Playroom Guest Room Combo

Playroom Guest Room Combo – So excited to share all the details on our guest room/playroom combo! It’s the perfect way to use up our spare bedroom!

I am so excited to share all the details of this space with you! We’ve been waiting for this room to come together forever! The third bedroom in our house is quite a good size and was previously used as an office space for the babies. The baby’s nursery is now our former guest room. Now that our backhouse is up and running, BMW is moving his office into the living room and the upstairs bedroom is a separate guest room. This means we have room for a third bedroom! With good floor space and lots of windows, I know it will be a great playroom for Warren. But we wanted to make the most of it, so we decided to skip the guest room!

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Playroom Guest Room Combo

This post is in collaboration with Austin Couch Potatoes. They provided this sofa sleeper. As always, my opinion is my own! Thank you for supporting the company that maintains this blog! This post contains affiliate links. If you buy a product through this link, I might earn a few pennies.

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I love how calm and peaceful this room is! Perfect for busy babies and a great haven for guests (whenever we can more!) I’m excited to partner with Austin Couch Potatoes on this project because they’re a local company and do so many great things for our community! Always on a mission to give back, Austin Couch Potatoes offers an annual donation rate of 15% of profits, partners with the Texas Transition Center to employ men and women coming out of the prison system, and for every 10 couches sold, one is donated. local community. People or families in need. But they make really nice sofas. And of course other tools.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

We chose this Vallace sleeper sofa in gray ash leather. It’s a soft butter, but really keeps our busy kid going. Warren crawled over him and didn’t even scratch himself! I am very impressed with the quality.

We currently have this couch against the wall to maximize space in this room, but the back is finished and looks great. I love knowing that we can move this couch in the future and it will look great in the middle of the room too.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Carolina Beach Avenue S #c1, Carolina Beach, Nc 28428

! Super cute and easy to clean. Our color is light blue/light grey/white. We finally got a sofa bed that Warren loves. We have a classic car color. This artwork is inexpensive and looks great. We are wrapped in cloth.

This sofa is comfortable to sit on while Warren plays. When we went to see the couches in the store, it was a great experience because everything was spread out and there was no crowd. Also, the seller was very kind and gave us a lot of information and did not pressure us in any way.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

We mentioned we were looking for a piece for our guest room playset and the salesperson said the product had a lifetime warranty! So if Warren, or Pat or whoever, ever pulls a button or something, they can work with us to replace it. I love that level of service you get from a great local company.

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This Wallace sofa is part of the Austin Grown line, which means the couch was made in their Austin factory. The Austin Grown line is fair trade and all ingredients used in their production are produced by the owner’s family to ensure they are made fairly and transparently.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

If you’re looking to purchase a piece of furniture, be sure to use code PARAMORE10 for 10% off any purchase of $20 or more.

Austin Couch Potatoes carries some customizable furniture that I love. We choose the type and color of the fabric. Not to mention the type of pillows and tufts. It’s so nice to think it’s ours!

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Playroom Ideas By @michellecannonsmith — Iron & Twine

I love this shelf because we can easily attach it to the wall so Warren can’t pull them out. He now wants to put everything together because I feel more relaxed! We use this material to protect the bottom two baby shelves to avoid uneven heads. And this covers all stores

The one Warren got from Oma for Christmas. In addition, it also serves as an additional game store. We had a lot of fun with musical toy llamas and carrots

Playroom Guest Room Combo

. I can’t help myself in this teddy bear basket! It has all its blocks. We love this Pantone color book

Budget Playroom Ideas: 10 Designs That Inspire Creativity |

I kept the shelves and walls really simple. After getting a lot of feedback from a mom friend, I knew the toys and art would start piling up, so I got tired of not making more and leaving room for things we like to fill them with.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

One thing I’m still hoping for is a mirror! I will let you know about it! Home » Interior » How to make a guest room in a home office (+ tips on how to design a multi-purpose room!)

The last room in our house, the great room, is the most difficult to design. It has many functions – craft room, home office, guest room. How to design a multipurpose room? How dedicated are you!?

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Small Space Kids’ Playroom Design Ideas

Well, I finally agreed. With long non-commitment, this room is filled with “things”. And finally it’s time to use this space. I want to challenge the use

Things I’ve collected or things I’ve collected in our garage that need a proper home.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

So meet the colorful home office guest room! I bought the table, chairs and bed, but everything else is stuff we already have!! I am proud of how I rated this room. I would never choose a multifunctional room, but imagine many of you in the same situation, we don’t have enough space for all the functions we need in our home!

Works — The Beach Lodge

I hope these few tips for creating a functional home office turned guest room will help you find yourself in a similar situation! Here we go

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Most of the time. So your best option is to choose a mattress that saves space and can sleep two more people if needed. That means a sofa bed or, what we were looking for, a pull-out bed that turns into a king-size bed!

I then did an IKEA hack on the bed and added a stick to lift the look a bit. We’ll be sharing the full tutorial soon, but you can see my other IKEA cane hack here! Spoiler alert: The bed is easy!

Playroom Guest Room Combo

Fun Playroom Ideas

You can choose to make your bed with just sheets or blankets when used as a daybed, or you can fold a comforter or blanket in half (I did the above!) so you have two sets of beds!

Since most of my work involves working on creative projects, I want a large desktop. However, when we have guests over, I should be able to move said area so we can pull out the bed if it’s full size.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

So I decided to open two simple tables, again with storage, that most days can be joined to create one large surface in the middle of the room. This allows my husband and I to work while looking “out” at the room and window instead of facing an unattractive wall.

A Fun & Sophisticated Space For Kids And Guests Alike

However, we can move them on the wall, from side to side, when you use the guest room!

Playroom Guest Room Combo

The desk is an IKEA ALEKS desk and I love that they have a cable outlet underneath. It has two deep drawers for storage, but be sure to organize each one so it doesn’t get cluttered quickly! I also repurpose Oui glass yogurt jars for stationery on the desk (and in the cupboard) for extra storage.

I found my table for less on Facebook Marketplace and this table has darker colors so I painted them white – French White by Dunn Edwards! The leather (faux) chair we added is the most comfortable chair in our house.

Playroom Guest Room Combo

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I hung a large otomi tapestry from Lola and Tula behind the table as a bold backdrop, which also works.

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