Sample Vision Statements For Churches

Sample Vision Statements For Churches – Our message is based on the Bible. Our service comes from God’s love. Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the needs of people in his name without discrimination.

Our God-given identity, vision and mission as followers of Jesus Christ are shaped by the values ​​of the Kingdom of God where we love God and love others, seeking fulfillment for all through Jesus. Our values ​​are redefined as statements of intent to help us live by them.

Sample Vision Statements For Churches

We will boldly and confidently strive to fulfill our five missions: share the Gospel, seek justice and reconciliation, raise disciples of Jesus, serve others without discrimination, take care of creation;

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We will serve God’s unconditional love and grace as a model of our behavior, with favor towards the poor and marginalized;

We will bring our best selves, our God-given strengths, and our convictions to our work, service, and learning, whether as officers, members, employees, or volunteers;

We will welcome everyone with the dignity of those who are created in the image of God, who value their diversity, who want to serve the growth and transformation of each other in the love of God;

We will be honest and transparent in all our dealings with each other and those we serve, and be open about our intentions and policies;

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We will willingly and readily give a full account of our actions to those with whom we interact and expect the same in return, recognizing the relationship between personal responsibility and collective responsibility. I was recently asked to help someone brainstorm and plan a meeting to facilitate meetings. to develop mission, vision and values ​​(MVV).

The speech answers the question of why the organization exists, the vision indicates where it is going and the values ​​guide priorities, actions and decision making.

I am always happy when I work with an organization whose mission and vision serve as a guide to influence policy, direction and decision-making.

The good news is that most churches that go through this process only do it once over the years with minor changes.

Our Mission, Vision And Values

When I facilitate meetings to develop a mission, vision and value statement, it is usually part of a strategic planning process.

Because vision drives strategy and goals and objectives are how strategy is achieved.

The beauty of having a written statement is that it takes all the guesswork out of decision making.

Simply put, if there is a decision that needs to be made, if it supports the mission and vision (assuming there are budgets to fund it) then efforts should be made to make it happen.

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There will always be good ideas, “let’s try this, oh no, let’s try that…” all with good intentions but if it is not in line with the mission and vision, then the church’s resources – people, time and money will not. be it lost on it.

Meetings to create an MVV should include people from the highest level of leadership within the church.

Groups should be limited to 10 or 12 people to reduce the paralysis that comes with too many voices and ideas.

These types of meetings should also be facilitated by an objective third party so that internal rules and political agendas do not affect the results of the meeting.

Sample Church Agenda

Many communities have professionals within their ranks who may be able to host such meetings, if not it is worth investing in the time of a professional to help.

A meeting to develop MVV and strategy and objectives usually takes two to three days, depending on many variables.

Preferably a conference room at a local hotel or maybe the back room of a restaurant. After all, a relaxed, distraction-free environment is what we’re going for.

Food is always an important part of these types of meetings, and regular breaks are important to help manage the information overload and brain drain these sessions cause.

How To Write Mission, Vision, And Values Statements

You also need to consider that everyone has a certain degree of attention deficit and facilitate the meeting accordingly.

Again, this depends on the group, the time allowed, and the task at hand, but it’s a great starting point for someone just trying to map out what this type of session might look like.

Again, this agenda is a basic template that can be adapted and modified for your specific organization based on the goals of your meeting.

The point is, if you haven’t taken the time to do this, I encourage you to take that step and enjoy the freshness that comes with knowing that you have found a way forward to accomplish what God has called the church to do. yours make a.

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If you are an SCM member and you can access a modified copy of this post by logging in here. If you are not a member, you can learn more here. Church leaders in the 21st century face many challenges. As religious affiliation and church membership have declined in recent years, pastors must continue to maintain a greater relationship between God and Christ’s followers in their community.

Every church and religious organization needs to communicate what it stands for and where it sees itself in the future. Busy calendars, events, and small group options aren’t enough to keep your church going. Creating a clear and compelling church vision can help communicate the ministry’s call to others to join.

Effective organizations and churches use mission and vision and other important elements of culture-building communication such as core values ​​to define why they exist, what they want to achieve, and how they operate.

Creating church vision statements is a useful exercise for pastors and leaders. It can be an unifying experience for your team and church. Keep reading to learn how to write a convincing vision statement to guide you.

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Church vision statements describe the spiritual goals and aspirations of your organization. A church vision describes how you want to operate in the future and summarizes why you exist.

A church is different from a business and a school. The church is unique in its efforts to encourage and support people’s relationship with God. Therefore you must create the vision of the church with spiritual intention.

Many corporate and religious organizations use visions. Businesses, non-profits, PTAs, and churches use clear, memorable, and compelling vision statements to communicate their team and remind everyone of the main goal they want to achieve.

Amazon prides itself on catering to all kinds of customer needs and wants, hence its famous vision, “The Most Customer-Centric Company on Earth.”

Church Mission, Vision, And Purpose Statement

As Amazon’s vision describes what the company does and, more importantly, what it strives to be, your church’s vision should:

Your church is a house of worship and a community center, so your vision needs to go beyond these basics. While every church offers worship services, a spiritual leader, and—in many cases—a place for healthy community events, your vision should highlight the unique purpose that connects these functions.

Every church aims to strengthen its members’ relationship with God and Jesus Christ, but can you clarify how your church pursues this goal?

Another important factor in shaping the vision of the church is the community you serve. Has your church been a community staple for over 50 years? Does your church consider itself a spiritual “home away from home” for college students in a college town?

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Perhaps your church presents itself as an organization that reaches out to people in person and online, offering dynamic and engaging ministries and spiritual connections through an online platform. A compelling visual statement will describe how your church helps build disciples of Jesus by applying biblical values ​​in today’s culture. What makes your church unique?

Creating a meaningful and concise vision for your church means being aware of its unique gifts or calling. Are there areas where your church provides clear guidance? Are you qualified to serve the next generation or have a voice with businesses in your community? Perhaps the church has an amazing record of community service over the years.

Church vision statements should speak to their community, donors and those they want to reach in the future. Church leaders can invest in the well-being of the church by praying about where they see things going 1, 2, or 5 years from now.

Hillsong Church: The church I see is committed to bringing the love of Christ and the hope of Christ to impossible situations through the proclamation of the Gospel and a mandate that compels us to do all we can to bring help and relief to a world in need.

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Passion City Church: Our church is more than a place; There are people everywhere who live for him whose fame is beyond any name.

The Church of the Transfiguration: We exist to represent and see God to the lost for conversion in Christ. We are multi-church. This means we are multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary.

Writing the best vision for your church needs

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