Postage Options For Small Business

Postage Options For Small Business – Cashback guide in Singapore: LalaMove, GOGOX, Ninja Van etc. By Agnes Goh on July 3, 2021

Spurred by digitization and pandemic-related regulations, online marketplaces and e-commerce sites have seen increasing demand for courier services in Singapore.

Postage Options For Small Business

Whether you are a business owner struggling with packages, have an employee helping with errands, or simply have an urgent package to deliver, organizing a courier service may be the service you need to know about.

Ebay Postage Options

However, finding the right shipping for your package requires some effort. Before you rush to check with a postal service, consider the various factors that contribute to the costs of delivering your package.

Typically, postal service providers specify size and weight limits for different price levels. You must know the dimensions of the item to get a more accurate cost estimate, as additional charges will apply if the item exceeds the specified limit.

In addition to considering the size of the item, it is important to consider the type of item being served. Non-ethereal items such as cakes, potted plants and glassware, which require extra care when handling, require more special arrangements.

Some postal service providers have an express service that can help deliver your package within an hour or the same day. Please note the delivery time stated before confirming your delivery.

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For most things there will likely be additional fees to consider. In the case of delivery services, the surcharges on the basic fare vary depending on the location, distance between pick-up and drop-off points and peak time surcharges etc.

We’ve put together a cost guide for courier services in Singapore to help you choose the right courier to serve your needs.

Lalamov is a one-stop 24/7 delivery app that lets you ship island-wide at the touch of a button. Not only do you get fast delivery (within days or hours) and free checkout (via the app), but you can customize every part of your delivery, including your preferred delivery time and vehicle. You will receive instant prices before confirming the service.

In addition, you can get support for van services, chauffeur movement and truck services, with refrigeration (fridge or freezer) options available if you want to transport cold goods.

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Since its launch in 2013, serving more than 300 cities in 7 countries, GOGOX has grown a network of 8 million registered drivers. Packing, disassembling and assembling objects and boxes, as well as organizing events and street shows. Customers can effortlessly facilitate messaging services with the GOGOX app.

Ninja Van is a technology-enabled courier company founded in Singapore in 2014 and has now grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing courier services in Southeast Asia. It covers a variety of delivery options, including domestic and international courier services, as well as flexible collection and deposit options. However, it has certain schedules that customers can choose depending on availability. What is unique about Ninja Van is that it has a loyalty program where customers can earn points for every offer that can be converted into discount credits or shopping coupons.

Upparcel, an on-demand 24/7 courier service provider in Singapore, allows customers to receive instant confirmation from delivery agents when booking a delivery request.

Customers can save the hassle of calculating postage because Uparcel receives your packages at a single flat rate – express delivery, two-way courier or last minute package.

Best Postage Meters For Small Businesses

Singapore’s leading ride-hailing app Grab – which many of us use – has extended its services to include delivery services. With its existing well-developed technology infrastructure and driver network, it makes more sense for Grab to expand into this sector. Customers can conveniently schedule packages to be delivered with a 1-hour or 4-hour window from the current Grab app. Looks like the all-in-one shipping app has you covered with fill and pass.

Speedpost, a subsidiary of Singapore Post, is a last-mile door-to-door express delivery service for customers to send parcels domestically and internationally. Customers can track and trace their documents through the website or courier service.

Pickup is a data-driven package delivery provider for small business owners and large corporations that need last-mile delivery support. Customers have the flexibility to schedule when packages are delivered, including express delivery, same-day, next-day and 1- to 3-day door-to-door delivery services. Returning subscribers to the monthly plan receive a 20% discount on express and same-day delivery.

Unlike a typical postal company, EasyParcel is a web-based parcel consolidation that allows customers to schedule deliveries from multiple courier companies, including Ninja Van, Singpost and UPS. So, you can book the most suitable courier service according to your package. You can get an instant price by entering your item details, including volume, weight, collection and drop-off location.

Same Day Delivery Courier Options In Singapore

All couriers have strengths and limitations, so rather than finding the “best” courier service, it makes more sense to find the courier service that best suits your package in terms of package, type, delivery speed and additional costs. This way you can receive your package as quickly as possible.

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The FP PostBase mini is the best all-round reliable postmeter and the Quadient IS 280 is the best budget option.

Our guide to the best mail meters for small business takes you through the best models for: cost-effectiveness, ease of use, growing your business and heavy mail.

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With every postage meter company claiming to be the best, breaking into the market can be difficult. Don’t worry – we’ve done a lot of research and picked out the five best postage meters for small businesses, which you can read below, or you can use our handy cost comparison tool to find the best quotes for your business.

We benchmarked these postage meters based on usage, device size, letters per minute and mail weight.

The PostBase mini is the smallest postage meter in FP USA’s PostBase range. Not surprisingly, this quiet machine is suitable for small post offices, and even fits well in a home office.

Processing up to 17 letters per minute (LPM), the PostBase mini is a low-volume machine. However, it still has full Wi-Fi connectivity as standard and a 4.3-inch color touch screen that helps you easily organize your messages. You can customize the integrated scale in one of five colors to match your brand.

Cost Guide To Courier Services In Singapore [lalamove, Gogox, Ninja Van Etc.]

Prices for this machine vary according to the duration of the contract and the amount of intended use.

Not fresh on technology? This is a low tech folk post meter. With no complicated bells and whistles, the Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation is an efficient solution that doesn’t ask much of you.

As the base model in the Pitney Bowes Small Business range, the SendPro Mailstation operates at up to 16 LPM and can handle letters weighing up to 5 lbs. Compact in design, it looks like a regular printer and is more complicated than one. The rental price is $26.99 per month.

The Quadient IS-280 is a small but powerful machine that produces 18 LPM. It offers high print quality and offers integrated scales of 2 lb or 5 lb for your choice.

Singapore Post (singpost) Shipping Guide For Ecommerce

With the Quadient IS-280, you can track expenses for up to ten units and customize your letter with a variety of stock images. Overall, this model is a brilliant budget option suitable for businesses that send less than 150 letters per month.

Are your messaging solutions growing fast? Great news! The Quadient iX-5 Series comes with a 5-lb scale as standard, up to 70-lb options, an expandable holding tray and a color display control panel. It runs 75-110 LPM depending on whether you choose the auto option or not.

Multi-carrier shipping rates are available through USPS, UPS and FedEx, so you can improve your chances of getting the best possible postage rate. that of Quadriento

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