Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022 – Summer is almost here, and for many people, the weather encourages self-care in the form of beauty treatments. Manicures may not be for everyone, but those who love them are dedicated people.

Seasons can completely affect the colors that come to mind when it’s time to choose a shade or design for your nails, and summer is definitely one of them. Whether your plans include beach trips or staying close to home, there’s no reason why your nails can’t be themed to match the weather and atmosphere around you.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

One of the best things about getting your nails done regularly is that you can change the look however you want… Here are 10 nail colors that will be everywhere in summer 2022.

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If there’s one color that’s on everyone’s manicure list, it’s hot pink. The color cheers summer and Cosmopolitan even named it the “Official Color” of the season. There are so many fun ways to color with amazing nail designs, but sometimes the best shade is just the shade and nothing else.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

No matter how fond your memories of Creamsicle during the summer, matching this bright color with nail polish is no small feat. Fortunately, beauty website This You Need has what the site’s author, Sarah, claims is the perfect cream shade: Essie’s Tart Deco. Add a bright white liner on top to complete the look!

When it comes to capturing summer vibes, few colors are as on the nose as sunny yellow. After all, what is summer if not a season of warmth and sparkle? The ruthless nail brand ORLY has a reputation that will end your search for the perfect summer nail polish.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Of course, the rainbow is not the color, but when it comes to your nails, it can be! It’s only fitting that June is marked as Pride Month in the United States and many parts of the world, as a rainbow manicure is a fun and entertaining way to usher in the warmer months.

If you’re hitting the town this summer and want to give your trip a royal feel, a purple manicure is the way to go. Like the Let’s Eat Cake, this Essie purple shade practically screams, “I’m the Singapore Sling Queen,” which may be the type of vacation you’re looking for first. Want a second chance? The ORLY RUINS party is beautiful.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

If you had to choose a fruit to associate with summer, chances are it would be citrus, or at least something closely related. Why not add some zing to your summer manicure by choosing a green shade that evokes lime-fun prints? As the founder and CEO of Pear Nova explains to MindBodyGreen, “Vibrant oranges, yellows and greens create a great palette for summer.”

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If you’re ready to hit the beach this summer to enjoy the sun and sea, you need to find a shade of blue that matches your aquatic environment. If you haven’t visited the ocean this year, a blue ocean manicure can help you feel like you’re still there.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Of course, hot pink is sure to be big in the summer of 2022, but there are other shades of red worth exploring. If you’re feeling extra romantic, try a deep pink shade, as this shade can remind you of the serene perfection of summer.

Although an ombre French manicure technically requires two colors to work, the overall effect is beautiful and this style is perfect for any summer wedding you’ll be attending, whether as a member of the bridal party or as a guest.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

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If you can’t choose one color for your summer 2022 manicure, why not try them all at the same time? Sometimes summer means you have to jump ship and choose chaos because you might actually like the result. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to use this advanced service, select it. cookie sheet

There is nothing more exciting than choosing another color for your manicure. We’ve rounded up our favorite on-trend shades for the coming year, from bold brights to neutrals. So, whichever nail you like, there will definitely be a suitable shade.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

But before we dig into these underrated nail colors, let’s break down the best shade pairings for your skin tone to find out which shades you should buy to match your skin tone.

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The color of the nails is a personal choice, and there are no special rules when choosing another shade or shade of manicure.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

However, if you are concerned about choosing a shade that matches your natural or undertone skin, you need to follow the color rules.

Finding the perfect shade can help make your manicure stand out, making your nails and hands look healthier with a solid shade that can help your hands look younger.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Trendiest Summer Nail Color Ideas To Try Now

When choosing the best colors for fair skin, you may want to try to accentuate the undertones or bring them out completely.

Deeper colors like midnight blue and navy complement blue tones, helping nails look flawless and healthy.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Vibrant colors like flamingo pink and electric blue transform blue and red undertones and help improve the appearance of skin.

Nail Colors You’ll See Everywhere In Summer 2022

Pastel colors are a great option for pale to fair skin and help add a healthy glow to your toes.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Lighter skin tones go better with bright colors than fair skin that add a fresh and airy look to your manicure.

Dark pink and white cloud colors work especially well on this skin tone, as well as bright purples and pinks if you like rich color on your nails.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Summer Nail Trends For 2023

Be careful to combine dark colors with light skin, because they can leave dirt after hand washing.

If you’re looking to narrow down your options, olive skin tones should stick to warm citrus skin-softening colors like warm reds, pinks, and bright greens.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Dark burgundy, purple, blue and red also work well with this skin tone to keep nails happy, healthy and shiny.

Best Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Since gold and rust are close to your skin tone, you should avoid some of these colors if you want to vary your nail color.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Strong lighting like orange-reds and yellows and earthy colors look amazing against this skin type. The good news is that common colors like rose and pink work well.

While most colors are suitable for dark skin, it’s best to choose colors that match your skin tone.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Timelessly Beautiful Nail Colours That Go With Everything

Look below your wrist. If you see yellow and gold tones in your skin, you have warm undertones, while reds and blues have cool undertones. If you don’t see any of these, your skin is probably neutral.

Another way to try it is with jewelry. If gold suits you, you probably have warm skin, while those with cool undertones look best in silver.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Whatever your skin tone, choose a color or shade that complements it well. Choose warm colors for warm tones and warm colors for cool tones.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Every Month In 2023

Ultimately, the nail color you choose comes down to personal preference. There are no hard and fast rules to follow and just like with makeup, if you love wearing color and feel good about it, you should wear it regardless of your skin tone!

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

However, if you’re struggling to find your color, our skin matching tips can help you choose the next shade.

The eclectic nature of this season’s nail colors means that whatever your skin tone or preference, there’s a nail color for you. Whether you’re a fan of bold, bright, or more relaxed neutrals, these nail polish options will help you stay on trend this season.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Summer Nail Colors Of 2023 You Should Try Right Now

Earth tones, including rich greens and deep jewel tones, are the style of the day, so choose emerald greens, teals and bright purples when choosing your mani color. A metallic finish, sparkle or shine creates a beautiful finish.

DND Duo Gel and Nail Polish Set in Emerald Quartz and Halo Gel Nails in Pandora are perfect options for trendy gold accents.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

Every red is in this season, so no matter what your skin tone is, there’s a shade to suit you. From baby to bubblegum and fuchsia to fandango pink, your favorite shade, it’s time to think pink for your next manicure.

Choose a classic pink shade for darker skin tones, a cream shade for olive skin, a neutral bubblegum shade and a dusty pink shade to find the perfect combination.

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Summer 2022

We love Jessica’s Just Married, which is perfect

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