Postage Meters For Small Businesses

Postage Meters For Small Businesses – Tired of licking stamps? Is your valuable time wasted at the post office instead of helping customers and growing your business? If so, a postage meter may be the answer. There are many advantages for business owners to use postage stamps instead of using stamps or online mail. If you are considering switching to a post office account for your small business, you may have some questions before making your final decision. Here’s what you need to know.

One of the main reasons many businesses switch to mail order accounts is to save on costs. When you use a postage meter, you can get a discount from the USPS on every piece of mail you send. The savings apply to all levels of postal mail, from First Class to Priority and Mail. This means you can save money in the process and send what you need to save. If you choose a postage meter with financial reporting, you can also easily track postage costs, so you can evaluate your processes and see if there are ways to save more money.

Postage Meters For Small Businesses

Most people imagine sending mass mail when they draw a mail counter. While counters certainly make mass mailing cheaper and more efficient, your business doesn’t need to benefit from having a counter to use mass mailings. Meters make sending postal mail faster and cheaper. Next, if you need to send mass marketing emails in the future, you will be prepared to do the job efficiently and on budget.

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Mailboxes make your business look professional because you can use addresses and custom stamps. They also reduce the chance of missed deliveries and wrong mail because sending is automated.

At Arizona Business Equipment, we offer a variety of mailboxes along with printer and copier rental services. For more information about purchasing a postal meter in Tucson, please call (520) Postbase Mini from FP is the first and only mini mailer to integrate IMI (Intelligent Mail India) technology, currently the US Postal Service’s most secure email data and print system. By renting with PostBase Mini, you can save up to 10% on postage and pay just $12.95 a month! Download the brochure and start saving today!

The Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volumes. Adopting Postbase’s award-winning design in a very small form factor, the Mini features a color touchscreen that makes setup and operation as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM. This counter is also as quiet as normal office conversations, making it a very polite office companion.

When you buy your postage in advance, the US Post Office rewards you by paying 5 cents less for each stamp. Imagine: Save 10% on every email you send. all day!

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Compare us to the competition: rates do not increase for the duration of the lease! Some rental programs will offer introductory rates that start at a few dollars but double or triple over time. With Postbase Mini and no hidden charges.

When evaluating a postage meter for your small business, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Depending on your needs, some postal counters may be better than others. However, there are a few details that make some mailboxes easier and cheaper to operate than others.

Some companies advertise very low monthly rates; However, especially for small businesses, when you start calculating “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO), the additional costs of using these services add up quickly. If you’re all about a meter, you’ll also need to remember that you’ll need a separate scale, a printer that fits that meter, and any other accessories you’ll need to manage your email system. need to do. Make sure your business chooses a postal account.

Postage Meters For Small Business

(This is the name of the “stamp” printed with your machine). Many companies do not provide printers, but recommend buying a thermal printer because there is no ink to buy. Thermal printers can be purchased relatively cheaply, but note that they cannot print

Directly on the envelope, and each thermal paper label is several times more expensive than a traditional label. When you add the cost of thermal paper, the money saved with a thermal printer versus an inkjet printer will evaporate in a month or less.

The FP Postbase Mini (and most other FP mail counters) use an inexpensive custom ink integrated with the mail counter. This setup can save you potentially hundreds of dollars in a few weeks, and ensures that your email system has fewer bugs, making the process a breeze.

The best thing about a postage meter is that it saves time and money. This is achieved by automating manual tasks and processes. Make sure the mailer you choose can handle the time-consuming tasks you do: not only applying india and stamps, but also stamping, handling, sorting, and even lettering on envelopes. Enter receipts, or other content!

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From time to time, the United States Postal Service updates its terms and conditions. If your favorite email account can’t get these updates automatically, it can be annoying and cause problems. FP Postbase Mini allows you to choose whether to control renewal rates manually or automatically, providing a high level of flexibility. The DP100 offers built-in zoom, fast print speeds and sharp digital images. The DP100 is great for smaller lines, but flexible for larger lines as well. This fully loaded digital mail counter handles daily, routine jobs, letters, flats and parcels for all types of mail. Cutting-edge IntelliLink™ technology makes this device flexible, easy-to-use and efficient. The DP100’s high e-mail capacity ensures excellent e-mail handling performance for the most demanding small businesses.

The DP200 offers mail handling capabilities in a compact, affordable system for small offices and mailrooms and offers the following outstanding features.

The DP300 digital mail counter offers a compact and complete mail solution, perfect for small businesses that require large system capabilities from a compact footprint. With a maximum weight option (up to 70 pounds) and an integrated weighing platform, the DP300 allows you to process letters of any size, from postcards to parcels – at a speed of 65 letters per minute.

The new Connect+™ 1000 is a communications tool that can monetize your business by converting every transactional email you send into a promotional email. Your business can save money at the same time – no more money to print and store your envelopes!

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Connect+™ 2000 is a productivity powerhouse designed for medium and high capacity mailrooms. With its intuitive color touchscreen interface and app-based navigation, it’s not only simple to learn and operate, but it can help you use every piece of transactional email you send to grow your business. Its optional black and process color printing modules can simultaneously print marketing messages and mailing labels. Connect+™ 2000 allows users to download software updates, send reports, check postage rates and receive in-vehicle support.

The DP400 breaks new ground for the small business machine by using IntelliLink® technology to increase productivity and ease of use, so you can achieve fast and accurate email processing. With the DP400’s advanced features, you’ll have a fully functional mail center capability, all from a compact footprint.

The DP475 redefines the performance standard in mid-range mail solutions. It’s the perfect starting point for high-speed processing of mixed weight and size mail when your business needs online measurements, measurements and grading. The DP475 offers cost-saving features such as form-based grading, weight measurement, and access to a full range of special services powered by Intelilink ® technology.

Smart, fast and reliable, the DP525 and DP575 production post systems are designed with many options and efficient features for stress-free management and quiet operation. They are the perfect resource for an active and busy office to meet daily demands. On both machines, you can select Weigh On The Way™ (WOW) to weigh with form-based grading.

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Take your mailroom to the next level in both productivity and availability with the Connect+™ 3000. It prints postage and india faster than any current machine, but its transformative printing capabilities don’t end there. Connect+™ 3000 can create custom envelopes with trans-promotional marketing messages on demand. It allows you to add income to each envelope.

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