Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture – During the summer months, your outdoor dining and entertaining space becomes an extension of your home. When the warm weather arrives, it is more pleasant to be outside in the fresh air than in a stuffy room.

Depending on your location, you may only have room for a small dining set suitable for two people, or you may be lucky enough to have a large dining table that seats ten. So how do you know what works best in your space and what kind of outdoor furniture you should buy in 2023?

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Below we have compiled a list of five of the best outdoor dining sets and outdoor furniture. These sets combine flexibility of use, style and build quality to ensure they stand the test of time and exposure to the elements, maximizing your investment and keeping your outdoor space looking its best for years to come.

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Teak outdoor furniture is popular and highly sought after by many due to its durable material. Unlike soft woods such as cedar and pine, teak does not rot, warp or crack when exposed to high levels of moisture. Teak is easy to clean and treat with a semi-regular coat of oil or varnish, and like most wood, it can start to look better over time (with basic maintenance).

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Teak dining sets for 4 people are perfect for small gardens, yards or balconies. Larger versions, such as teak dining sets for 6, 8, 10 or 12 people, are ideal for large entertaining spaces.

If you have the space, in addition to outdoor dining, you should consider creating an outdoor living room. Using three seats and a few chairs, you can create a great entertainment space for you, your family and friends.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Darby Home Co Carshalt 6

But why stop there? Why not use sofa beds or corner sofas to create a truly relaxing outdoor space that can be turned into your outdoor home during the summer months?

The beauty of two seater sofas is that they can be shaped to suit your space and you can change them depending on the occasion or when redecorating your outdoor living room. Corner sofas also create a natural space for conversation, especially when placed around a central coffee table or around a fire. You can complement the beauty of the sitting area with chairs or armchairs of the same design.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Poly rattan is another popular material used for outdoor furniture due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to moisture, mold and UV rays, making it perfect for outdoor use. Wicker furniture is also lightweight and easy to move around, making it ideal for homeowners who like to redecorate their outdoor space frequently.

Natural Luau Outdoor Dining Table

Polyrattan is treated to withstand the effects of weather conditions and has the advantage of a more natural look. Unlike traditional rattan, which requires a lot of care and attention, poly rattan is very durable and is often available in a wide range of outdoor configurations, both in living rooms and dining rooms.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Moreover, rattan has a natural look that complements a variety of furniture to create a cozy and comfortable outdoor space.

The garden, as a place of nature, seems to lend itself to more rustic styles, which is why wood and wrought iron are always popular. But attitudes are changing and garden furniture in 2023 (as it has been for several years) is trending towards a more modern, minimalist look.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Boulevard 6 Chair Dining Set Green Cushions

New materials and developments in treatments mean garden furniture is now available in stainless steel, aluminum and more modern finishes. So why not go for a sleeker and more stylish modern option this summer with 6 or more steel and tempered glass dining table sets?

The Sorento Dining Table with 6 Chairs is the perfect minimalist design for your outdoor space. Photo credits: @tinadoodles

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Monochromatic color schemes provide a neutral canvas to which you can add bursts of color with pillows or other accessories. But choose no more than three colors and materials for maximum impact in your outdoor space.

Ballintoy 6 Seat Oval Classic Chair Dining Set

Whether you have a small yard or a large garden, everyone can benefit from bistro sets. These are comfortable table and chair sets for two that will make a great breakfast or lunch in any home.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Even if you already have a dining or living area in your garden, the hidden bistro set opens up another possibility for more intimate experiences. Small enough to store under the shade of a tree or on a small patio, bistro sets are available in a wide range of designer styles, from classic wrought iron to modern steel and glass. And they are easy to store, so when the weather changes, you can quickly fold the table and chairs and put them in a dry place, ready for next year.

Ultimately, the best outdoor furniture integrates and enhances your space, giving you the flexibility to be comfortable alone at home and with your family, yet stylish enough to host guests. An outdoor dining set creates a separate space for entertaining and the best outdoor living room furniture will be attractive all summer long.

Rattan Outdoor Dining Furniture

Rattan Weave Weatherproof Garden Dining Chairs With Round Teak Garden Table

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