Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

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When designing your living room, it is important to carefully consider the color of your walls, because the right color can completely change the look of a room. Warm tones, such as creamy beige, chocolate brown, crimson or desert-inspired colors bring energy to a room and instantly make it cozier. Cool tones, such as the popular sharp whites, classic greys, greens and cool blues, evoke feelings of calm and help small spaces feel larger. No matter what vibe you’re trying to create, we’ve rounded up the best living room colors, including links to our favorite colors from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Clare.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Our list does not shy away from colors: living rooms include sunny yellow, light pink, light blue, violet and green (light to dark). We can never forget the classic colors like beautiful beige and warm white. We also added some moody colors, like black, deep green, and midnight blue. While browsing through these living room decorating ideas, you’ll find a selection of trendy colors, including some of the colors of 2023, like Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush and Behr’s Blank Canvas.

Living Room Paint Colors

Whether you’ve just moved or your living room needs a fresh update, you’re sure to find a paint color that piques your interest. Who knows? You may also be inspired to try some of this year’s biggest design trends.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color of the year, Raspberry Blush, described as pink coral, is an attractive choice for the living room. The charismatic color works well as an accent wall or for the whole room.

Although deep and subdued, dark blue is still a timeless color for any interior. Pair with brown, brown and white – and of course gold accents.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Timeless Living Rooms & Paint Color Ideas To Love In 2023

White is always in trend. Here, interior designer Jessica Risko Smith uses colorful furniture, such as a light green sofa and a pale blue cabinet, to contrast the bright white.

Liven up a small room with a dark shade, like Sherwin-Williams’ Rookwood Shutter Green, which also has a blue tone to match the sofa. Tip: Choose gloss or matte paint on walls and ceilings and semi-gloss on trim, shelves and shelves.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Plum paint is a great way to incorporate color without being too bold. Pair it with warm neutral colors like cream, tan and taupe.

You’ll See These Interior Paint Colors Everywhere In 2023

Choose a soft off-white, like Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year, Canvas Blank. The color of the paint is described as warm tones, including a hint of yellow.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

From light to dark, combine different shades of pink to design a beautiful interior like this one by Noel Gatts, principal designer at Beam & Bloom Interiors.

The right belt can definitely make a statement. The interior designer Jean Lin from Kolonie combines just that with warm woods, deep red colors and natural textures.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Creative Ideas For Coating The Walls: Tips For Choosing A Paint Color

Using a color, like Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray, is a no-brainer for a living room, especially when it comes to highlighting details like moldings and a brick fireplace.

Choose a mood color and go completely monochromatic, as interior designer Mary Patton does here. This glossy seal looks great on walls, ceilings and built-in furniture.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Make any room comfortable and welcoming with the perfect warm white shade. Here, interior designer Jessica Nelson chooses floor-to-ceiling white.

Bright Paint Color Ideas To Consider

Exuding an eclectic look, this bright interior features rustic walls and an attractive mural. To complete the room, interior designer Francesca Grace chose two statement pieces: a green sofa and a large gold mirror.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

If you’re feeling bold, choose a vibrant pink color that goes perfectly with the black and white gallery wall.

Keep it light and bright with this shade of mint blue-green, also painted on the fireplace bricks.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas From Designers

Believe it or not, brown doesn’t have to be boring. A chocolate brown color enhances the wood paneling of this living room and complements the beige tones of the room.

You can’t go wrong with taupe walls, whether you want to add comfort to your bedroom for the holidays or create a relaxed atmosphere for everyday relaxation.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

This warm red shade looks gorgeous during the holiday season, but it also works well for year-round living. Combine it with warm white furniture, rugs and tables.

Instead of choosing one beautiful shade, choose several. Repeat the beauty of rain-green by painting green, yellow, orange and pink on a wall.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

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Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

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Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

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Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Color is a key factor that affects the look of your room and really completes the design of your room. Choosing a color that complements the atmosphere you want is essential, but also a challenge because the options are endless.

But don’t worry. We spoke to an interior design expert and interior color experts to gather the best paint color ideas for the living room.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

To prepare this guide, we spoke to a number of paint and interior design experts. In this guide to paint colors for the living room, you will hear:

White is one of the most traditional color choices for painting a living room. The new white walls are classic, simple and clean. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and can be beautifully combined with interesting furniture or bright colors. White is especially suitable for a small room and makes the room clean and modern.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Shoji White is a new color developed by the American paint industry Sherwin Williams. It contains white and beige pigments and is a full shade.

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Jennifer Walter explains why it is the favorite color of many interior designers: “For those who want to escape from gray tones, it is also a perfect choice. It also plays well with light and shadow, so no matter how your house is , it looks fantastic.”

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Chantilly lace is a popular white color that has been used for years. Ashley Daubert nostalgically shares her thoughts on the color: “Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace remains not only a classic and historic best-selling color for the brand, but also the most used in beam designs. .

Cool Moon is a cool, clear, off-white paint that can liven up any family room. White is elegant and always in fashion, making it one of the most popular colors for living room walls.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Interior Paint Ideas: 12 Tips To Help You Get The Right Wall Color

Perfect for hot and cold climates. This simple white paint works as a perfect background for any design and color scheme you choose.

This decadent white color was developed from the Jolie color palette and its founder designed it for walls and cabinets. It is a pure white paint that contains warm neutral tones to cast a welcoming glow in any room of your home.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

As the name suggests, Whipped is a pure white paint that is meant to look as good as whipped cream on your living room walls. It is a great color for north facing rooms. It is an adaptable shade that works well with different architectural elements.

Living Room Color Ideas

These two neutral colors can transform any room into a calming oasis. These light, almost taupe colors create a pleasant, spacious and comfortable atmosphere in any living room.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Back Drop’s Harvest Moon paint color is a light beige that contains inviting yellow pigments. It can complement warm-white and gray colors very well.

Sugar Cookie is a creamy white paint color that is often used for living rooms. Features warm almond notes that will brighten up any home. Maria DeCotiis herself includes this color at home: “I have Benjamin Moore Sugar Cookie in my living room and it’s the perfect warm white. It looks great with all the wall panels,”.

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

Wall Colour Ideas

This is a warm off-white color that transforms any room into a sanctuary for deep relaxation. “The Greek Villa has a soft and warm neutral tone that is easy to adapt to any atmosphere and design aesthetic,” explains Karen Rohr.

This light beige color is warm from Clare

Paint Color Ideas Living Room Walls

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