Portfolio Websites For Graphic Designers

Portfolio Websites For Graphic Designers – Your design portfolio is a window for the world to see your work and judge your talent, skills and experience. Whether you are a graphic designer, a product designer, an illustrator, a web designer or a multimedia artist, design portfolios are the prism through which designers are constantly evaluated by new clients and potential employers. A great design portfolio can lead you to success, open up new opportunities and land you the job you want. However, failure to present your best performance in your portfolio can lead to rejection and spells.

Given that it can make or break your career, your design portfolio in itself becomes the most important design exercise of your career. As online design portfolio websites have become the standard for presenting your work to the world, it is important to make sure you understand the dos and don’ts of a successful design portfolio website. We have previously compiled a comprehensive guide on 20 professional tips that all designers should follow to create a successful online design portfolio website.

Portfolio Websites For Graphic Designers

However, following every guide is not enough. You also have to think outside the box, find your own expression and figure out how to best present your work. This is where a little inspiration comes in handy. At Pixpa, we’ve seen (and helped) thousands of designers around the world create their own design portfolio websites. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite design portfolio websites for you to explore and learn from.

How To Build Your Graphic Design Portfolio

MDZ is the design studio of London-based designer Stacey Mendes. Stacey has worked on a wide range of design projects including product design, graphic design and brand design. His portfolio website lists his wide range of work in a structured, grid format that expands to a detailed project case study page for each project.

Dart Creative is a UK-based graphic design and illustration studio led by David Wildish. Dart Creative Design’s portfolio website takes a bold and fun approach with quirky brand design.

Belen Roldan Franco is a Spanish designer currently based in Berlin. Belen is passionate about visual communication and treats graphic design as an “art” where structure, color, typography and other aspects of design must be combined to create something original. Belen’s website reflects his structured approach with a clean, minimalist design and clearly categorized projects.

Branding and packaging designer Marcus Artis’s online portfolio is straight to the point. Marcus makes a great first impression with a strong and clear use of his brand name. This website presents its portfolio through simple and complete image galleries that are easy to browse.

Free Portfolio Website Templates For All Creative Professionals 2023

Janet Design presents its branding and logo design projects through a simple and structured grid that allows you to see the scope of our work at a glance and also allows you to click to see larger images.

Fake Honey Pictures is a film and photography production team based between Vancouver and New York working on art, documentary and commercial projects. With a portfolio consisting mostly of video projects, Fake Honey uses a grid layout-based multimedia gallery as its homepage, which allows you to click through and view the video directly on its website.

Designer Chris Tamar presents his multifaceted graphic design portfolio through a simple and intuitive website. Tamar’s own logo design gives her graphic portfolio website personality and makes it stand out. The clean square grid on the homepage puts his work in the center and introduces his portfolio without fuss. Chris puts together his portfolio website with clear links to his bio and contact details.

Tip: Chris Tamar’s website is a perfect example of “less is more”, with only three links in the navigation showing his portfolio, bio and contact details. Brendan Dowling

Graphic Designer & Illustrator Portfolio Website Example 2023

Creative director Brendan Dowling takes a simple approach to presenting his designer portfolios. Brendan displays a selection of his best projects directly in the vertical menu of the website. This makes it easy for site visitors to access his work and highlight the range of clients and projects he has worked on.

Made Architects is a multidisciplinary design company with architecture, interior design and furniture design projects. Made’s online portfolio website displays her awards and achievements on the home page. They have a project section that has case studies on selected projects. Made’s about page is well structured with the vision, team, awards and exhibitions that make their experience.

Alison Bratnick is a freelance graphic designer and producer in Boulder, Colorado. Alison chooses a dynamic grid on the home page of her graphic design portfolio website. Alison used animated gifs in the grid to give it a dynamic and interesting feel.

Game designer Mingfei Yang uses a black background as a base to display his game design artwork. Mingfei’s artwork is evocative and surreal, and the black base makes exploring his portfolio an immersive experience with a clean presentation of one image at a time.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples From Top Developers

Greene Bean Design is the design studio of Rachel Greene, a graphic designer who lives and works in Philadelphia. Rachel’s graphic design portfolio website focuses on showcasing her print design work in real life. A clear focus, project categories, and minimal aesthetic make Rachel’s portfolio website a place to explore.

Elizabeth O’meara is a graphic designer currently working as a graphic designer/packaging designer for one of the best soap and cosmetics brands. His extensive portfolio of packaging design along with his other work is beautifully showcased on his graphic design portfolio website, which has a horizontal scrolling gallery on the home page. The website’s visual design is minimalist and uses a muted palette of pastel colors that complement Elizabeth’s portfolio.

Graphic designer, Kim Drew’s graphic design collection comes to life through her clean and minimalist website, which features large dynamic grids that highlight the beautiful images of Kim’s collection. Plenty of negative space, consistency in the style of portfolio images, and a clean and simple portfolio website design make Kim’s online portfolio a winner.

Obladee is a UK-based design studio focused on branding projects. Obladee’s simple and to-the-point portfolio website delivers on this brief by presenting selected brand design projects in a 3×2 rectangular grid right on the home page. Visitors can click on each project to get more details about the project with more images and project descriptions available.

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Brandon Perez’s online graphic design portfolio does a great job of showcasing his diverse range on the home page. Brandon uses a striking green and gray color combination with strong typography to create high memory value. The website design is kept simple but smart with the extensive use of a small grid on the home page.

Justin Mileser uses a dynamic grid to present his graphic design print portfolios. Justin keeps his website navigation simple and small, keeping the focus on his portfolio projects, all of which can be viewed directly from his website home page.

Brooke Perryman’s graphic design portfolio website is a perfect example of how a graphic designer should approach their portfolio website. Brooke clearly showcases her strengths right on the home page, a well-organized portfolio section that showcases her work, includes a client testimonials section, and a well-designed bio/resume and contact section. It is organized and provides all required information clearly.

Educational designer, Heather Wilde’s portfolio website is just that – educational. The header provides detailed insights explaining the brief, process and output of each project. He also links all his projects with live and working demos and provides details about his certifications. Both of these work well for Heather to build credibility and experience.

Brilliant Portfolios From Visual Designers

Web designer Matthew Park’s portfolio website presents his digital artwork, web design projects, and UI/UX projects through vertically scrolling galleries with large images and captions for each work.

Olexs is a freelance graphic designer, writer and writer based in Indonesia. The Olexs Studio website offers its own font creation portfolio with graphic examples of fonts to use, download and purchase online links. Olex also offers free fonts and has an active blog to generate interest in their portfolio website.

Ahmed Aka Eddy is a 3D model designer and environment VFX artist based in Los Angeles, California. Ahmed’s portfolio website showcases his multimedia works that include pictures, videos, images through a simple and minimal user interface. Ahmed uses a black background as a base, which makes his work stand out more.

The design and communication design of the Ling K brand is bright, colorful and dynamic. Ling’s online portfolio website brings her work to life through a clean, minimalist interface and the use of large grids that encourage visitors to click through to view project details.

Memorable Web Design Portfolio Examples

Tip: Ling Kee does a great job of showcasing his graphic design portfolio through memorable images. He uses real images or makes real mockups to show his design in Action24. Jason Eickhurst

Jason Eichhorst is a designer based in Salt Lake City and works at Process Agency. Jason has worked for marquee clients such as Merit Fit Bike Co., Disney, Urban Bloom, Barebones Living and Under Armour, among others. Jason developed his product portfolio through a

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