Pr Stunts For Small Businesses

Pr Stunts For Small Businesses – As the official start of summer, June can also herald the start of the ‘silly season’ in media when journalists and public relations go on vacation and leave the rest on the desk. News stories search. This leads to an increase in questionable and sometimes low-quality PR stunts as brands become more adventurous.

The law says that cyclists must wear a helmet on the road, whether on a motorcycle or a bicycle, but then what do you do with your hair? It’s a bigger problem than you might think, with four out of five drivers not wearing a helmet to avoid a ‘bad hair day’.

Pr Stunts For Small Businesses

Although keeping your hair in order can be a nightmare, there’s no reason to neglect safety, so what can you do about it?

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Lime Bikes, a supplier of eco-friendly e-bikes and scooters decided to come up with their own solution, a pop-up Helmet Hair Salon. They partnered with Blue Tit Salons in London and set up a free helmet barber shop to keep riders safe and stylish.

One of the keys to PR success is solving a problem or gap in the market, something that Lime has focused on focusing on a problem and providing a solution quickly. experience

With the help of our friends at @bluetitlondon, we’ve opened the first Helmet Hair Salon to show Londoners that fear of helmet hair doesn’t have to get in the way of their safety. GET a FREE helmet haircut at Blue Tit portobello salon here: — Lime (@limebike) June 20, 2022

Sometimes, the best form of PR is a partnership between well-known consumer suppliers and an equally well-known media brand.

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The hugely popular fantasy series Game Of Thrones has wrapped up its TV adaptation with its eighth and final season, leaving die-hard fans wanting more. Fortunately, an early spin-off series exploring the history of the fictional world is soon in development and will premiere this year.

To celebrate this event, winemaker Wolf Blass created “House of the Dragon: Fire & Blood Cabernet Shiraz”. This new wine is limited edition and will be available in all major UK retailers in August. It also comes in three different and collectible labels.

To promote the latest series of the Netflix sitcom ‘Man Vs Bee’, starring Rowan Atkinson, British Charity Ong commissioned life-size ‘Grwin Atkinson’ statues filled with the perfect flower for bee pollen.

Three statues were created and placed outside St Paul’s Cathedral, promoting not only the sitcom, but also the wider issue the series deals with bee conservation. While bees are on the rise, especially in urban areas such as City Center London, many bee species are still facing extinction in the UK’s congested cities.

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While the natural environment of bees can be a priority for many people, this does not diminish its importance, especially when considering the role of bees in the environment, not only for flowers but also for plants.

This is a great example of creating something unique, solving a social problem, rather than using a celebrity to collect some news.

The statue series (yes, there’s more than one) coincides with the release of Atkinson’s new @NetflixUK show: ‘Man vs Bee’ 🐝🌹— London Secret (@Secret_LDN) June 29, 2022

On a slightly more morbid note, life insurance provider DeadHappy aims to improve attitudes towards death while also offering free travel between Leeds and Newcastle. This convention is a free ride for anyone who wants to have a deep and meaningful conversation about death, to discuss a topic that is often avoided.

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As for the cab, members of the public rode in a 22-foot 1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor with the DeadHappy brand on it. Of course, the driver is also wearing a scout outfit. Apart from the taxi, there are 10 small tombstones scattered across the two cities, other things that may be ‘sad’ but don’t carry the same stigma to be talked about. The example has a sense of adventure or dignity.

This is another way to generate some discussion around a topic that many people may be uncomfortable talking about or even thinking about. Combine this with a photogenic vehicle and free rides for customers, and you have good PR.

June is a successful start to a summer with interesting PR columns. As always, they make for a memorable column, whether they’re focusing on popular TV shows, addressing social issues, or encouraging conversation on a number of sensitive topics, each succeeding in creating something authentic. which is interesting to him. some positive media attention. Attracting positive press coverage for your business can be a game changer. When done properly, a publicity column can lead to a surge in popularity for your brand. But attracting attention has its risks. Just look at Keystone Light’s response for promising a year’s rent (and grossly underestimating housing costs). We in the branded content business know that sometimes you need to create your own news – and you don’t have to have a big budget to do it. A little creativity will go a long way in communicating with customers and attracting media attention. Here’s a short list of creative PR tricks that brands big and small can draw inspiration from to create their own buzz. REI – #OptOutside Black Friday is famously the biggest shopping day of the year- so why would a store close all days then? As an outdoor partnership, this surprising move really aligns with REI’s brand and customer values. They encourage people to spend time in nature instead of going to the store. This campaign surprises people with a counterintuitive business strategy that connects REI with the culture of their target audience. Mix things up with your surprise move to get attention, whether it’s strategically shutting down, shutting down Instagram altogether, or selling junk food (don’t worry, it’s just a reminder! ). Diesel – Go Fake It’s no secret that Canal Street in New York is a hotbed of fake fashion. Diesel embraced the craze by opening its own stands, called “Deisel” to poke fun at the famous misspelling of labels on off-brand products. What “Deisel” shoppers don’t know is that they even wear genuine Diesel-printed clothing – part of an exclusive “fake” collection. This playful column creates content that entertains and turns consumers into brand ambassadors by giving them something unique to wear. Imagine if you as a brand had the chance to have fun with your audience, perhaps giving them the opportunity of a lifetime in the process. Burger King – Who is the King? Burger King started a turf war with the Belgian royal family and lost the crown. Content, controversy, silly humor – this ad column has everything you need to entice publishers to write about your brand. The brand requires Belgian citizens to declare their allegiance to the real sovereign, the Whopper or King Phillipe of Belgium. The story of “Who is the King?” The battle royale ended with a small majority going to the human king, which caused Burger King to remove the “King” from its theater. Criticizing competitors is a tactic any brand can use—even if you decide to take on a head of state. Just like the iconic Mac and HP contest campaign, stay fun and friendly. Even if you’re not at the top, it’s still an opportunity to get noticed. Domino’s UK – Pizza Pie in the Sky Domino’s UK has invited Londoners to share photos and videos of their giant ‘pizza in the sky’ in exchange for a free slice. These giant pizza balloons are popping up around London locations to draw attention to Domino’s new low-calorie pizza “Slices of Delight” – so light it can stand on your head! Even if large slices of pizza aren’t in your budget, a creative gift can be enough to entice people to work for you with their user-generated content. Patagonia – The President Stole Your Land Patagonia echoed this political tweet when President Trump removed protections for 85% of the vast Southwest region that includes Bears Ears National Monument and the Grand Staircase Escalante. Their customers are environmentally conscious consumers, so it makes sense for the brand to have a vision that aligns them with the customer’s values. Think about who your audience is, what they care about, and how your actions as an organization might reflect shared values—even if that happens sometimes. It will be somewhat political. Channel 4 – Complaints welcome Have you had any feedback recently? Welcome with open arms. That’s what the UK’s Channel 4 did

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