Schools With Music Production Programs

Schools With Music Production Programs – ICON’s Music Production School in Los Angeles provides top-notch music education to aspiring artists. See why our students choose to study music production at ICON.

Since 2005, ICON Collective has been at the forefront of music education. Our proven approach to music production enables students to achieve their goals in the music industry.

Schools With Music Production Programs

ICON prepares you for success! Whether you aspire to be a main stage touring artist, professional electronic music producer, mastering engineer or any other career in the recording industry.

Edm Ghost Producer

ICON Collective is a music school of higher education with proven results. We are an accredited Ableton-certified music school.

Our College of Music offers an immersive music production program in Los Angeles and online. ICON’s comprehensive curriculum and philosophy will teach you essential technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process.

Learning the principles and methods of music production is only part of creating quality music. We also provide students with tools and strategies to label, sell, distribute and market their music.

Additionally, our staff and instructors are professional music industry professionals. They share their knowledge and real-world experiences in the classroom and in individual meetings.

Music & Sound

Students work with these professional mentors at ICON. This opportunity gives each student individual attention to develop the required skills and a unique creative approach.

Students will also become proficient in using the latest music technology. Learn hands-on with Ableton Live or Pro Tools, software instruments and effects, mixers, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, and other music studio essentials.

ICON Collective has created a close-knit community of artists, producers, DJs and other music industry professionals. Each member of this collective fits into the common spirit that we have developed from the beginning.

Every artist needs a support network to help them learn and succeed. At ICON, we give you this network. Our expandable community opens the door to education, music collaborations, support groups, special benefits and more.

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ICON provides further training and support even after graduation. All LA alumni receive exclusive access to alumni benefits and resources, including:

Some of our industry guests include Jauz, Slander, deadmau5’s manager, record label representative Owsla and more.

The success of our graduates inspires future generations of students to pursue their musical dreams in the entertainment industry. We couldn’t be more proud of their success!

Our guided tours give potential students a chance to experience ICON. Guests have access to the school and its impressive facilities. You’ll also meet integral ensemble members, interact with professional musical equipment, and explore the curriculum in depth.

Music Production Minor

The collective reviews of ICON are positive! See what our students have to say about their experience at ICON:

“ICON Collective was the best decision I made for my music career. I learned a lot throughout the year and made the best friends. It’s truly a family and all the teachers are the best in Los Angeles. Some of the most talented artists in the world. If want to learn from some of the best, look no further!ICON changed my life!

“ICON was a life-changing experience for me and one of the most important milestones in my career. Through ICON, I have gained a close-knit family that supports, supports and inspires me. It is. It’s an amazing community/family to be a part of.”

“I owe a lot to my experience at ICON. The faculty strives to create a unique learning environment for emerging artists and industry professionals. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the studio facilities are excellent!

Courses In Music Production, Sound Engineering And Dj’ing In London

Los Angeles, California offers one of the most dynamic and vibrant music scenes in the world. It is the center of a thriving music industry. That’s why ICON started in LA.

As an ICON student, you have access to more than just an amazing education on campus. You can also visit LA, an exciting city with endless possibilities for emerging artists.

There are many record companies, managers, booking agents, promoters, music labels and other industry professionals working in Los Angeles. They thrive by making their dreams come true. You can too!

The culture we foster on campus enhances the music scene in Los Angeles. Support, authenticity and hard work will get you far in LA and ICON is at the forefront of the action!

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Our Burbank location is less than 15 minutes from downtown Hollywood and less than 20 minutes from downtown LA. This is the perfect place to create, learn and explore California.

Downtown Burbank is also a vibrant place at the heart of the creative community. The neighborhood combines bustling traffic, entertainment, dining, shopping, rich culture and a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a quintessential SoCal experience!

Still have questions? Our dedicated admissions department will answer questions about music programs, admissions, tuition, life at ICON and anything in between.

ICON’s music production programs range from $2,995 to $38,992. The most popular program is our flagship LA program priced at $25,995.

B.a. In Music Technology

Contact our admissions department to learn about admission requirements, tuition costs, and how to schedule an enrollment appointment.

The Advanced LA program provides 18 months of music education. Includes 60 hours with a professional producer, 1,200 office hours, live Q&A with guest artists and more.

LA’s flagship program provides 12 months of music education. Includes 40 hours with a professional producer, 800 office hours, live Q&A with guest artists and more.

Choosing how to teach music production depends on your ambitions, learning style and budget. However, post-secondary education at ICON offers something that online tutorials cannot.

Music Production & Audio Recording

Preparatory music schools provide a structured and carefully planned way of learning. They offer programs led by passionate, qualified teachers who inspire students to achieve their creative goals.

Through a structured curriculum, the aspiring producer can also accelerate the pace of gaining knowledge, skills and experience to advance their music and career.

Read our blog post: Should You Go to Music Production School? We compare music production schools with free online lessons.

Learning music production is difficult but rewarding. It takes a long time to get to the level where you are releasing professional music.

Sound And Music Production

Music production requires practice and knowledge of the intricacies of music creation. For example, music theory, sound design, music composition, mixing and mastering, music technology and more.

Success in music production also requires music business skills. For example, knowledge of music marketing, contracts, music royalties, distribution, industry trends and more.

Yes! The knowledge, skills, experience and contacts you gain at music production schools will prepare students for real success. This is not the case with other unstructured methods.

Students also learn from industry professionals using the latest music technology. A unique learning environment will accelerate the learning process, increase understanding, increase self-confidence and more.

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If you’re passionate about music and serious about building a career in the industry, it’s worth investing in yourself.

About Icon Collective ICON Collective is an online music production school based in Los Angeles that will teach you basic technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process. Consulting with industry professionals will give you access to real-world information and help you customize your music education. Check out our music production programs.

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