Principles Of Microeconomics By Mankiw

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Students enrolled in Harvard’s introductory economics course now have an N. Buy Paperback and Code of Principles of Microeconomics by Gregory Mankiw at Materials Online. As a required and introductory course for economics majors, the course has faced criticism for being too expensive.

Principles Of Microeconomics By Mankiw

For the first time, students in the college’s introductory economics class must purchase a $132 access code to an online textbook and a set of online materials — a course requirement that many have criticized as making the class too expensive. But the professor of the course and the author of the textbook N. According to Gregory Mankiw, the new system is expensive.

Students Criticize New Ec 10 Textbooks; Mankiw Defends

Students enrolled in Harvard’s introductory economics course now have an N. Buy Paperbacks and Code of Principles of Microeconomics by Gregory Mankiw Online Materials. Thomas W. by Frank

Unlike in previous years, students of the Economics Department’s core course, Economics 10: Principles of Economics, cannot purchase used textbooks, which often offer a cheaper alternative to new books. Instead, they must purchase access to the MindTap Learning System, an online platform developed by the textbook publisher that includes test preparation materials, problem sets, and quizzes for the course. An online copy of the manual is available on the MindTap website and students also receive a hard copy.

As of Monday evening, 647 graduating seniors were enrolled in Ec 10, the college’s largest class this semester. According to the college’s student handbook, in 2014, 618 students majored in economics.

Mankiw said he was able to negotiate a lower price with the publisher for Harvard students, who are the first university students to use the new system in their classrooms. Mankiw said he is waiting to implement the program until other colleges try it.

Principles Of Microeconomics: Mankiw, N., Kneebone, Ronald, Mckenzie, Kenneth: 9780176872823: Books

But some students and the Crimson’s editorial board argue that the mandatory price is too expensive for an introductory course that is a prerequisite for economics and other social science concentrations.

“It’s very expensive and burdensome for students who don’t qualify to buy new textbooks,” said Irene Limb ’18, a student in the course.

“We were very careful to get what we thought was a good price,” he said. “We wouldn’t do it just for the textbook. The problem was the whole online learning system.

Limb questioned the need to use MindTap instead of a free website like Canvas, an online learning platform used by college courses. MindTap offers features such as step-by-step problem solving, a graph maker, custom test prep quizzes and an app, according to Ann Le Brun, Ec 10 Head Unit Leader.

Principles Of Economics By N. Gregory Mankiw (2021, Cengage Learning) #ninth Edition

Mankiw said MindTap allows for automatic grading of certain assignments, freeing up section leaders to spend more time on other parts of the course.

While current students can benefit from MindTap materials, former students who planned to resell their textbooks, like Luke Driscoll ’17-’18, now find themselves monopolizing their market capital.

Driscoll said when he bought his textbook last year, he thought he could resell it. He added that the price increase would have been a factor in his decision to take the class, as it was not necessary for his concentration.

Mankiw said he’s always looking for ways to improve the course, and the move to MindTap won’t be permanent. He said they are waiting for feedback from students after a year of using the system.

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