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Robert Half Graphic Designer – Publishing and printing media have declined in recent years, and a new generation of “drag-and-drop” software allows designers to create posters, logos, and more quickly and affordably. But if you want a custom design solution (print or digital) to help build your brand, you should use custom design.

It won’t be easy. The latest Robert Half Salary Guide shows that graphic designers are in high demand as companies engage with consumers in new and innovative ways.

Robert Half Graphic Designer

Candidates with the most sought-after skills, especially web and mobile, get hired faster and often receive more offers. If your hiring process is slow or your compensation is out of line with the market, you may be letting top talent slip through your fingers.

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Understanding what this person needs to do on a daily basis should drive the hiring process. If you need someone to develop a website or mobile app, for example, try searching for web or UX (user experience). If you’re looking for someone to build your brand, look for marketing skills. Choose a designer who can take a single design and publish it in multiple formats, from print and email to web and social media.

When writing a job description like a job application, carefully review the duties associated with the role and include a short list of job duties/requirements. You can present everything else as a good thing. Don’t be intimidated by candidates who have a lot of questions, and avoid too much jargon.

To generate more interest on the site, please provide additional information about your culture and interests. Be clear about whether the role will be office-based, remote, or a mix of both. Many creative professionals are familiar with communication during COVID. If you’re not big on raising compensation for openings, adopt a work schedule that allows candidates to work productively when and where they want. They may lower your balance when they accept the job.

Consider whether you need a permanent employee or whether contract professionals will best meet your needs. If you’re unsure or want to simplify the time-consuming process of onboarding new talent, hiring a talent management agency can be a great step forward.

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All designs must live and breathe Adobe Creative Cloud. These programs—and especially InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator—are the gold standard of creative software.

Of course, don’t get so caught up in technical skills that you forget soft skills. Because designers work with people from other fields and are often responsible for responding to clients, they must have good teamwork and communication skills. Look for a variety of characteristics, including critical thinking, constructive criticism and working well with people inside and outside the company.

You should also carefully consider the candidates’ responsibilities. Check out similar examples of projects you want to take your new design to. Remember, a few great designs in your portfolio don’t make for a great design. Brand work for clients? Does it convey the right message to the audience? This is an important factor to analyze because you will need a new hire to get the most out of both you and your customers.

Once you’ve narrowed down your applicant pool based on your resume and portfolio, it’s time to start interviewing. This is your best chance to get to know your candidates well and determine if they will be successful in your leadership style.

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Use a variety of questions to get the most out of the conversation. These general questions will help warm up the candidate:

Also consider whether these questions about job functions and values ​​will improve your leadership style:

Then, review the applicant’s portfolio with them. (If the conversation is online, you can do it using the screen sharing function). Ask specific questions about the type of work they do and the programs they use to demonstrate their strong skills. You should also ask the designer to explain their role in a particular project. Check out these questions:

Try to arrange for other team members to talk to the candidates. They can provide valuable feedback and help spot red flags.

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Finally, remember that candidates with more experience or in-demand skills may command more money. If you want top talent, you must be willing to pay competitive prices. Robert Half’s Annual Salary Guide can help you determine your starting salary and adjust your salary range to fit your position.

Today’s candidates look at more than salary. Offer work flexibility, vacation time, tuition benefits, and employee benefits.

Your goal is to find and hire a designer who will make a valuable contribution and fit into your organization. Weed out the wrong candidates, outrank your competition and land a great new hire.

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The US added 223,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%. Read more about the December 2022 performance report.

Is your team facing a busy schedule as tax season approaches? Read Robert Half’s advice on how to quickly find, hire and attract today’s top talent… A keen eye for detail and a healthy mix of creative and technical skills make a productive artist a vital and desirable asset. creative team.

Although the original production artists were glued together for marketing purposes, the space included preparatory work for print and digital projects. Today, a production artist supports teams primarily in print, packaging, marketing, acquisitions, and digital design. The typical responsibility of a production artist is to collect, edit, proofread, and submit files as well as pre-editing.

A successful artist must have both creative and technical skills. They should be able to work quickly, but also remain highly detailed.

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Robert Half’s Salary Guide is a guide to salary expectations for artists, and a tool to find out what a working artist can make in your city.

While an art director comes up with creative ideas and a designer executes them, a production artist brings them to life. Therefore, strong writing and organizational skills, strong attention to detail, strong leadership, project management, and filing and archiving skills are essential.

Bachelor’s degree in design or related field preferred for production artist position. Basic coursework in graphic design, print products, visual arts or a related field, specialized assignments and experience demonstrating a solid knowledge of print products and design may be sufficient in the absence of a degree.

The production artist must have solid printing skills and be proficient in programs such as FlightCheck, Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

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Experience with digital tools such as websites, social media, online marketing and email marketing may be required along with basic knowledge of HTML5, Adobe After Effects and web development software.

A productive artist must possess strong analytical skills, verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. These creative professionals also need to be self-motivated. And they must keep up with new production techniques and trends through research and education.

Considering a career as a designer, or working as one, but looking for new career opportunities? Check out this post to find out what skills…

The US added 223,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%. Read more about the December 2022 performance report.

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Is your team facing a busy schedule as tax season approaches? Read Robert Half’s tips for quickly finding, hiring and onboarding today’s best technology… Designers face an additional challenge when creating graphic design: it doesn’t have to be great content, it has to look good.

While technology has changed the way graphic designers approach portfolios and job interviews, one thing remains the same: the need to stand out. You may be surprised at how important it is to have the right resume when applying for a job, but that’s the case in most cases.

“Many designers have a resume-like portion of their digital portfolio, but they still need a strong resume that can be quickly written to clients,” says Eric Di Chiara, senior vice president of The Creative Group in Boston.

Why? According to DiChiara, most managers are comfortable with resumes that they can easily open, print and write. “It’s hard to break old habits and the comfort level people have with traditional printable resumes,” he says.

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Whether you’re revising your resume or writing one from scratch, there are some basic rules

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