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I created a queue with members and checked ‘send notification email’, but when creating a case, the case is assigned to the queue, but no email notification is sent.

Salesforce Queue Send Email To Members

When you add an item to your case assignment rule, a field called “Email Template” appears. If that field is blank, queue members will not receive notifications and you must select an email template.

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You must check the “Email to Members” queue and the “Email” checkbox in the “Email” task line.

It happened to me too. I was setting up the lead assignment rules. set the order and check the box to send email to members, but no email is sent, but I added “Email Template” in the “Email Template” line and after checking the box of the “Email” line, I started receiving emails. I hope this helps you too.

This means that if we add an email template to the task line, only email alerts will work.

There are some cases where you need to use a valid email address in the environment if the email address is not valid for the user and they never receive the email.

Email To Case Queue Setup

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·         Check the box to the left of “Record Type Name” to select all of the boxes below.

A job rule must be defined that tells Salesforce how to handle incoming external email and which queue to put it in.

Use the “Case Origin” value in the filter to correctly identify external emails.

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Next, it is necessary to create a “supporting process”. As mentioned above, “Support Processes” are related to “Case Record Types”.

3)      When you save the SF E2C configuration, it creates its own internal [long] email address. At the same time, you will be taken to that remote mailbox, open it and click on the “verify” link.

5)      This is the SF internal long email address which is the routing address used by the external email system.

6)      This internal SF email address must be configured in the external email system to forward case submissions to the email service address provided by Salesforce.

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Use this internal SF email address, which must be configured in our external email system, to send to the email service address provided by Salesforce. This bug is in very old Email Alert code, and Salesforce doesn’t want to work on that part of the codebase. . Here’s a pretty easy way to replace email alerts with the Send Email action in a flow.

To resolve this issue, we will use the exact launch conditions found in Known Issues. However, you can use it in other scenarios where email alerts show this unwanted behavior.

Let’s say you want to queue a case owner in your approval process. You want to go to emails in an email queue, but not all members of the queue. Email alerts are broken here. It sends too many emails. So instead of adding an email alert to your approval process, create a flow that generates this mention:

Note the box marked in red. You must use the “Asynchronous” route to invoke actions such as SendEmail on the thread created by the script.

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However, we’re not quite done yet. We need to queue records to extract the queue emails:

Now we can set the recipient of the “Send Email” action from the queue to the “Email Queue” field:

In the example above, I threw alt text into the body and subject, but you can create a text template for the flow and add merge fields to add useful information to the email. You can also add a URL to send the user back to the case.

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