Salesforce Apex Send Email Using Template

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We have a flow that stores a collection of ids with their email addresses and we want to pass those ids to send emails from Apex. I try to call apex but it gives me no rows in the error list. No answer found. I’m not sure how the multiple email parameters are passed from Invocable.

Salesforce Apex Send Email Using Template

Updated code and screenshot. I need to be able to pass the correct collection of email addresses to the parameter string that calls Apex. Can you tell me where I am wrong? Do I still need a loop variable?

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Calling methods can sometimes be hard to wrap your mind around because when you see that it requires a

From flow. If you want to send a list (collection) to Flow, you need to change the method to Get

Since you have a collection variable that contains your email, you may want to change your Apex method

Instead, you can add an Invocable variable [*] to a separate inner class which is essentially used as a wrapper for the input (and can be used for any output) and which can make it more generic. However, such callable variables can add complexity (and confusion for those not completely used to calling methods), so it’s not always a good thing if you don’t need it.

Your Complete Guide To Salesforce Lightning Email Templates

By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our cookie policy. A pre-formatted email that you can use as a template lets you quickly create and send emails. It also ensures that the right message is being sent. Salesforce email templates can help you work more efficiently and send messages consistently. You can quickly send emails that contain field data from Salesforce records, such as contacts, leads, opportunities, or custom objects, using email templates with merge fields. You can use email templates when emailing a list to a large group or just one person. You can make your own template or use a template made by your administrator or supervisor.

Salesforce has two email templates: classic email templates and Lightning email templates. Lightning email templates cannot be automated, unlike traditional email templates.

Here we provide a step-by-step process to create a custom email template and send an email using a custom email template in Salesforce. Additionally, we’ll also show you how to dynamically replace a value binding field in an Apex email template at runtime.

Step 2: Go to Settings -> Classic Email Templates and click the New Template button as shown below.

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Step 3: Select the Custom (no letterhead) button and click the Next button as shown below.

Step 4: Fill all the information according to the table below and check the checkbox “Available”; then click Next button as shown below.

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Step 6: Next, the Copy text from HTML version button is clicked to get a warning message. Click the “OK” button to complete your HTML text in text format. Click the Save button as shown below.

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Moving on to the next section, we will understand how to send an email using a custom email template.

I’ll also show you how to replace the value of a value mapping field in an email template in Apex at runtime.

A pre-formatted email is used as a template to help you quickly create and send an email and ensure that the right message is sent. Salesforce email templates help improve productivity and ensure consistent communication. It is possible to use email templates while mass emailing people with an email list or sending to just one person. You can create your own template or use templates created by your administrator or manager.

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Visualforce Email Template

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Salesforce email templates are used to automate business processes in SFDC. So in this section we will discuss the concept of different email templates and why we choose email templates. Workflow rules, the approval process, and more will be covered in our upcoming Salesforce tutorials.

We have standard email templates created in a folder named Unfid Public Email Template by default. We can create any number of Salesforce email templates.

In the first step, we need to choose the type of email template. As shown below, we have four options when clicking the Text button.

Custom Email Template

Here the email template type is text. In this type, we don’t have different styles, fonts and we have little information about the text. Now we need to enter the necessary information to create the sales force email template.

Now we need to test the email template we created. If you want to do a mass email test to your sales staff, go to the Contact Details page and select Mass Email Test. Here we renamed the contacts to My SP Sales Teams, so we selected SP Sales Team for the mass email.

Before sending a mass test email in salesforce, rename the user’s email address to send the test email to the user.

We have successfully sent a mass email test. Now go to your email address and check your mailbox as shown below.

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We have successfully created a text email template in Now we will edit and add the available merge fields. Merge fields allow us to import data from

In the text email template, we have defined Dear Customer, but when we add merge fields, we can define the customer name in the email template. Select the merge box and replace the text as shown below.

This is an email template where merge fields are added to the body of the email. The contact person’s name and username are automatically added as shown in the image above.

In these Salesforce Email Templates, we can use HTML with letterhead to send description, company logo, header, footer, text and various information to the customer. If you want to create an HTML-based letterhead email template, we first need to create a letterhead so that it can be used in HTML with letterhead templates.

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Before we create HTML with memos, we first need to create a memo in Salesforce. We have many options in letterheads. We can add a logo to the header and footer, we can change the background color of the header, body and footer.

As shown above, we added the log to the header and footer. We changed the background color and body color. Click the Save button to save the memo to

HTML with letterheads is another type of Salesforce email template. In this type we find many customization tools, merge fields, colors, footers and headers.

When you select Email Schedule, there are six email schedules in the drop-down menu. Choose any one from the list. Click View email schedule options to view the schedules.

Sending List Email In Lightning

Click the Send Test and Confirm Merge boxes. So we need to update the contact’s email with our email template.

Custom HTML Template is the third type of Salesforce email templates used without letterhead. We can use custom html code in this type of email. Let’s create a custom HTML template.

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