Political Science Colleges Near Me

Political Science Colleges Near Me – Top 20 Political Science Colleges in India are colleges that are considered good for studying Political Science. These are located across the country and offer courses in political science at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Some of these Best Political Science Colleges in India offer Political Science programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Courses are offered as BA (Political Science) and MA (Political Science) faculty of Arts and Humanities in these top 20 Political Science Colleges in India.

Political Science Colleges Near Me

Students can also pursue a PhD in this subject as some of these Top 20 Political Science Colleges in India also offer PhD programs in this subject. People can visit these 20 Best Political Science Colleges in India or their websites to get more details about the programs. The list of 20 Best Political Science Colleges in India is given below for the students:

Political Science Courses

Things would not be complete when it comes to higher education in India without mentioning this university.

The journey of this great institution began in 1969 and was named after Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

The good features of this institution do not end there, we have programs for exchange and cooperation in education by signing cooperation agreements with 71 universities around the world.

The learning environment here is very good and the faculty here are highly qualified and leave no stone unturned when it comes to shaping students to become competent citizens.

Top Political Science Colleges In Thanjavur

The university has a School of Arts and Nursing, a School of Biotechnology, a School of Physical Sciences and many others that offer various courses. The university also offers doctoral programs in various disciplines. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

There is no shortage of top institutions in the Indian capital and this university is one of them. The name of this institution remains among the most respected organizations in our country.

Students from all over the country join this university to study different courses every year. The atmosphere here is very conducive to study. The university was first established in 1922 as a co-educational and residential university by an act of the then National Legislative Council.

Beauty has long been the norm here. It strictly adheres to the standards and provides high quality education, which is famous for this university abroad.

Political Science Society

The institution’s vision is to become a globally recognized university recognized for excellence in teaching, research and outreach.

It strives to promote holistic student development through multifaceted education and continuous engagement with local, national and global communities.

This is one of those institutions in India that needs no introduction. It is one of the prominent organizations in the field of higher education in India.

It has a vision to develop, develop and improve the quality of human resources to meet the challenges of regional, national and global economic changes.

Political Science Degree Program

Its mission is to achieve success in teaching and research and create opportunities for students to contribute to national and regional development.

The university has 12 faculties and 53 departments with 560 teaching staff. The university offers 27 courses, 68 courses, 24 diploma courses and 15 certificate courses.

Osmania University is named after its founder, Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, who established the university in 1918, possibly by grant or royal charter. He is the seventh oldest in the country and the third oldest in South India. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

The southern part of India has centers of great interest in the whole country. The University of Madras is one such institution of higher learning.

Best Political Science Colleges & Programs In Nebraska

The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses through its affiliated institutes spread across the districts of Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram.

In addition to teaching, research activities in the arts, humanities, sciences, management and technology shape the academic tenor of the university.

Many institutions affiliated to the University of Madras focus on research activities and offer Ph.D programs. their specialty.

The institute hosts various courses in all streams. The idea of ​​educating a large number of people has led this institution to focus on distance learning.

Bachelors In Politics And Political Science

Realizing the educational needs of a large number of people in the country, the university offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the Department of Distance Education.

This institute is popularly known as IDE of University of Madras. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

The focus here is the Amity Institute of Social Sciences, which offers BA Hons in Political Science. Students who have passed Plus-Two in any stream from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.

Situated on 100 acres opposite the Gwalior Airport, Amity University (Gwalior) offers modern, practical and research-based courses that will lead to the development of an industry-ready workforce. This, in turn, will improve the economic stability of the region.

Political Science (security Studies Concentration) (ba)

Amity offers industry-focused professional courses and is at the forefront of innovation. Again, the placement records were satisfactory.

With a great campus vibe, this is also ranked among the top 20 Political Science Colleges in India.

The institution was till recently known as SIET Womens College. The name has been changed to the present. The Southern India Education Trust maintains the college.

The Southern India Education Trust (SIET) was founded by the late Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed, assisted by his wife, Mrs. Fathima Akhtar, and other colleagues. The College strives to maintain a program that develops women into individuals of integrity, character and culture, fully capable of making informed decisions.

St. George’s College, Aruvithura

Beauty has long been the norm here. The College maintains high standards of excellence in academic and physical resources and facilities dedicated to the implementation of the academic program.

The faculty here is highly trained and ensures that the students are highly skilled. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

This is one of the institutions that are always working to make students become competent citizens of this country. The vision of this institution is to develop an institution of excellence by developing knowledge, creating new knowledge and finding its use by empowering staff and students.

The mission of this college is to provide students from different sections of the society with equal opportunities for quality education and to promote innovative ways of teaching and learning to achieve quality education.

Best Colleges Of Delhi University For Political Science

The institute also strives to promote new ideas in research among faculty and students, as well as to raise awareness and strengthen students’ social responsibility in disadvantaged communities.

Take the name of the prestigious institutes in India that this college could not ignore. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

Music degrees at Bachelor level are offered here as BA Hons Music. Postgraduate courses in music are offered as an MA in music. This is not the only program offered here.

At the undergraduate level, courses are offered in Bengali, Hindi, Economics, Geography, Political Science and others. The postgraduate courses available here are English, Economics, Sanskrit, Bengali, Mathematics and many more.

Kevin Santos Graduates Cum Laude, Earns Political Science Degree

Miranda House has a rich heritage. Established at the dawn of independence, it provided young women with a unique opportunity for quality higher education.

They set high goals and ideals. They work for a new society where women enjoy equal opportunities with men in the technical and social spheres.

Miranda House holds a special place among the Women’s Colleges of the University of Delhi. Its location at the center of the university campus and its close collaboration with various departments of the university and other campus colleges give it a unique opportunity.

The national capital of India has no shortage of institutions that offer quality education. Established in 1924, Indraprastha College for Women is a college of the University of Delhi and its oldest college for women.

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Established as part of the national drive for education and empowerment of women, it is located in a beautiful campus which is a well-known heritage and historical landmark of Delhi.

The College offers programs at the graduate and postgraduate level. Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Hindi, History are among the courses offered in this college.

The institute has established seven centers of research and learning. The Museum and Archives Learning Resource Center has historical and contemporary exhibits from the college.

The infrastructure at this center is commendable. It has large playgrounds and sports infrastructure with several areas including a swimming pool, a climbing wall, a hiking trail, a gym, a shooting range, a fitness center and a large sports field. This is also one of the top 20 Political Science colleges in India.

B.a. History, Political Science Concentration · Pensacola Christian College

The beginning of this well-known institution was humble and over time we have seen great growth.

It started in 1957 as a small teaching college known as UWCA (University Women’s Cultural Association) College and was transferred to Osmania Graduates’ Association (OGA) in 1961.

It was renamed as Vanita Maha Vidyalaya and merged with Ottoman

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