Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living – Still dreaming of endless summer and life by the sea? No matter where you live, you can bring that beach feeling home.

As summer approaches, many of us dream of living by the sea. With fresh sea air, long walks on the beach and the sound of the sea – it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

If you have the opportunity to live on the beach or just want to retreat there mentally, a beach house should encourage relaxation by embracing and reflecting the natural environment. Think beyond nautical prints and classic white and navy stripes: here’s how to create seaside chic.

Beach House Living Rooms That Bring Summer To You

These 9 tips will help you give your home a chic, seaside look. The possibilities are endless when you use the ocean and coastline as your inspiration.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Coastal luxury is a perennial favorite among designers and homeowners. The relaxed and cool style reminds us of lazy summer days or a lovely vacation when the sun, sand and surf are just a stone’s throw away!

Embracing the bright, beautiful and energetic atmosphere of beach life, coastal style aims to create a relaxed, airy and fun atmosphere in the home. Although there are several versions of a beach-inspired theme, it’s best to choose one without clichés that works for you year-round.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Best Coastal Décor Ideas To Bring The Beach Home

Just like the beach, seaside rooms will have a cool feel, so don’t suffocate them with too much furniture. Arrange carefully to maintain perspective and clear vision—and emphasize the perimeter of the space rather than obscuring its center.

For an open plan space to flow naturally, it’s important to have consistency in decor. Keeping the color palette neutral will create a backdrop that is easy to work with. However, neutral does not mean colorless.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Whether you choose pastel tones or tropical tones, make sure your home’s layout makes it easy to create an airy and open space to immerse yourself in seaside living.

Coastal Furniture, Beach House And Beach Home Interiors

There is something magical about an all-white room; It has an immediate calming and relaxing effect. So white tones work perfectly to create a quiet, calm background, allowing your colors to subtly explode. Dry white towels, clean sheets and even sheer curtains have a beachy feel and will automatically make your home feel clean and sunny.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Airy, fresh and energizing, white elements such as walls, bedding and furniture will brighten up your seaside look and create the perfect base for ocean-influenced accents. Incorporating lots of bright white into the decor will compliment the cool blues and warm wood tones in the other design elements and unify the whole look.

Beach life is all about soaking up the sun and lighting is the most important element if you’re decked out in coastal style.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Beach House Interiors: 18 Ways To Get The Coastal Look

There is no substitute for great natural light to create an open and happy interior. Light colors amplify the light to create a vivid scene.

One of the easiest ways to bring in a seaside feel is to open windows and let in natural light. Replace heavy curtains with soft, thin fabrics that can move with the wind. Place important furniture near the window so that the space is filled with light from dawn to dusk, so you can enjoy the view.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Choosing furniture for a coastal style bedroom can be a lot of fun. Decor made of natural fibers and organic materials will serve you better to accentuate the ocean theme. Each piece of room decor should highlight the room by indicating the location and adding character in the process.

A Look Inside A West Palm Beach House With Coastal Chic Interiors

Collecting shells and corals makes great vignettes on a console table or sideboard, but if you can’t find any, cheat! Items made of natural driftwood such as candles and mirrors not only blend beautifully with the coastal space, but also fulfill a practical function.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Wicker tools, wicker furniture and beds with natural oak frames also fit perfectly into the scheme of things.

Add splashes of bold color to bring a beachy feel to your home. You can show your color through furniture, accessories and other warm colored items. The color of water and sky, blue is the obvious choice for inland beach areas. Consider combining muted shades of green and blue – even classic navy will work.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Serene Coastal Chic Living Room Decor — House Full Of Summer

Just a little color; Accents of classic coastal shades like blues and turquoise help liven up the space. At the same time giving a subtle nod to the sea and sky beyond. The beauty and elegance of your perfect seaside style home is that it brings us closer to nature and its tranquil habitat.

Large houseplants do wonders for a coastal atmosphere because they help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Large plants create a tropical, island-paradise feel, while dark greens work well with whites, neutrals, blues and light grays. Colorful tropical flowers arranged in large pots bring a soft, vibrant feel, while still adding a dramatic touch to the space.

Beach House Decor: 10 Ways To Give Your Home Seaside Style |

By strategically placing an orchid, fern or palm tree, you are making a bold statement about wanting your home to look tropical. It does not have to be a live tree. By using architectural planters, the interior beauty of your home can be significantly enhanced.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

There is something distinctly elegant and chic about stripes. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how well they work in even the most modern beach houses. Introduce pattern and texture to your scheme with stripes, checks and fun nautical prints.

Mix them up in traditional ways like rugs, pillows and upholstery, or branch out with patterned art, wallpaper or window treatments. Dark stripes used in upholstery can be complimented by soft color patterns.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Coastal, Nautical Inspired Decoration Ideas

Layering colors and patterns is a great way to achieve a chic seaside look. These include coral, stripes, checks and herringbone or herringbone patterns. Layers of padding with subtle stripes and ribs create a comfortable beachy feel.

What’s better than a luxury rug for your beach house? Escape reality and move your space to an oceanfront location with luxury ocean views.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Think casual beach house style with seaside living and classic rugs to suit any room. Rugs provide a way to display color and texture. Natural fiber open-weave carpets are perfect for any coastal-style room.

Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas For Summer With Coastal Charm

Organic materials such as sea grass, straw and jute bring warmth and natural texture to coastal interiors. Seagrass rugs rule this luxurious home and provide an elevated aesthetic through the rug.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Sailor Stripes: Wide royal blue stripes make this versatile rug (can be used indoors or outdoors) a chic choice for the summer home.

Into the Blue: Because it’s made from polyester fiber, this rug is waterproof and its eye-catching pattern is a standout in our book.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Boho Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

Under the Sea: We love the coral pattern on this 100% pure wool rug. It’s the typical seaside accent.

Under the Sun: Designed for a high level of comfort, this vibrant yellow rug looks great on the front porch or patio.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

You may think “coastal style” interior with some clichés. However, you don’t have to go far with seashells and pieces of driftwood to create a cozy seaside feel. Instead, a subtle combination with this style will add more impact to the chic seaside look.

California Interiors: 18 Examples Of Coastal Chic Decor

Choosing the right seaside decor to add to your home can be done with nautical accessories. They can be the perfect choice for styling any room in your home, most often the bathroom.

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Create a beachy feel in your home and turn any room into a seaside getaway. Use lighthouse signs, door stoppers, hanging hearts and sailing themed accessories.

From understated, soft furnishings to bold, dark stripes, clean white walls, seashells and seagulls. The world of design is literally your oyster!

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Beach Cottage Décor Ideas That Feel Cozy And Coastal

Check out our Coastal Chic Interiors Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to style your home.

Are you looking to create a seaside or more beachy feel to your home? Let us know in the comments below because we want to hear your opinion!

Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

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Coastal Chic Interiors: Design Beside The Seaside

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Seaside Interiors Chic Coastal Living

Coastal design can be characterized by kitsch coastal decor and vibrant colors against a slightly neutral background. It is the complete opposite of the modern movement

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