Schools That Offer Online Degrees

Schools That Offer Online Degrees – As the cost of college education rises, students are expected to work harder for their families to afford a post-secondary education. However, online colleges that offer free online degrees help reduce the stress associated with higher education costs. Renowned, accredited and top institutions now offer free education to a certain number of students. Some institutions of higher ed offer tuition-free options to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or financial need.

Through data collection and research, we found 25 colleges and universities that offer free education. We also found two 75-year-old institutions that offer free online courses, online certificates and diplomas, and online AA, AS, and AAS degrees.

Schools That Offer Online Degrees

We looked at about 100 colleges and universities that offer online courses or programs, as well as financial aid packages designed to eliminate tuition. From this information we have made two lists. The first list includes 25 free online colleges — four-year institutions — that offer free academic programs to qualified students. We selected 25 colleges or universities based on the number of programs offered online. Institutions with a high number of online offerings are ranked higher than institutions with a low number of online programs or courses. In terms of tie, the companies are listed in alphabetical order. Our second list consists of two-year institutions – community colleges – that offer free or near-free tuition to qualified students. Two-year colleges are listed alphabetically.

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Alice Lloyd College, one of the free online colleges on our list, offers tuition-free online degrees and courses. Located in Kentucky, Alice Lloyd is a four-year, Christian, liberal arts college dedicated to providing educational opportunities for students living in and around the Appalachian region. Students have the opportunity to earn degrees in business management, liberal arts, sociology, and sports and health, all of which can be earned online. Alice Lloyd has pledged to provide free tuition for students living in the Central Appalachian region. Although tuition is free for some students, those who live on campus may have money for room and board. However, study hours and grants (both state and federal) are offered to offset costs.

Berea College, a private liberal arts institution, offers courses and degrees in nearly 30 academic departments. Berea is named one of the top online colleges on our list because of the tuition-free guarantee offered to all enrolled students. In effect, tuition fees guarantee that no enrolled student pays tuition. Instead, Berea students pay an average of $1,000 for housing, food and student fees. The school also offers financial aid for textbooks, reducing costs even more. Berea’s commitment to debt-free education allows students to earn a degree without loans and debt. Compared to the national system, students who graduate from Berea have very little debt. Berea is a fully accredited Christian organization.

The College of the Ozarks has tuition-free services for full-time students, making it the largest free online college.

College of the Ozarks represents one of the top online colleges on our list. The school offers a great offer, allowing full-time students to graduate without paying, thanks to scholarships, grants and many work-study programs. Also, thanks to the unpaid work offered by the company, students work in the school and work in the university, but no money is exchanged between the worker (student) and the worker (college). Instead, students are rewarded in the form of free tuition. Full-time students must commit to working 15 hours a week while in school and 42 weeks during the holidays each year. The College of the Ozarks is accredited and ranked by US News and World Report.

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A great choice at one of the top online colleges on our list – CUNY Macaulay Honors College.

Macaulay Honors College at CUNY is a highly selective institution serving promising New York students. It’s one of our free online college picks because of its generous financial aid offerings and commitment to tuition-free education. Macaulay students must meet CUNY New York state residency requirements to receive in-state scholarships. This scholarship, known as the Macaulay Scholar Program, supports four years of full-time study, excluding fees. Scholarships come from many sources, including CUNY, TAP, Federal, City and State, and other scholarships and grants. Although the school offers a limited number of online programs, some full-time students may take online classes in addition to traditional on-campus courses.

Curtis Institute of Music is one of the top online colleges on our list. Considered a conservationist, the school provides education and training to talented musicians and prepares them for work as artists at the highest professional level. Curtis is selective and accepts the best. All accepted students, regardless of need, will receive a full scholarship, based on merit. The school caters for talent rather than need. Some courses like students use open and online courses to teach themselves; However, the degree is awarded only to those studying on campus. US. News and World Report ranked Curtis as a top art school and a leader in offering free online programs.

Scholarships worth more than $50,000 earn Deep Springs College the top spot on the list of free online colleges.

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Deep Springs College earned a spot on the free online college list because of its commitment to ensuring that all applicants are not burdened by financial considerations. In fact, the school offers a full scholarship worth more than $50,000, which includes the cost of tuition, room and board. Although students are expected to pay for their own books, health insurance, and emergency expenses, the institution charges a large tuition fee. However, in cases of severe financial difficulties, other funds can cover these small costs. Fewer online courses exist because most students are enrolled full-time on campus, but due to educational reforms, more online programs are available.

Warren Wilson College recently announced a tuition-free program for North Carolina residents who qualify for federal and/or state-based financial aid. Full-time graduate students admitted to Warren Wilson for the first time may attend for free. According to the agency, the remainder of the student’s tuition will be paid after federal or state financial aid is applied through the Warren Wilson scholarship (win or match). If scholarships do not apply to the student, need-based aid and special service awards will be applied. The school guarantees that student loans will not be included in the cost of tuition. Warren Wilson is a top liberal arts institution. In fact, the school is ranked #143 among the best liberal arts colleges by US News and World Report.

The Webb Institute offers every US citizen and permanent resident a full scholarship to help cover the cost of attending school. Also for need-based admissions, Webb offers grants to cover other costs of attending the institution, such as emergency leave and textbooks. Government aid is provided in the form of grants from the federal government, and scholarships are awarded based on need, merit and other criteria. Due to the number of students receiving full scholarships, Webb Institute often accepts a low number of students. In fact, the number of students considered for one of the best engineering schools in the country is eighty. Keeping admissions rates low helps schools serve current students as well as incoming freshmen.

All students admitted to Williamson College of the Trades attend full scholarships that cover tuition, room, board, and books. Students are required to cover entrance fees and personal expenses as well as tuition fees each year, but for the most part students attend college for free. While Williamson College offers online courses and programs, many lead to degree and business programs. Trade programs include construction technology, weed and weed management, mechanical technology, paint and coating technology, and lighting technology. Williamson College earned a spot on the list of free online colleges, with 100% of students attending the school receiving a need-based education to offset tuition and room/board. Students are not required to pay tuition, making Williamson a free online college.

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Need-blind admission and free admission and graduation – Yale University is one of the top online colleges on our list.

Yale University, one of the most famous and top universities in the world, is committed to blind admission and affordable education. Blind admission includes an admissions policy that considers a student’s blindness to be payable at the time of admission. Students are not recognized in their ability to pay school fees. Yale’s policy is to provide an affordable education to everyone, regardless of citizenship, immigration status, or financial need. Also, Yale strives to effectively meet student financial needs so students can graduate debt-free. Yale is often ranked among the top institutions in the country by all newspapers, such as US News and World Report. Because of the institution’s commitment to helping its students get the opportunity to attend, Yale earned a high score on our list.

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