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Schools For Health Information Technology

ATLANTA, GA – January 27, 2021 – Morehouse School of Medicine recently introduced a new online graduate program in health informatics, a rapidly growing field that uses information technology to organize and analyze the health records to improve health outcomes.

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Pending final approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and the Commission on Colleges, the online Master of Science in Health Informatics program provides a foundation in the business areas that advance health information technology and provides comprehensive education in methods that support health care and clinical research. businesses.

Health informatics deals with the resources, tools, and methods of obtaining, storing, retrieving, and using health and medical information. Tools include medical terminology, information and communication systems, and computer technology. Health informatics provides electronic access to medical records for patients, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, insurance companies, and health information technicians.

Also created a five-week preparatory program that allows prospective students to gain an understanding of the field of health informatics before applying to the MSHI program. Students selected to participate in the Summer Bridging Health Informatics Pipeline program will receive:

“The Morehouse School of Medicine continues to prepare students for exciting career opportunities through programs like the Master of Science in Health Informatics,” said Angelita Howard, EdD, assistant dean for online education. and extension programs. “The health informatics industry will grow more than 25% every 10 years, a 7% higher than average job growth rate, with the potential to provide 50,000 new jobs annually. This program provides not only a competitive knowledge base and skill set, but also the opportunity to pursue a career in one of the fastest growing job sectors.”

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Morehouse School of Medicine is located in Atlanta, GA. The Historically Black Institute exists to promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities; increasing the diversity of the professional and scientific workforce in the field of health care; and addressing primary care through education, research, and service programs with an emphasis on people of color and underserved urban and rural populations in Georgia, the nation, and the world. Faculty and alumni are recognized in their fields for excellence in teaching, research, and public policy, and recognized in the community for providing exceptional, culturally appropriate patient care. The Morehouse School of Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award doctoral and master’s degrees. For more information, visit this site. Not all critical patient care tasks require direct patient intervention. Health information technologists work to ensure high-quality care and patient safety by capturing and entering patient health data into health information systems such as electronic medical records (EMRs).

At Cambridge, students get the hands-on training they need for successful careers as health information technologists through our Health Information Technology program. A rewarding career awaits you in the rapidly growing healthcare IT industry.

Health information technologists work behind the scenes to ensure that patient information is accurately recorded in electronic medical records (EMRs) and other systems. This information includes procedures, symptoms, medical history, referrals, and surgical history. They are also responsible for providing access and security of patient information to health care organizations and medical professionals.

Most healthcare information technologists work in a professional office environment during the day. Healthcare IT technologists work in a wide range of settings, including:

A New Range Of Health Informatics And Information Positions Are Now Stem Classified

You will also have the opportunity to work in many different departments within a healthcare organization, such as information management systems, physician recruitment, and care management.

To become a healthcare information technologist, you need a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. During your studies, you will need to learn medical terminology as well as coding using CPT/HPCCS and ICD-10. You also need to understand health insurance and the legal aspects of healthcare patient information.

After completing your degree, you will need to obtain certification through the American Association for Health Information Management. After a successful RHIT certification, you are ready to find a job.

As technology continues to impact healthcare, healthcare IT technologists must help organizations stay current while improving patient care. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to grow by 11% between now and 2028, which is faster than average.

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If you’re ready to enter a career that allows you to be an integral part of patient care, this could be for you. Cambridge College of Health and Technology makes it easy to start a career in the Health Information Technology program. Call us at 877-206-4279 for more information or to apply today. The Johns Hopkins Center for Population Health IT (CPHIT) improves population health by advancing the latest health IT across all sectors.

CPHIT (pronounced “see-fit”) focuses on the use of “Big Data” related to insurance payments, electronic medical records, hospital discharges, social data, and community and population health.

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Collaborate with a world-renowned faculty and staff team to help develop analytical tools and support academic research used in the United States and around the world. The Research Data Analyst will support the team through database development, data analysis and administrative support as needed. This includes developing analytical datasets, managing multiple databases, and managing database development, including infrastructure and architectural components. The successful candidate will collaborate with various research groups at CPHIT and assist with digital data and population health work.

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It’s an exciting time for the health IT and eHealth industry! Many areas of technology are developing rapidly, and many domains are expected to have a greater impact on public health and health care practices in the next decade.

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