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The Specialized Level (Ed.S.) School Psychology program at the University of Cincinnati is designed to prepare highly qualified professional school psychologists following an academic-practitioner model. School psychologists work with teachers, families, and other school and community stakeholders to support children’s academic, social, emotional, and behavioral development. As a result of its comprehensive education, UC Ed.S. graduates are prepared to make significant contributions to this challenging field through cutting-edge research-based professional experience, child and family advocacy, and best practice leadership.

Schools With Masters In Psychology

Ed.S. The program consists of 3 years of full-time study followed by 10 months (1500 hours) of full-time supervised internship. At the end of the 1st year, students complete the requirements for a master’s degree (Master of Behavior Analysis) within this 3-year program.

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This specialist-level preparation leads to licensure in school psychology from the Ohio Department of Education. It also meets the National Certificate in School Psychology (NCSP) training requirements administered by the NASP, aligns with these national standards, and meets the licensing requirements of many other states. In addition, graduates complete course requirements to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Graduates work as professional school psychologists in schools and other community and educational settings to promote positive academic and mental health outcomes for students.

The University of Cincinnati School of Psychology program is based on fundamental ethical principles in which psychologists respect the dignity and worth of all human beings and are designed to promote measurable positive outcomes in their work. These principles are embodied in the National Association of School Psychologists’ Standards of Ethics, Professional Practice, and Training. The School Psychology Program at the University of Cincinnati emphasizes the use of academic, practical, and ecological behavioral models to guide practice with an emphasis on promoting social justice in the implementation of these fundamental principles. As academics, students are trained to think critically about theory and practice, to develop defensible models of professional practice, and to collect and use reliable data for decision-making. By taking an ecological behavior approach, students focus on behavior change in important contexts such as school and family, and learn to work with key people to make meaningful changes in those contexts. Students are also trained as social justice advocates to ensure access to high quality educational services for all clients and to dismantle systems of oppression and exclusion in schools.

These basic principles form the basis of the Program’s philosophy and approach, translated into a number of interrelated learning themes, which together form the basis of the Program’s instructional design and operations. The study topics of these programs are:

This program provides future school psychologists with a solid professional and academic foundation that reflects the depth and diversity of psychology and education. The program is sensitive to the social background and cultural diversity of all people and respects each person’s uniqueness and human dignity. Self-awareness, positive regard for others, and respect for cultural and individual differences are actively developed in all students.

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