Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions

Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions – These software quality assurance interview questions and answers are prepared with our real-world experience. These QA Job Interview Questions are for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level. Before moving forward, I would like to discuss some inevitable software testing interview questions such as what are the reasons for choosing software testing as a career and explain my Selenium test automation framework?

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Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions

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Must Know Qa Interview Questions For Senior Test Engineers

Quality assurance. Quality assurance involves process-oriented activities. It ensures the prevention of defects during the software application preparation process. Therefore, defects do not occur when developing a software application.

Quality control. Quality control includes activities on products. It executes the program or code to detect defects in the Software application.

Preventive approach. It is also known as the verification process. This approach is to prevent defects. In this approach, tests are designed in the early stages of the SDLC, i.e. before the software is produced. Here, with this approach, testers try to prevent defects in the early stages. It comes under Quality Analysis (QA).

Reactive approach. it is also known as the confirmation process. The purpose of this method is to identify defects. In this approach, tests are designed to run after the software is in production. Here we try to find errors. It goes through Quality Control (QC).

Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers

In simple words, the QA testing process is a step-by-step process that includes analysis of requirements documents, preparation of test strategy, test plan and test cases, execution of test cases when the build is ready. During the execution process, QAs perform a variety of tests to ensure that the software meets or exceeds expectations.

Documentation plays an important role in Quality Assurance. All documents involved in the SDLC, such as business requirements specifications, designs, verification reports, verifications, code changes, test strategy, test plans, test cases, bug reports, user manuals, should be documented.

Quality control is the process of regular and independent testing of a software product or process to assess compliance with specifications, standards, conventions, and other relevant criteria.

Test artifacts involved in QA include test strategy, test plan, test scripts, test cases, test summary report, bug report, etc.

Tricky Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions With Answers

Generally, a test strategy document is prepared by test managers or project managers. If you are applying for a Project Manager position and have experience in preparing a Test Strategy document, you can say Yes, otherwise say I know what a test strategy is and what its purpose is, but I have no chance. He wrote the Test Strategy document.

A test strategy is a high-level document (a static document) and is usually developed by the project manager. This is a document that shows the approach to testing a product and achieving goals. It is usually derived from a Business Requirements Proposal (BRS). Documents such as the test plan are prepared based on this document.

Generally, a test plan document will be prepared by test leaders or test managers. If you’re applying for a test lead position and have experience writing a test plan document, you can say, Yes, or say, I know what a test plan is and what its purpose is, but I’ve never had a chance to write one. Document Test Strategy.

A test plan document is a document that contains an outline of all test activities that must be performed to deliver a quality product. The Test Plan document is derived from the Product Description, SRS, or Use Case Documents for all subsequent project activities. It is usually prepared by the test leader or test manager, and the main purpose of the document is what to test, what not to test, how to control when to test, and who will test what. It also includes the environment and tools required, resource allocation, test techniques to be followed, risks and contingency planning. The test plan is a dynamic document and we need to update it. A test plan document guides us on how testing activities should proceed. The success of a testing project is completely dependent on the test plan.

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‚ÄčA test case template is a document placed under one of the test artifacts that allows testers to develop test cases for a specific test scenario to verify whether the application’s functionality is working as intended. Test cases are a set of positive and negative steps of a test scenario that have prerequisites, test data, expected output, background conditions and actual results. Most companies use test case management tools such as Quality Center (HP QC), JIRA, etc. and some companies still use excel files to write test cases.

The main components of a test case template are: project name, module name, creation, creation date, updated, updated date, execution date, execution date, test script, case ID, test case description, condition, test steps, test data, Conclusion expected, post status, actual result, error status.

15. When you have tried enough, how do you decide? This is one of the most important questions in the field of ISTQB. The choice will be confusing and you have to choose the right one.

As a project manager or project manager, sometimes you may face a situation that delays testing in order to release a product early. In those cases, you need to decide whether the testers have adequately tested the product.

Qa Automation Engineer Interview Questions

A bug report is called a bug report, it reports detailed information about the bug to the developer (such as environment details, steps to reproduce, etc.). It allows developers to easily reproduce the error. The main components of a bug report are: Defect ID, Defect Title, Reporter Name, Defect Report Date, Reporter Address, Project Name, Release Version, Environment Key, Defect Precedence, Defect Severity, Defect Status, Defect Description, Reproducibility Steps The error, the expected result, the actual result, the attachment, if any, and the date the error was closed.

Vi. Write a good resume. When writing a bug report, watch your language, your words should not offend people. Never capitalize when explaining a problem.

The building. A build is a software version. Each building has a number for identification. Build is the default version of Release. A build is given by the developer to the testing team to test the application on site. Building numbers are increasing.

Question: Is the release of the final version of the application to the customer by the software development team.

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The occurrence of errors. a bug that was actually missed by the testing team during testing and the build was released to Production. Now, if that error (which was missed by the testing team) is found by the user or customer, then we call it a bug.

The problem of errors. Releasing software with some known bugs in Production, then we call it bug release. These known bugs should be included in the release list. Alternatively, release the software to the testing team with a few serious and early known bugs. These bugs may be fixed before they go into production.

Error traffic is a formal process for determining which errors are critical based on severity, frequency, risk, and other critical criteria. Testers assign a priority (high, medium, low) to each bug in a bug fixing session, and based on the priority, those bugs will be fixed in order. This way we can save a lot of time for the organization.

Bug life is also known as “Lawless Lifecycle”. In the software development process, there is a life cycle error. A bug must go through the lifecycle to be caught. The life cycle of bugs varies depending on the tools used (QC, JIRA, etc.) and the process implemented in the organization. Read more..

Top 50 Software Testing Interview Questions And Answers In 2023

Mr. MR stands for Change Request. It is used to modify the existing functionality of the software, it is usually requested by the customer.

ER: ER stands for Enhancement report. It is used to add a new feature to the software. It is often requested by customers.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) is another term used for black box testing. CRUD testing is another term for database testing.

Cross-Browser Testing is a type of non-functional testing that helps us ensure that a website or web application works as expected on different web browsers. We can perform Cross Browser Testing manually or automatically on different browsers. To perform Cross Browser testing manually, we (Software Testers) create tests for each browser and run it manually on each browser. To automate this, we can create Selenium tests with multiple conditional statements that execute test cases based on the specified browser type. Each browser displays a website in its own style. We usually cannot have all browsers on one machine. Each browser is designed by a different vendor. Therefore, each browser has its own characteristics to show its unique presence. When testing a website, we need to make sure that our website looks the same in all browsers. For this, we must have them all

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