Phone Systems For Small Businesses Reviews

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Ooma Office is an easy-to-use VoIP service that can work well for many small businesses. However, it lacks some key features and others require a subscription upgrade. That said, while we’ve previously complained about Ooma’s lack of third-party integrations, some are starting to appear in the company’s offerings.

Phone Systems For Small Businesses Reviews

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Ooma Office (opens in a new tab) VoIP for Business is designed for smaller companies with a few employees. It is very easy to use, which is a big plus if you are using a VoIP phone service for the first time.

On the other hand, Ooma Office doesn’t have all the advanced features you’d expect as your business expands. So, if you plan to expand your operations and expand your employee pool, this may not be the best VoIP service (opens in a new tab).

In our Ooma Office review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to determine if this VoIP service is right for your business.

Ooma Office starts at $19.95 per user per month. For that price, you get a variety of VoIP features, including call forwarding, digital voicemail, multi-device ringing and more. However, the basic plan does not include the Ooma Office desktop application, call recording or voicemail transcription.

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For these features, you’ll need the Ooma Office Pro plan (opens in a new tab), which costs $24.95 per user per month. This plan also adds video conferencing and improved robocall blocking through the desktop app, as well as Google and Office 365 integrations. For more features and not a lot of money, we think this mid-range plan represents the best value for money.

Pro Plus, which sits on top, costs $29.95 per user per month. While it’s refreshing to see such a small price difference between Ooma’s cheapest and most expensive plans (compared to other VoIP rivals, you can pay double for the most expensive), it’s the most. p is not a padded option. Pro Plus highlights include call queuing, hot desk support and sales force integration.

For these features, you’ll need the Ooma Office Pro plan (opens in a new tab), which costs $24.95 per user per month. This plan also adds video conferencing through the desktop app and improved robocall blocking.

All users can access the Ooma Office phone service using an Ooma-enabled desktop phone. You can also make and receive calls on your smartphone with the Ooma Office mobile app. The service also supports SMS messaging.

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Ooma Office lets you set up call groups that include multiple phones and staff (Image credit: Ooma)

One of the main features within Ooma Office is the ability to create call groups. They are useful if you have multiple employees who can answer a particular call. For example, your sales team and customer service team may each have their own call group.

When someone calls a number associated with a call group, all the phones in the group can ring at the same time so that everyone can answer immediately. Alternatively, you can set up a ring group so that one phone rings first, and then the call goes to the other phone if no one picks up. Such customization is remarkable for a relatively inexpensive service for small businesses.

Ooma’s virtual office lobby works well with ring groups. With a virtual receptionist, you can play a recorded message when customers call your business and provide different calling options.

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A virtual receptionist allows customers to dial a specific extension if they know your company and want to bypass the call team. Depending on whether the call comes during or after business hours, you can play different messages.

Unfortunately, some features that many small businesses find important are limited to Pro users. For example, you can’t call from your computer without the desktop app, which is only available with the Pro subscription. You’ll also need a Pro subscription to record calls or read voicemail transcripts. Fortunately, as we mentioned earlier, upgrading between the three subscription levels costs an additional $5 each, which is relatively low.

Ooma Office falls short when it comes to reporting and integration. This VoIP service has no dedicated control panel and no way to monitor call volume or duration. In fact, you cannot easily see how many calls have been made to a particular employee or call group. For a small business or startup, this may not be a top priority, but when things start to grow, gathering analytics becomes essential.

In previous versions of this review, we complained about the lack of third-party integrations. This time, Ooma has addressed this problem by introducing Office 365 and Google integration for the Pro, and Salesforce integration for the Pro Plus, but that leaves Ooma behind some of its main rivals, who offer more in terms of additional tools.

Ooma Office Voip Services Review

What we love most about Ooma Office is that it is so easy to use. You can configure your account settings online, and adding all your business users and extensions takes minutes. Setting up more complex options like ring groups and a virtual lobby is also quick and easy.

Ooma Office gives you a lot of flexibility for call management and routing, and the desktop application is very easy to manage (Image credit: Ooma Office)

We found that many of the settings in Ooma Office can be customized. For example, when you configure ring groups, you can choose how long one phone rings before the call goes to the next extension in the group. You can also create an unlimited number of custom entries for your virtual receptionist.

Ooma Office Pro users will be very happy with the desktop application. It supports a centralized company directory, and you can start an audio or video conference with your colleagues with just a few clicks. There is also a company-wide speed dial option, but as the number of people in your company grows, this becomes less useful.

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Ooma Office has a very detailed online support center with tutorials and video tutorials (Image credit: Ooma Office)

The company also has a very thorough online support center. You’ll find detailed guides on how to set up your phone network, as well as videos showing you how to use key features like call groups and virtual reception.

With Ooma Office, you can password protect a video conference, but you can’t block it once the meeting has started (Image credit: Ooma Office)

However, we believe that Ooma Office can do more to keep your account and communications secure. The platform doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, so there’s little to protect your phone network if your password is stolen. You can also password protect video meetings, but you cannot lock the meeting room so that new users cannot enter without first being approved.

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As more and more VoIP companies enter the video conferencing market, Ooma seems to be a bit behind.

At $24.95 per user per month, Ooma Office Pro is not that cheap or expensive, which is why it has a lot of competition. In our opinion, there are more powerful small business VoIP services available for a similar price.

For example, the Nextiva Essential package for SMB teams ages 5-19 (opens in new tab) is significantly less than $21.95 per user per month (paid annually). Of course, it has fewer service features than Nextiva’s Professional package, which costs $25.95 per month per user annually.

But price is not everything. Another competitor known for its quality services is GoToConnect (opens in a new tab), which costs $27 per month per user if you have at least five users.

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GoToConnect offers call recording, video conferencing, incredibly flexible call routing and integrations for enterprise software such as Salesforce. Additionally, administrators can access detailed reports on the volume of calls your business receives and where those calls are coming from.

Ooma Office is a simple VoIP service that can be good for small businesses with a few employees. It offers a virtual lobby for incoming calls, supports video conferencing and is very easy to use.

However, given that Ooma Office is not a budget VoIP service, we were disappointed by what it doesn’t offer. Management and reporting tools are minimal and integration with popular office applications is not extensive.

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