Science Fair Experiments For 8th Graders

Science Fair Experiments For 8th Graders – Butler Catholic students in grades 7 and 8 had the opportunity to present and discuss their science projects at the Butler Catholic School’s annual science fair on Wednesday, January 17. Each 7th and 8th grader presented a whiteboard with their assumptions, research and results. Family and friends were invited to ask students questions about their accomplishments and what they learned. Ms. Chobot, Butler’s Catholic science teacher, says the science fair is a natural extension of the classroom to help students engage more fully in the scientific process of a topic that interests them. It also helps students understand the importance of communicating scientific findings effectively.

“Science is about investigating questions and coming up with possible answers. It involves repeated experiments to test hypotheses and get the same results over and over. This is what the science fair tries to help students to We do lab experiments in the classroom that follow this scientific method, and the science fair is just a bigger version of that, but it’s their question that they’re investigating,” Chobot said. continued: “Science must also be communicated; no one will know any of the discoveries made if scientists do not communicate it to others. This is also an important skill that students must know how to do. This is the second objective of the science fair. It asks students to take ownership of their project and communicate their findings. It leaves the possibility that someone will replicate the experiment and get the same result, so we have answers for ssible! »

Science Fair Experiments For 8th Graders

Chobot is also the academic advisor for the PA Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) group at Butler Catholic School. “PJAS allows students to compete with their project and really know and share their results. They have to be able to do the necessary science, but communication is also a big part of that,” Chobot said. Butler Catholic School has 11 students participating in PJAS this year. The regional competition will take place on Saturday, February 24. Rebecca Naglieri and Erin Gleeson worked together to determine if using egg substitutes would make a difference in baked goods.

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Jenna DeBellis learned the cause of “Brain Freeze” and answered questions about her method from science teacher Sheryl Waxberg.

Do you know how much iron there is in cereals? How many bacteria are there in your makeup? What materials can block a Wi-Fi signal? You might have found the answers to these and other tough science questions at Island Park Lincoln Orens Middle School’s 20th Annual Science Fair, held Jan. 15 in the school’s gymnasium. Led by 7th grade science teacher Sheryl Waxberg and 8th grade science teacher Phillip DeSantis, 7th and 8th graders created and implemented nearly a hundred different experiments to test different hypotheses. . Several hundred friends, family members and neighbors viewed the exhibits and were very impressed with the subjects and experiences of the students.

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Long first unit on cells and systems (I was getting used to teaching science!) we moved on to our unit on fluids in early January. As a summative assessment, I decided to ask my students to organize, plan and manage individual science experiments which would then be presented at a science fair (an event that our school does not organize officially). Not only would this serve as a summative assessment for our unit, but it would also allow me to incorporate many of our Group 0 results!

Th Grade Science Fair Fun!

Having never attended or participated in a science fair (with the exception of having been a judge for a local science fair during my university studies), I was very hesitant where to start. However, after a quick Google search, I found an excellent science fair planning package put together by Lora Holt. Now keep in mind this pack was originally designed for primary school age (K-5) but after some tweaking I created something that followed a similar format that was suitable to my students.

Friday went off without a hitch and I’m so proud of everything my 8 have accomplished on this trip. Their experiments were well planned and showed great scientific research and use of the scientific method. Their displays were well laid out and eye-catching and they answered questions from the audience like the pros!

Now prepare for image overload (sorry, I’m so proud of all the work they’ve done!)

– Other than that, I was thrilled with how everything turned out and couldn’t be more proud of my 8th graders. Tomorrow I’ll ask them to fill in their thoughts on what they thought of the whole process, so I’ll see what they say and update this list as needed!

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