “inverted floor plan,” a feature of most beach vacation rentals on the Outer Banks. This means that the main level of the family retreat – the living, dining and kitchen areas – is strategically placed to take advantage of the home’s best views, so everyone can relax with that ocean view. Background.

Rentals are available in virtually every area of ​​the Outer Banks, although Currituck’s northernmost 4WD-accessible beach doesn’t have many oceanfront properties, but the town of Ocracoke has none because of its coastal location. Sound next to silver. Lake Harbour. Travelers can find superior oceanfront accommodations everywhere from Corolla near the ferry to the southern edge of Hatteras Village, which runs the gamut from simple beach cottages to world-class resort-quality apartments, he said.

There are 3-4 bedroom condos and beach boxes available, though most of the beachfront vacation homes are among the best homes on the Outer Banks. These homes are luxurious properties with all the amenities needed to turn an ordinary vacation into a resort-quality experience. Amenities include private pools, ocean-facing hot tubs, game rooms, theaters and spacious lounges and sundecks.

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The grandeur of these homes can be 8, 10 or even 12 bedrooms depending on the area and can accommodate parties of 20 or more. With multiple master bedrooms, ample kitchens with dual appliances and plenty of dens, sitting areas, lofts and other “retreats” to get away from the crowds, these homes are more reminiscent of guest houses than the ones you know and love. . Other patrons live on the coast.

Of course, vacationers who want a simple beach vacation can also find several small beach vacation rentals ranging from 3-4 bedrooms. Hatteras Island in particular has a number of beach condos that cater to couples and parties of 4 or less. Unlike other resorts, these condos are small, peaceful, and have access to relatively few beaches, ensuring guests always feel like they’re vacationing at their own private resort.

From quiet 1-2 bedroom apartments to spacious private homes, vacation rentals and outer shore accommodation options vary, and for good reason. With more than 150 miles of coastline, it’s easy to find accommodations for parties of all sizes and styles, so travelers won’t have a hard time finding an oceanfront vacation rental made just for them.

Because beach vacation rentals have the best beach access and views, they are also typically in the highest price range. However, the weekly cost of a vacation rental, even a larger one, is typically similar to nightly rentals of beach hotels and motels, depending on the type of accommodations, amenities, and number of rooms included.

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Visitors to the Outer Banks who have more flexibility in their schedule can also see shoulder and off-season vacation rentals. Many vacation rentals in the Outer Banks have rates that fluctuate with the different seasons, meaning summer rates are highest from late June to early August, and rates decrease as you move away from the summer weeks. An off-season week in October may be half of a week including the 4th of July, yet the house’s facilities and amenities are still the same for visitors.

Essentially, if your idea of ​​a great Outer Banks vacation revolves around frequent beach trips, then a beach vacation rental is your best option to fully enjoy the beautiful and secluded beaches.

Obviously, the best benefit of a beach vacation rental is the proximity to the beach. Most of all beachfront homes have boardwalks that lead directly to the ocean, either private or shared with other neighbors in the community. This means that a trip to the beach can easily be interrupted by eating or drinking, running to the bathroom, or another homecoming that can be completed in a few minutes. This place helps to carry tools that are brought ashore and also for family members who are having trouble making the long journey.

Another advantage of course is the view outside the beach, because there is nothing but health between the house and the sea.

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