Schools That Offer Social Work

Schools That Offer Social Work – This course has been renamed Diploma in Social Science (Social Work) Diploma in Social Work – more specifically to reflect the focus on preparing students for social work careers in the social service and health sectors.

Play a leading role as a member of social work to create a more cohesive and supportive community. Learn social work principles and practice and develop support skills and intervention techniques to work with clients. You will also gain skills in case management, program planning, community practice and project management through field placements and a variety of community service projects and initiatives.

Schools That Offer Social Work

This module provides students with a broad understanding of the Social Work profession and the profession’s role in the social service system. It explores the values, principles and goals of Social Work and highlights the different types of social services in Singapore. Students will be introduced to the professional code of ethics published by the Singapore Association of Social Workers and other ethical values ​​and principles that guide the work of social service professionals. As part of the module, field visits to various social service and welfare agencies in Singapore will be arranged for students to learn more about social work and social service provision.

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This module will introduce students to the basic principles and key concepts in the field of psychology and their implications for human behaviour. Students will be introduced to examples of major areas of psychology and their implications for health care delivery. Students will explore the analysis of human beliefs, emotions, and behavior and relate it to their personal and professional lives. Upon completion, students will be able to explain psychology and understand the importance of psychology in their daily lives.

This module provides an introduction to sociological concepts and perspectives used to explain and analyze the wider sociocultural context of society, and to apply them in social work.

Good communication is an important life skill for all aspects of life, from professional life to social gatherings. Therefore, it is important to be good in written and verbal communication. This module will enable students to communicate effectively in a variety of collaborative settings and platforms. There will be opportunities to practice and deliver different types of presentations, to skillfully handle questions and effectively integrate verbal and non-verbal elements into your speech. Students will also learn media and information skills and be able to produce clearly written and structured reports, proposals and meeting minutes, following standard citation and referencing guidelines.

This module guides students to explore issues such as personal values, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and family of origin, and how these factors affect personal and professional development. Through a deeper understanding of themselves, students are empowered to develop greater levels of emotional resilience and a positive outlook on life. This will better prepare you to handle the complexity and sensitivity of client issues in social work practice.

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This module provides students with an introduction to counselling. Students will be equipped with basic skills to conduct interview sessions and attract clients from diverse backgrounds. They will learn about the counseling process and common counseling models. The importance of the therapeutic and individual relationship of the counselor will be emphasized.

This module examines social issues and problems in society from a sociological perspective. Students will analyze and understand the historical, economic, political and socio-cultural factors surrounding these problems and issues, as well as solutions or efforts to solve them.

This module covers the scope of human development from birth to old age. It will analyze the main theories of development from a life perspective. Specifically, students will study physical, cognitive, social, psycho-emotional and moral development from the perspective of the helping professions.

This module aims to familiarize students with group dynamics, group processes and the stages of group development. The goal is to help individuals develop skills to facilitate and intervene in groups. Emphasis will be placed on the application of theoretical concepts to establish, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate teamwork practices.

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The emergence of multi-stressed families in our society presents challenges for Social Work professionals to help clients in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner. This module introduces students to the basic principles of case management and care planning. It will examine a case management model that includes the following stages: assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation and termination. Students will have the skills to accurately assess client problems and effectively identify specific interventions to improve client well-being. Students will also learn report writing, case documentation and recording techniques.

Students will develop qualities synonymous with being innovative and entrepreneurial for their profession and life. Through this module, students will develop positive practices when working with data, propose ideas using user-centered design approaches and processes, identify and find resources, and use collaborative practices to formulate solutions.

The module provides students with a broad framework for understanding the family as a system. By examining different family structures, the needs of different family levels, and the dynamics of family system interactions, students will design effective assessment and intervention strategies when working with families, using practice models in an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

The module aims to provide a knowledge base and intervention skills to work with children using an integrated practice model with a multidisciplinary approach. Students will explore issues and laws related to children such as adoption, neglect and abuse, as well as prevention and protection provisions for our young clients.

Micro, Mezzo, And Macro Practice

The module aims to provide a knowledge base and intervention skills for students to work with young people with an integrated multidisciplinary approach. Students will understand theories of youth development, as well as examine issues and laws related to youth welfare. Students will explore assessment tools for at-risk youth, as well as preventive and protective measures for adolescent clients.

To provide a comprehensive education, it offers a General Learning Module (GSM). So, in addition to taking modules directly related to your chosen degree, you will be exposed to areas beyond your usual field of study. Through a combination of mandates and interdisciplinary GSM electives, you will gain practical and interesting knowledge that will benefit you as you prepare for the world of work and life after graduation.

In today’s competitive environment, a strong personal brand differentiates one from the other. In this module, students will develop techniques for attracting attention and persuading them to accept ideas. They will also learn how to communicate effectively via email. To help with their job search, students will use their digital portfolio to showcase their skills, as well as to enhance their skills and knowledge in their cover letter and resume. They will also gain the skills to portray themselves positively and perform well in conversation.

The module provides a biopsychosocial approach to assessing and supporting the elderly. Students will understand the physiological and cognitive changes of aging and explore strategies to promote active aging in older adults. Issues related to common cognitive and emotional problems, suicide, elder abuse, caregivers, and older support systems are also discussed.

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This module provides an overview of working with clients with physical, intellectual, developmental, cognitive, speech or sensory disabilities. It examines assessment and intervention from a capacity perspective, highlights quality of life issues, and examines various models of practice at the individual, family, group, and community levels.

This module introduces students to the theory and principles of crisis intervention. Students will be equipped with effective response skills in crisis situations, related to individuals, families, groups or communities in crisis. Students will also have the opportunity to learn from professionals who deal with crisis and trauma in different situations and understand an integrated multidisciplinary approach to intervention.

In this module, students will explore the nature and purpose of research in the helping professions. Students will study the learning process of social science research, research ethics, reliability and validity issues in the operationalization of constructs; and the strengths and weaknesses of various research strategies and designs. This will not only help students gain working knowledge to develop useful social science and/or social work research, but also help them become consumers of information about research papers and articles.

The module covers the psychosocial impact of the disease on the individual and the family. It examines health systems and policies, as well as theoretical concepts related to health and health behavior. Students are equipped with hands-on practice skills to work with clients with medical problems and organizational skills to work with multidisciplinary teams in an integrative social health approach and navigate complex health care environments. An overview of common mental disorders throughout the human lifespan will also be given, as well as signs and symptoms.

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This module provides students with a theoretical and conceptual understanding of crime, the criminal justice system and drug abuse in a local context. It introduces students to the rehabilitation of adult offenders in Singapore and includes rehabilitation options for treatment and supervision. Students will gain knowledge about social work involvement in criminal justice

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