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Private Universities With Nursing Programs – Jinnah College of Nursing was started in 1997 in Medicare School of Nursing as the first academic unit of S.M. Initially Sohail Trust in Medicare Karachi Hospital. A three-year nursing program was established for female students only. June 2003 School of Nursing, Karachi. He was transferred to Jinnah Medical College Hospital in Korangi. Here on campus, the female nursing program was replaced by a male nursing program, the first batch of male students was introduced in 2004, and the three-year diploma program was replaced by a female one in 2012. Sindh Nurses Licensing Examination Pakistan Registered Nurse Examination Board (SNEB). For further education in various fields of nursing, Jinnah College of Nursing center is known for specialized post programs such as Diploma in Cardiac Nursing and Midwifery. All programs are approved by Pakistan Nursing Council and affiliated to Ziauddin University. In January 2012, Jinnah Nursing College, Jinnah Medical College Hospital Korangi, Moved to Karachi. As per the decision of the Pakistan Nursing Council, the only morning program offered by JMDC is in this campus.

The Post RN-BScN program is a two-year program that allows registered nurses to acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to perform as skilled and experienced nurses in clinical settings. A Post-RN-BSN is a 2-year degree with a total of 4 semesters and 64 credit hours (4 semesters = 64 credit hours).

Private Universities With Nursing Programs

The eligibility criteria for Jinnah School of Nursing and Midwifery requires students to fulfill the following conditions: They must have cleared their SSC examinations; They must have a valid National Identity Card (CNIC) and have a license in their country of residence; At least the second division of their district nursing board exam; One year of practical experience as an RN; RM diploma and completed RN/RM passed department review.

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Post-RN BScN (Post-RN BScN) Registered bachelor of science in nursing program fee is Rs.2000 per application. Entry fee Rs. 60,000 2,000 rupees for physical examination; Lab fee Rs. 3000. The annual tuition fee is Rs. Student Activity Fee 60,000 Rs. 5000. A refundable security deposit will cost around Rs.5000 and PNC charges Rs. 4000.

The program is a four-year degree of accredited training bringing the duration of the degree to 5 years. It aims to equip students with the skills to become a paid nurse. These 5-year students can take their PNC licensing exams and become a registered nurse. BSN Generic is a 4-year degree with a total of 8 semesters and 135 credit hours followed by one year of internship (8 semesters = 135 credit hours and one year of internship).

To enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), a student must: Physics; Chemistry and Biology as compulsory subjects, Physics; He must clear his HSSC exams with at least 50% from pre-medical group in Chemistry and Biology. If a student has equivalent qualifications from a foreign education system such as A-Levels, an equivalent certificate from the IBCC (Inter Board Chairman of Committee) will be required and must state that it is equivalent to at least 50% in pre-med. a group

The fee for Bachelor of Nursing (BScN) program is Rs.2000 for one time application and admission of Rs. 60,000 Physical examination fee 3000 kyats.

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The annual fee includes tuition fees of Rs. 80,000, Student Activity Fee Rs.4000; Refundable security deposit will be around Rs.5000, lab fee will be Rs.3000 and PNC fee will be Rs.2000.

The Diploma in General Nursing course is a three-year program leading to registration as a General Nurse with the Nursing Council. The program consists of theoretical and practical sections to be completed each semester. Curriculum is current and future social, It is designed to prepare graduate nurses and nurses to meet the growing health and well-being needs of multicultural populations in various health services, taking into account cultural and economic contexts.

Vocational or nursing education after completion of a bachelor’s degree; Provides entry into appropriate fields such as nursing management. basic health care; Occupational health care. There are various career opportunities in the private health and government sectors.

Diploma in General Nursing is a three-year degree and to apply for admission in this diploma programme, a candidate must achieve at least 50% marks in Biology with Biology as the subject. Diploma registered or affiliated with Sindh Nurses Examination Board Karachi. The age limit of candidates to apply for a diploma is 17 to 30 years.

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The Post-Basic Nursing Diploma in Cardiac Nursing is a one-year program that provides opportunities for experience and learning in professional nursing and enhances the hospital’s commitment to patient care.

Diploma in Cardiac Nursing is a one-year diploma in cardiac nursing and to apply for admission to this diploma program, the applicant must have a valid PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council) registered Registered Nurse (RN). Diploma is registered or registered with the Sindh Nurses Examination Board Karachi.

The Nursing Midwifery Diploma Course is a one-year program that includes general education and vocational courses that prepare entry-level students for midwifery skills. Applicants who have passed the Nursing Midwifery Diploma and RN exam. This program aims to reduce the high maternal mortality rate in the country. reflection, problem-based learning tools; Integrating computer-based language learning and practice.

Diploma in Cardiac Nursing is a one-year diploma in cardiac nursing and to apply for admission to this diploma program, the applicant must have a valid PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council) registered Registered Nurse (RN). Diploma registered or affiliated with Sindh Nurses Examination Board Karachi.

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Registration form; The application form with documents and required information can be obtained from 9:00 to 14:00 (Monday to Saturday) morning and 15:00 to 21:00 (Monday to Friday) evening schedule.

Submit the website and submit the form to Jinnah Medical to Sohail University (AC# 0010005042580269) and Jinnah College of Nursing along with necessary documents and payment order. College Hospital Korangi Complex Korangi Industrial Estate Near TCS Office

The admission for undergraduate programs is divided into three stages. In the first stage, after applying to Jinnah School of Nursing, students are invited to appear for an entrance examination. The entrance test for BScN is English language; mathematical reasoning; chemistry Based on Biology and Physics, the exam for Post RN BScN will include sections on English Language and Nursing Knowledge, both these exams are based on MCQs.

In the second stage, candidates will be shortlisted based on the entrance test. After that, you will have to submit the necessary documents to the Jinnah School of Nursing and then you will have to attend a panel interview.

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The first stage involves applying to Jinnah School of Nursing and students have to take an entrance exam. English language in the entrance exam; There will be a section for Quantitative Reasoning and subject-wise test.

The second stage is when the candidates are shortlisted based on their entrance exams. Awarded students must provide relevant academic documents, including work experience certificates and references.

For students who have been selected and are unable to pay the cost of education. The University operates a need-sensitive financial aid program. Through this program, the university provides financial support to students who cannot afford tuition and other fees. Continuation of financial aid is subject to an annual assessment of the student’s financial need. Qualified Merit-based scholarships are available to female and male applicants. Women are encouraged to apply. Continuity of the scholarship depends on the academic performance of the students and is subject to annual review.

Jinnah College of Nursing offers its students its best facilities; It provides the best environment with latest computer labs and peaceful library

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Scholarship or other outstanding fees to date. Admission and tuition fees are non-refundable. However, policies vary depending on the plan you subscribe to.

Students are invited to JCN Karachi, It is recommended to adhere to the ethical and professional standards outlined by the Pakistan Nursing Council Code of Execution (Appendix II, Student Handbook) and the Foreign Council Nursing Code for Nurses (Candidates’ Handbook). Any documented violations of this type of code may result in dismissal from JCN Karachi.

If you voluntarily leave the program, you will not be reimbursed if difficulties arise.

These schemes are specially issued on merit basis. Up to 50 male and female applicants can enroll in the General BSc Nursing and 75 students can enroll in the Post RN BSc Nursing program.

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