Outer Banks Vacation Rentals By Owner

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals By Owner – Ocracoke is one of the toughest but most rewarding destinations to visit along the Outer Banks, and travelers who choose to vacation on this small but beautiful island have plenty of cozy resorts to make them feel right at home.

Ranging from 2-bedroom cabins, homes or mobile homes, and 6-bedroom luxury villas, Ocracoke Island rentals are as quaint and charming as the village’s personality. Tucked away on the semi-busy side streets of popular Silver Lake Harbor, Ocracoke Island rentals are always close to local attractions, just a quick drive away, often surrounded by native landscaping, including clusters of live oak and cedar trees. Beach, and a cozy haven for weary vacationers who want to find a shaded screened porch, stretch their legs and relax.

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals By Owner

All Ocracoke Island vacation rentals can be found within the four-square-mile village limits bordering the clam-shaped Silver Lake Harbor on the southern tip of the island. The rest of the island is protected from development because it is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, so Ocracoke vacationers will find 13 miles of empty beaches at their disposal.

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Access to Ocracoke’s beaches, or the beaches of Ocracoke Island, begins at the edge of town with a long 4WD ropeway that runs to the waters bordering the island’s Ocracoke Inlet, and ends at the Hatteras/Ocracoke ferry dock. Beach at Hatteras Inlet. Among them are the desolate, unspoiled beaches that have made the area a national treasure, a regular on Dr. Beach’s annual “America’s 10 Best Beaches” until retiring after taking the #1 spot.

As one would expect with a world-famous coastline, the beaches here are gorgeous. The beaches are generally gently sloping, the waves are exceptional for diving, swimming, bodyboarding and skimboarding and the beaches are clean and rarely overrun. Both shore-facing beaches are popular surf fishing areas for anglers, but any area in between can serve as a good casting spot for seasonal red drum, mullet, bluefish, flounder and many other local species.

Ocracake Island’s beaches are especially popular in regional and national shelling circles, as the lack of traffic and proximity to the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current create some of the best shelling beaches on the East Coast. Beachgoers can expect to find wheels, olive shells, conch, sand dollars common in southern states, and even the hard-to-find, but ironically elusive scotch bonnet of the north. Carolina is the shell state.

The allure of the beach will certainly fill a lazy vacation day, and after hours, Ocracoke visitors will find plenty of fun activities in downtown Ocracoke. Known for its galleries, gift shops, restaurants and local attractions, despite its small size, Ocracoke Village is a treasure trove of low-key entertainment. Visitors can walk or bike to the Ocracoke Lighthouse, then stop at Springers Point Nature Preserve for a scenic walk through one of the last remaining wild and undeveloped areas of the village. The Visitor Center and Ocracoke Preservation Society are great destinations to familiarize yourself with the area’s culture, and a stop at the British Cemetery just off NC Highway 12 offers a fascinating look at the area’s war and shipwreck history.

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The “main drag” of NC Highway 12 runs through the village along the harbor and winds through the village, where visitors can find nightly entertainment and an excellent array of restaurants, bars, galleries and event venues (most notably the Deepwater Creek Theatre). Food can always be found. With a bustling beach community conveniently contained within four square miles of the city limits, visitors will find that good times and great off-shore entertainment are always just a short drive away.

While vacationers looking for 10-bedroom beachfront mansions won’t find their dream retreat on Ocracoke Island, travelers looking for a little seclusion and lots of relaxation will find amenities in spades.

Due to the ease of building land available, lots in Ocracoke Village are generally very small, and cabins and rental properties in the area run in the 1-6 bedroom range.

There are several condo units within the village, usually in 1-2 story detached structures close to local amenities for a secluded setting. However, the majority of the island consists of resorts and cottages, and these accommodations can be found throughout the village with a variety of locations and amenities.

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Most vacation rentals in Ocracoke Village are located along small residential streets tucked into local neighborhoods, with a wide selection located near the water, along Pamico Sound or bordering Silver Lake Harbor. , and all have incredible views. Harbor front activities. Travelers who want to sunbathe on the water every night should check out these beach hotels, while explorers who need a comfortable place to stay between beach trips have plenty of accommodations. The village itself.

Homes range in all styles and price ranges, from 1-3 bedroom mobile homes and cabins to multi-story beach homes with 5 or more bedrooms, private pools, and even game rooms. While there are plenty of spacious homes to choose from in other areas of the Outer Banks, Ocracoke Island is essentially a handful, and long-term vacationers wouldn’t have it any other way. Small but cozy cottages scattered across the village landscape add to the small-town charm, and when rented, Ocracoke Island is primarily a vacation destination for small families and couples, as well as large family gatherings. and against reunification. .

Cabins can range from historic 20th-century structures to new construction, and may have a shaded screened-in porch or deck for relaxing in the afternoon and evening saltwater breeze. Kitchens, cozy living areas, and inviting bedrooms all come standard, and guests who rent a tiny Ocracoke Island cottage are often surprised by how much can be packed into such a small space.

Above all, visitors to Ocracoke Island are advised to book early, especially for early summer weeks and with limited space, for waterfront accommodations as vacation rentals fill up quickly. Check vacation rentals through local property management companies or owner websites to see which homes and accommodations meet your aspirations for a completely quiet and enjoyable retreat.

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It’s hard to overstate the benefits of Ocracoke vacation rentals, as they are as unique as the vacationers who choose to anchor in this small-sounding town. For some, an Ocracoke vacation rental is enough for the hustle and bustle of a thriving but small harbor community, complete with access to some of the area’s best art galleries and restaurants. For others, an Ocracoke vacation rental ensures a spot between trips to the more prestigious beaches along the Outer Banks, just 10-15 minutes away.

Whatever your expectations, Ocracoke vacation rentals are ideal for travelers who want to vacation in a remote coastal area with its own unique charm, drive to world-famous beaches, and enjoy activities and attractions within walking distance. and food options located around the city.

As an added bonus, guests staying a week at an Ocracoke vacation rental will have plenty of time to relax and unwind. Accommodations in this area are designed for lazy afternoons or evenings on a shaded porch, thinking about nothing in particular, just enjoying watching the open water or the occasional street traffic. For travelers who want to truly relax and disconnect from the rest of the world, a weeklong stay on Ocracoke Island will be a breath of fresh air. Miles away from the rest of the mainland, and the rest of the Outer Banks for that matter, Ocracoke Island is a little paradise open to anyone with a week or two of vacation time to spare.

Retreat to Ocracoke vacation rentals is their destination. Ocracoke Island can only be reached by boat ride from Swan Quarter or Cedar Island on the mainland, or from the free ferry crossing Hatteras Inlet every half hour or hour.

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There are no national chain or big box stores, including grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, and other services typically associated with foreign banks, so merchandise is fairly limited. There are many grocery stores that carry all food items from paper towels to vegetable bakeries

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