Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

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When you think of a soft color that will give your space a bright and crazy look, grays don’t come to mind. However, even in a room there are subtle sounds that can set the mood. Some even go so far as to say that gray may be the new beige. In fact, we asked 40 interior designers for their thoughts on gray and were surprised by their responses.

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Some use gray shades that create an ethereal look, while others prefer a dark shade for a more sophisticated look. Gray is still going strong because he’s better than we gave him. Whether it’s bright and crisp, or warm and cozy, gray gets the job done.

Beautiful Gray Room Design Ideas

Ahead, see how these designers use gray in their spaces. It can be inspiring to push the furniture into the middle of the room, wrap it in a tarp, and grab a paintbrush like a pro. Our opinion? Think about the style you want—light and simple, bold and dramatic—and look for some examples. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to act. Get these 40 colors from Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball and more to get you started. Who knows? Maybe gray goes with blue and white! The jury is still out, but we think 2023 is a gray year and here we are.

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“I love using this shade because it’s bright. Like its name, Stormy Sky can be dramatic and bright. base for other colors – I did a 50-50 mix with it!” – Windsor Smith

“It’s durable and warm gray goes well with rooms and cabinets if you want a bright color but not white.” – Bailey Austin

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Before & After: Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas

“It’s not blue, it’s not gray. Like a beautiful cloud, the same dream is sand. I think the office is a place where you want to be calm and creative, and this is very calm – very sketchy and blue or lavender. It’s a blank canvas for everything you’re doing right now.” – David Phoenix

“Appropriately named Alaskan Skies transforms our state’s year-round lighting conditions and serves as a continuous backdrop for a variety of indoor activities while maintaining the spirit of adventure.” – Bauer/Clifton Interiors

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“Mixing textures with serenity is my approach to this modern glam home in the mountains of Utah.” Mindful Gray provides relaxation that embraces all the subtle textures.” – Anne Marie Burton

Bedroom Color Ideas For A Personal And Energizing Space

“These days, I’m having fun with this ash.” It looks different in different situations. If the room is dark or in shadow, it will appear black. But in direct sunlight, the color of the Baltic evening. So it’s never boring. It also goes well with the caramel leather chairs – which I think would fit in almost any office. David Neto

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“There is something in this shadow that you cannot define. It reminds me of fog and mist – a bit of mist and calm. Gray has the ability to be rich and boring: it works in a variety of situations, from a light-filled bathroom to a spacious living room. Simple on walls, but strong enough to create dimension. – Michel Dope

“Benjamin Moore Titanium is a soft, bright white with a hint of green that brightens up the rainy Oregon weather.” – Jessica Helgerson

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas For 2023

“It’s a beautiful combination of blue and gray, close to a robin’s egg, but chalky and elegant.” It is quiet, deep and becomes important as the child grows. Bring an olive green glass panel for a boy’s room. Paint a girl’s room with dove gray and lavender accents. – Amanda Nisbet

“This neutral style is perfect for modern and international interiors. – Tom Stringer

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“This is perfect care. Look no further. And it’s amazing with a bright contrast. I love it so much, I’ve used it in three homes. It looks cool and sharp in rooms with light water. It is very convenient in dark, light rooms. – Sean Henderson

Bedroom Paint Colors Going Out Of Style In 2024

“Granite is one of my favorite things to bring lightness and simplicity to any room for its warm gray-brown. This color will have you curled up by the fire.” – Alice Williams

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“I call this blue-grey the ‘shadow color’.” When it becomes light, it is pleasant to be in the room during the day. This shade evokes images of sea and sky – perfect for a beach house in Southampton, I used it in the kitchen cabinets. It gave it a pop of color.” – Sandra Nunnerley

“This blue-gray eggshell is like an iced drink on a hot day.” It cools the room with a lot of light. This way you can create some warmth and layers of color and texture in the furniture. I bring earthy tones like chocolate brown, rust, and golden mustard, and maybe a twist.” – Scott Lasley

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Grey Bedroom Paint Colors

“The southern and western sun exposure in the room is difficult, but this contrasting color changes during the day from cool lavender in the morning to a warm red in the evening. – Kevin Walsh

“This rug is very versatile, providing heat-cooling and comfort. The art in it is beautiful and it’s not the paint color that makes the room great. Our design studio paints this color that loves the environment. we will create!” – Nancy Price

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“I put this color – a gray color that matches the cloudy sky – as an accent on the ceiling of a small black and white arch. The glossy effect is lighter on the ceiling than on the walls, but the reflective surface, like a mirror, gives the room depth. The shade is also a little dark was, it helped to balance the thick walls.- Rinat Lavi

Gray Color Schemes That Showcase The Timeless Neutral

“The gray sky and misty rain are so beautiful and comforting. Benjamin Moore’s Shadow of the City captures this sentiment. Brighten it up with brass accessories and accessories and combine it with marble. Calacatta. You can’t go wrong!” – Kathy Hackworth

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

“I used this dark, dark brown shade on the stair lights in my house. The color fades sharply into the surrounding neutral palette. My tips for sandblasting: Make sure the surface is spot-free, because the more you paint, the brighter it will be!” – Christine Staker

“I’ve always preferred gray glass in any shade, from steel to warm French ash. Even gray can be a soothing background for anything—flowers, books, art, fabric, or people. I love gray and white finishes, love the border of white fabrics and white furniture. Sometimes I throw in a bit of red here and there. But you want to be careful with the grays – nothing dark, cold or gloomy. – Matthew Patrick Smith

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

These Are The Best And Worst Colors To Paint Your Bedroom

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Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

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Can I Paint My North Facing Room A Gray Paint Colour?

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Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Choosing a paint color is about more than just aesthetics. When changing paint colors, it’s also important to think about how you want it

In that room. Take your bedroom for example. While your personal space is a great place to express your unique personality, it’s also important to make effective design choices, including paint colors.

Popular Gray Bedroom Colors

Warm White Paint Colors To Cozy Up Your Space

According to British sleep psychologist Sue Peacock, the way a room looks can affect your mood.

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