Reward Programs For Small Businesses

Reward Programs For Small Businesses – According to Investp, it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. This is why converting one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers is so important for small businesses.

Loyalty programs can be your secret weapon: Mention Me’s 2021 Consumer Advocacy Report found that 40% of consumers are likely to buy from brands that reward loyalty.

Reward Programs For Small Businesses

Let’s take a look at the different types of loyalty, each with examples from companies in different industries that sell different types of products.

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A loyalty program is a system in which a business offers rewards to customers who make frequent purchases. In business terms, this is a tactic used to encourage customers to make repeat purchases from your business.

There are many different types of loyalty programs, such as referral programs that give customers a discount if their friends sign up or shop, rewards programs, and programs that offer free bonuses. . We’ll dive into these (and others) later in this post.

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Loyalty programs help you build stronger relationships with your customers and reward them for purchasing your products or services. Here are some important benefits of having a loyalty program:

Study: Why Customers Participate In Loyalty Programs

Accenture found that loyalty program members spend an average of 12%-18% more than other customers.

For small businesses—especially if you’re in an increasingly competitive space—a loyalty program that rewards returning customers can be what sets you apart from your competition. (bigger).

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There are many different types of loyalty programs, all of which work differently and offer different rewards or benefits to your customers.

Brands With The Best Customer Loyalty Programs

Check out five types of loyalty programs that are right for small businesses. And if you need some inspiration to create a loyalty program for your business, we’ve selected five great loyalty program examples below.

Points programs are one of the most popular types of loyalty programs. Customers earn points when they spend money at your company, and they can redeem them for a discount on their next purchase or other special offers.

The Atlas Coffee Club rewards program is a great example of this. Customers earn bonus points for referring friends, purchasing subscription gifts, each country they “visit” (from where they get their coffee), the distance they travel to get their coffee, and how much they save by becoming subscribers.

These points can be used for free shipping, a discount on your next order, or even a lifetime discount:

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Points programs like this build customer loyalty by encouraging frequent, repeat purchases. But when it comes to offering rewards in exchange for points, there’s a fine line: You want to encourage customers to make repeat purchases to earn points, but not so much that they feel like the rewards aren’t worth it.

If your customers need to accumulate thousands of points to qualify for rewards, or if it takes a long time (based on your average order value), your loyalty program may even be the most expensive. This can discourage a customer from making repeat purchases because they will never earn enough points to receive a reward.

Not all loyalty programs are focused on offering discounts or rewards to customers. A mission-driven loyalty program means your customers feel that their purchase or use of your products will help “make a difference” and improve the world we live in.

A great example of this is Whereby, who in 2021 launched a program to plant a tree for every video meeting that takes place on their platform:

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“Living a more climate-positive lifestyle is something we think we should all be thinking about more.” Every conversation held where there is less travel to the meeting; Why not redouble the effort and plant some trees while you’re at it?”

Mission-driven loyalty programs can be more effective when you partner with a nonprofit that aligns with your mission. In Whereby’s case, they partnered with an organization called Brynk to plant trees in their name.

It’s a smart way for Whereby to stand out from other brands in the space. It gets people to start using its product and it creates a positive first impression by making the customer feel good about using it.

Subscription programs build customer loyalty by turning customers into repeat buyers. Subscription programs typically offer discounts to users compared to one-time purchases, or offer exclusive products, content, or services unavailable to non-subscribers.

Create A Rewards Program For Your Small Business

If your small business sells consumer products that are suitable for repeat purchases (food and beverage, health and beauty, cleaning products or even clothing are popular choices), then subscription programs can be a good loyalty program for your company.

There are many different subscription plans (you can sign up for one or two), but a great example is Birchbox, a monthly beauty subscription box.

Birchbox offers a variety of benefits to all of its subscribers, as well as additional incentives for customers to stick with their VIP loyalty program. This VIP program is activated only when the user has been a subscriber for six consecutive months, which helps in long-term user retention.

All your customers have one thing in common: you. But they are likely to have many other things in common – similar interests, interests and challenges. A community program that brings together like-minded customers to interact and learn from each other (and your company).

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“At Monzo, our community is a core part of what we do. We wouldn’t be who we are without the participation, enthusiasm and feedback you bring to our online forum, the events we host and our social media channels. “

Monzo has created a community where their users can share their feedback and product ideas, talk about related topics (financial news, fintech and anything related to their products). money) and even share insights about their competitors.

Community programs do not offer your customers any tangible rewards such as discounts, special offers or even bonus points. Instead, they offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

From sharing tips on how to use your products to learning from each other, a customer community can make a real difference in customers’ lives and be a real differentiator from other companies or products in your space.

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Referral loyalty programs are just that: they reward customers for referring friends, family or colleagues, offering them discounts or special offers.

One company that uses a referral loyalty program is Mahabis. Interestingly, they offer slightly different introductory offers for different regions. For US customers they’re giving you and a friend 10% off, while in the UK it’s £10 off.

These programs are a great way to build trust with potential customers, especially for e-commerce or DTC companies that don’t have a physical store for customers to visit and test products before buying. Mention Me found that consumers trust brand recommendations from their friends the most.

We know that offering a loyalty program is a great way to attract more returning customers and turn one-time buyers into true advocates of your business. But as a small business owner, you won’t have the resources to invest like larger companies, so it’s important to find a loyalty program that’s right for you.

Referral Program For Small Businesses Infographic

The first step in creating a loyalty program is to figure out the right type of program for your business. This means you need to understand your customers: what drives them, their buying habits, and how they get value from your company.

As you can see, there are many different options to choose from, but once the program is installed, you can evaluate and optimize it over time to get the best results for your business and the needs of your customers.

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