Schools With Good Graphic Design Programs

Schools With Good Graphic Design Programs – Did you know At the intersection of art and commerce lies the Academy of Art’s graphic design program, which integrates practice, theory, and inquiry while refining and encouraging innovation, critical thinking, visual literacy, and conceptual problem solving. know more.

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Schools With Good Graphic Design Programs

Founded in 1855, Michigan State University (MSU) serves approximately 50,000 students enrolled in more than 200 programs in 17 degree-granting colleges. Located on one of the nation’s largest and greenest campuses, the school boasts notable alumni such as NBA legend Magic Johnson, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, famed actor James Caan, and filmmaker/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi. lists the

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The Department of Art at MSU’s College of Arts and Letters offers a BFA in Art History and Design, Graphic Design, and 15 credit hours. An MFA is also available, allowing students to choose tracks such as graphic design.

The BFA program offers students a unique opportunity to gain real-world design experience by providing design services to the community. “The Design Center in MSU’s Department of Art, Art History and Design works with internal and external clients to effectively communicate client messages in a professional manner,” the school says. “From logos to packaging and brochures to websites, the Design Center has worked on a variety of projects, each specifically targeting the unique client’s goals and personality.”

Each year, undergraduate students who “exemplify creativity, dedication and professionalism in the graphic design program” are selected to join the Design Center’s creative team.

Other highlights of the program include AIGA membership, internship opportunities, and the annual guest artist and scholar lecture series. Past speakers have included Martin Venezki, Ben Fry, Jim Sheraden of Hatch Showprint, Stuart Bailey, Jan Wilker, Cheryl Towler Weiss, Hans Alleman, Karen Cheng, Nancy Skolos and Tom Weddell, James Victor, Andrew Blauvelt.

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MSU Graphic Design alumni work as art directors, creative directors, freelancers, graphic designers, and video editors at advertising agencies, design firms, in-house design offices, production studios, publishing companies, and more.

The idea for the College for Creative Studies (CCS) dates back to 1906, when a group of local civic leaders founded the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts. Members began teaching informal classes in basic design, drawing, and woodcarving in 1911 and opened a gallery where students and prominent modern artists could exhibit and sell their work.

In 1926, with 280 students, the Society became one of the first arts and crafts organizations to offer a formal four-year art program as the Art School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts.

Today, CCS is a private, fully accredited college offering BFA and MFA degrees to more than 1,400 students. With 114 students, the Department of Graphic Design is among the top five largest departments at CCS. Training options for aspiring graphic designers include a Communication Design (Graphic Design) BFA. Additional degrees in graphic design include a BFA in Advertising: Copywriting, Advertising: Design and Fine Arts.

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The BFA in Communication Design (Graphic Design) encompasses print, motion, and interaction. In fall 2021, the degree will be a STEM-designated program for all entering students.

The current program begins with the basics of printed graphic design. These include color, hierarchy, image, messaging and typography. Students “combine what they learn with code to create media and interactive environments across a variety of platforms.” Program course highlights: 2D Design, 3D Techniques, Advanced Communication Design, Internship, Concepts and Methods/Visual Culture, Digital Technologies, Interaction I-III, Typography I-III, Visual Culture and Visual Narrative: Africa/America and Visual narration: Asia.

Other highlights of the program include opportunities to study abroad for a semester or a year in places like Austria, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Paris; internship opportunities at places like Chrysler, Converse, Foot Cone & Belding, FUSE, Microsoft, Quicksilver, Reebok, Urban Outfitters and Whirlpool; and has one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country.

Graduates of CCS’s Communication Design (Graphic Design) program are prepared for a variety of positions, such as advertising designer, brand manager, creative director, editorial designer, graphic designer, interaction designer, interactive art director, mobile media designer, Huh. Social Media Director, User Experience Designer (UX), User Interface Designer (UI), Visual Designer and Web Designer.

