Schools That Offer Music Therapy Degrees

Schools That Offer Music Therapy Degrees – Music therapy can be used to improve and often significantly improve the health of others, including those with disabilities, mental illness, autism, trauma, or the effects of aging. The effectiveness of music therapy techniques is supported by research and clinical evidence. Music therapists complete an approved program of study and earn their Music Therapy-Director Certificate (MT-BC) (minimum). Students interested in improving their skills and abilities can continue their education through a master’s degree program approved by the American Music Therapy Association.

According to the American Music Therapy Association Member Survey and Workforce Analysis, the average salary for a music therapist in 2014 was $50,808. Earning an advanced degree in music therapy not only increases employment opportunities, but also offers higher salary potential.

Schools That Offer Music Therapy Degrees

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 master’s programs in music therapy to help students choose the best schools for their personal and professional goals. We focused on school choice, undergraduate tuition, student commitment and student-faculty ratio to develop our rankings. We consulted a college guide to compile our initial list of schools that offer advanced degrees in music therapy. We only included schools that offered programs approved by the American Music Therapy Association. We used our rankings from those schools and compiled our list. Where there is a correlation, schools with lower undergraduate tuition are preferred.

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Sam Houston State University offers a music therapy program to undergraduate and graduate students in music therapy. The Music Therapy Master’s program is a 30-credit hour program for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music therapy that includes a practicum or clinical supervision requirement. Students will complete their essay. Students without a music therapy background may complete the music therapy course, which must study performance in ensemble, piano skills, conducting, music history, and music literature. Students choosing this option must consult and negotiate with the department. Graduates of any music therapy program can work with a wide variety of patients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, private practices, and campuses.

24. Texas Woman’s University-Denton, Texas Master of Music Dual Degree Program in Music Therapy and Music Therapy Emphasis

Texas Woman’s University offers a 36-credit hour music therapy program with courses that include research, music, and the philosophy and multicultural practices of music therapy. Students with a bachelor’s degree in music therapy can complete the program in approximately two years. Students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in music therapy must complete the prerequisite courses before enrolling in the program. All students must complete a professional paper or academic paper before graduation. Students can choose from majors such as home science, music, psychology, women’s studies, special education, or business. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree in music therapy and counseling have the option of completing a 64-credit program that leads to licensure as a professional counselor in Texas. The program takes three to four years to complete.

Dressel University’s Master of Music Therapy and Counseling is a 90-quarter program with a 95% pass rate on the Music Therapy Board Certification Exam. This music therapy program is the only program within an academic health center in the country. Students have the opportunity to work closely with other physicians in clinical settings and attend and participate in national conferences. Students complete a thesis and actively participate in research as part of the program. Internships, group supervision and clinical exercises ensure that students gain practical experience.

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Shenandoah University offers a unique master’s degree in music therapy for students who have already become board-certified music therapists and are looking to advance their skills and knowledge base. This 30 credit hour program is offered on weekends to continue students’ current work. Students receive financial assistance through assistantships, which enable them to work closely with faculty and gain valuable research experience. Students complete individual and group projects to apply their new skills and knowledge.

21. Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lesley University-Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lesley University offers a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This 60 credit hour program requires 1225 hours of experience, so students have the opportunity to develop and practice skills and techniques. Students typically take two to three years to complete the program. An off-campus schedule has a low-residency pattern for students who cannot attend traditional classes. Students in this program complete a three-week residency each year, while also completing online courses and practical experiences in their communities. The curriculum for both programs is similar and includes courses in acute care orientation, clinical musicianship, psychiatry, and clinical practice.

The music therapy program at Maryville University is open to those with and without a bachelor’s degree in music therapy. Students without the appropriate background are required to complete prerequisite courses in addition to the master’s coursework to complete the program. This program is offered in the evenings for students to work while attending school. Part-time students can complete the program in as little as two years. The curriculum covers areas such as ethics, research, psychotherapy, and clinical models. Graduates are prepared to work with people with mental disorders, addictions, autism and other disabilities.

Bachelor Of Music In Music Therapy

Augsburg College’s lively Master of Music Therapy offers a holistic view of the whole personal life of music. Students who are already certified can complete the graduate coursework required to earn their degree. For those without this foundation, Augsburg College completes the required courses during the summer vacation. Students can also participate through a hybrid program that combines on-campus and online learning. Students come to campus for two to three days each semester and complete the remainder of their coursework online. This 36-credit hour program includes courses in ethics, research, and clinical practice. Students must complete a thesis or final project before graduation.

Immaculata University offers a master’s degree in music therapy to students with or without board certification. The 60 credit hour program is for students who are not already certified. Students in this program work under board-certified music therapists to develop skills in a variety of clinical settings. Students will also learn to use guitar, piano and voice in music therapy. For board-certified individuals, the 48-credit hour program provides advanced training and clinical supervision to further develop existing skill sets. Students must complete 1,000 hours of practicum experience as part of the program.

Saint Mary’s University offers an online Master’s in Music for board-certified music therapists who desire advanced training. This two-year program requires online courses followed by a short residency each semester. Students engage in interactive experiences throughout the program. Students participate in research opportunities and work closely with experienced professionals to enhance and develop their skills. For students who don’t already have a certificate, you can choose from a distance or on-campus equivalency program to earn a certificate and transfer to a master’s program. The master’s course includes guided imagery and music, music psychotherapy, and contemporary issues of music.

Montclair State University offers a 40.5 semester degree program for accredited music therapists. Students complete courses in improvisation, assessment, research, and musical style and analysis. Students have the option of taking elective courses in areas such as neuroscience, behavior modification, and disability. An essay is required as part of the program. Montclair State University is proud to offer exceptional clinical placement opportunities and a top-notch academic staff.

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The Ohio University School of Music offers a master’s degree in music therapy to students who earn a board-certified doctor of music or a bachelor’s degree in music. Students who are not board certified may participate in the master’s/equivalency program, which allows them to complete the coursework required for board certification and complete a six-month internship. Once these requirements are met, students complete their graduation requirements. The Master of Music Therapy program is a 32-credit hour program in which students can choose majors such as special education, child life, psychology, research methodology, or early childhood. Students have the opportunity to participate in clinical and practical experiences and must complete an academic thesis or special project to meet graduation requirements.

Colorado State University offers both a master’s degree in music therapy and an associate and master’s degree in music therapy. Students also have the opportunity to earn an online master’s degree in music therapy. The master’s program offers two program tracks. 32 credit hours of program electives are not required

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