Public Colleges That Offer Media Studies

Public Colleges That Offer Media Studies – Rhodes College will expand its Media Studies Program with media studies this fall. Approved by the faculty in April 2021, the new major offers a critical understanding of the history, theory and production of visual media from film to television to digital and social media.

Although a minor in film and media studies has existed for more than two decades, student interest and supporting data from research conducted as part of the university’s strategic planning process led to consideration of media studies as a major. Additionally, the Rhodes Admissions Office reports that prospective students regularly inquire about journalism, communications and film offerings.

Public Colleges That Offer Media Studies

Dr. “This new department will directly address this student need and help us provide students who are deeply engaged in exploring the intersections of historical, aesthetic, and cultural forces that shape our multimedia world,” says Rashna Richards, professor of English and English. , gather and leave.” English media studies chair. “Five students have already majored.”

Media Studies: Radio And Television Production

One of those students is Isabel Rodriguez ’22. “Our world is constantly digitally focused. Media shapes how we think, what we care about, and how we interact with others every day,” she says. “This is mainly the reason why I decided to double in English and media studies when I heard that there is now. I want to understand how the media has such a great impact on our society, and how I can positively contribute to the digital world.”

Majors can choose to focus on media production or film studies. The program will soon expand offerings in areas such as communications, journalism and social media. Eight of the 40 credits required for the media studies major must be in courses that focus on media outside the United States.

Designed and focused on the core elements of a liberal arts education, the Media Studies Program is supported by faculty from three departments—fine arts, humanities, and social sciences—and includes specialists in African, Asian, European, North American, and transnational cinema. . . and mass media. Courses on the study of power structures and social groups working for greater equality are offered regularly.

“What excites me most is that the major’s progressive approach aligns with our institutional commitment to an interdisciplinary, globalized curriculum and career readiness,” says Richards. “It will also allow us to increase our extracurricular and extracurricular partnerships with the city of Memphis.”

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Rhodes continues to grow in the film and media of the city. Students have interned with local production companies such as Running Pony and True Story Pictures, with film festivals like OUTFlix, and with non-profit organizations. Many of their films have been accepted into the Memphis Indie Film Festival, winning multiple awards. “In addition, local production companies continue to seek out our students for short film production projects,” says Richards.

Dr. “We are excited to expand our community partnerships and internship opportunities in this large and diverse field of study.”

After completing the core requirements, students should be equipped with the tools of visual media critique, creative skills for digital art production, and practical communication skills to participate in global media networks. Communication Studies programs provide students with the opportunity to acquire effective communication skills. which are essential and in high demand in educational, professional and social environments. Through critical thinking, observation and action, students recognize the importance of messages in an interconnected multicultural society. The Associate of Arts or Certificate of Achievement in Communication Studies offers students advanced self-development and essential tools for communication success.

The Communication Studies program focuses on skills in speaking, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, voice and expression, group communication, and argumentation. This award is for students who have demonstrated excellence in Communication Studies by taking classes to improve their communication skills, especially in the field of business. These skills will benefit them in various areas related to Communication Studies (advertising, public relations, community service, marketing, performing arts, politics and radio/television/film) as well as degrees and careers outside of Communication Studies because communication is an essential element. for any business

Media, Arts & Design School (mad)

You can participate in a Communication Expo each spring while working with your teachers as part of the Student Project and Research Symposium. The exhibition highlights student projects in Radio, Television, Film, Digital Journalism and Communication Studies. You can also consider being a part of Spoken Word, Poster Presentations and Pre-recorded Presentations. See more information on the symposium website.

We are excited to see you take the first steps on your journey to earning a Communications Degree.

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Cmf Future Students Undergraduate Programs Communication And Media Studies

This course is designed to improve voice production and pronunciation, pronunciation and pronunciation of words. Emphasis is placed on sound production, sound quality, volume, loudness and articulation. This course is for communication studies majors and anyone involved in theater, sales, public affairs, or other professions.

This course is an introduction to public speaking. Emphasis on the skills needed to organize and deliver a variety of speeches. Pupils do a lot of speaking with and without visual aids. This course is designed for Communication majors and for students who want to perfect their speaking skills.

This course covers the theory, practice and critical analysis of public communication, including discourse on current issues of interest both locally and globally. It includes an introduction to the relationship between rhetorical theory and rhetorical criticism and practice in public communication. Special emphasis is placed on advanced platform speech and limited preparatory speech. This course is designed for students majoring in communication studies or anyone interested in developing basic speaking skills.

This course is a study of the development and practice of effective interpersonal skills in oral and written communication. Emphasis is placed on the personal, situational, and cultural effects of communication. Topics include human perception, interpersonal dynamics, listening, conflict management, and verbal and nonverbal symbol systems. The course is for students who interact in one-to-one situations, including communication, fashion, allied health, public service and business majors as well as those interested in developing effective skills in work, volunteering. and personally. .

Journalism, Media Studies & Communications Textbooks

This course is a study of argumentation. Emphasis is placed on research, analysis of proposals, testing of evidence, report construction, and preparation for presenting constructive and rebuttal cases. This course is designed for communication studies and anyone interested in argumentation and debate.

This course is a survey of concepts and theories related to group formation and development, and basic group communication dynamics. Students lead and participate in various forms of group discussions. This course is designed for communication studies and business majors as well as anyone interested in working effectively in small group settings.

This course is a study of communication between members of different cultures, including the influence of culture, language, and social patterns on how group members relate to each other and to members of different ethnic and cultural groups. Subjects are social psychological variables; verbal and non-verbal language systems; failure of intercultural communication; and conflict resolution. Students apply intercultural communication principles to contemporary intercultural and global communication issues. This course is designed for students majoring in communication studies or other fields that require intercultural communication and/or awareness of cultural differences.

*General education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.

Texas Moody Media

Common college majors related to the field of Communication Studies include: Communication, Communication Disorders, Graphic Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations.

Course Requirements for Transfer Students: Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university and earn a bachelor’s degree in this discipline should consult with an advisor or visit the Transfer/Career Center to find appropriate major preparation courses. specify for your specific transfer. pay and major Transfer students may also earn an Associate of Arts degree with a major in Liberal Arts and Sciences. This program can be tailored to each student’s specific transfer needs to provide the most efficient transfer route. More information about transfer programs and procedures is available in the Transfer Programs section of the catalog

The Associate of Arts in Communication Studies is a transferable degree for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies or a related major in the California State University (CSU) system. It is accepted by some but not all CSU campuses. Students who complete this degree and transfer to a participating CSU campus will be required

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