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Many CCS Design alumni entrepreneurs are opening their own design studios around the country and around the world in Los Angeles, New York, the Netherlands and, of course, Detroit.

Founded in 1956, the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint) opened with 167 students. Today, the school serves more than 7,000 students enrolled in more than 100 programs across six colleges and schools. The College of Arts and Sciences is home to the Department of Art and Art History, which offers a BFA in Art and Design and a 21-credit major in Graphic Design.

The specialization of BFA Art and Design is graphic design. “The program begins with a series of foundational courses that emphasize the development of technical, problem-solving, and conceptual skills,” the school says. “Each student grows and develops through exposure to multiple media, culminating in the creation of a professional portfolio” in the specialization.

Before students begin specialized courses, they take a 12-credit hour design core. Courses include Design II: Image and Motion Design, Design III: Spatial and Temporal Design, Design IV: Interaction Design, and Design for Digital Imaging. Graphic design specialization courses include brand design, business and visual communication design, community design studio, motion graphics, typography II. and web design.

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In addition to completing the portfolio, students will also have the opportunity to complete a professional internship. Graduates of the program are prepared to pursue careers in graphic design and more.

Wayne State University (WSU) was founded in 1868 as Detroit Medical College. Serving 24,155 students, WSU ranks among the 50 largest public universities in the United States. The school offers approximately 350 degrees and certificates through 13 schools and colleges.

The College of Performing, Performing and Communication Arts is home to the Department of Art and Art History, which offers a BFA in Design. The program offers four concentration options that include fashion, graphic, industrial, and interior design.

The Graphic Design concentration requires 45 credit hours in design courses, eighteen of which must be advanced (course number 3000 and up). Course highlights include Graphic Design I: Theory and Problem Solving, Graphic Design II: Word, Image, and Visual Organization, History of Graphic Design, and Typography.

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In the last year of the program, students complete the Senior Seminar (AGD 5260) and the Senior Studio (AGD 5997). The optional internship is part of the program, which can be completed in the student’s junior or senior year.

Founded in 1928, Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) is a college within Ferris State University. The school serves more than 1,000 students enrolled in approximately 24 BFA, BS, MA, MFA, and certificate programs. This includes a BFA in Graphic Design.

Students begin the program by exploring fundamental design elements such as images and visualization; typography and sound; the power of color, composition, and grid; and concept and content development; Creating meaningful messages and bringing to life stories that challenge, educate, inspire and entertain,” says the school.

Program highlights include collaborative projects, an integrated learning environment, instruction in the use of the latest industry-standard software applications, critique and presentation of ideas and finished work, and professional experiences such as internships, course-driven professional projects, or study abroad programs. experiences. . Students also benefit from the graphic design program’s “strong relationships” with local chapters of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the American Advertising Association (AAF), and the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

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Other event highlights include industry interactions, guest speakers, access to design forums, and other events hosted by Design West Michigan (a KCAD organization that researches and supports design as an economic building block in the region). In addition, students can expect programs such as Advertising Design, Branding-Identity-Promotions, Concept Development, Digital Printing Preparation, Graphics Studio, New Media Design, Package Design, Publication Design and Typography.

Graduates of KCAD’s graphic design program are prepared to continue their studies at the graduate level or pursue positions in a wide variety of fields, such as advertising, branding and design, or in-house for companies or non-profit organizations, as well as freelance or contract work. deployed. Some graduates go on to start their own successful businesses, while others find employment in highly specialized fields such as packaging, publishing and UI/UX design.

Founded in 1960, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) serves more than 23,350 students from the United States and 75 different countries. The school offers 138 degrees in eight colleges, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which houses the Department of Visual and Media Arts. Here, aspiring graphic designers can earn a BFA in Studio Art with a focus on graphic design.

Required courses in the area of ​​emphasis include Advanced Typography, Graphic Design I: Typography, Graphic Design II: Logo/Visual Identity, Graphic Design III: Print Layout and Publishing, Graphic Design IV: Experience Design, the graphic design V: the design questions.

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