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Email Open Rates: A Scientific, Step By Step Guide For 2023

It’s easy to send an email or two. But a long-term email strategy that grows your business requires a deliberate approach using email marketing best practices. From the right tactics for getting new subscribers to your list to the best ways to let readers unsubscribe, there are rules in the world of email marketing that are worth learning.

By focusing on email best practices, you’ll connect with your customers and grow your business by converting subscribers to sales.

Ignoring these guidelines can mean mailings that look right on a computer but wrong on a mobile device, an email list that’s large but unrelated, or emails that never get opened. By focusing on email best practices, you’ll connect with your customers and grow your business by converting subscribers to sales.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’ve hit a plateau in your email list growth, this article has tips on how to improve your emails and help you develop an email marketing strategy that works. We’re going to walk you through 20 email best practices to help you optimize your emails, go beyond sending one-off emails, and build a sustainable email marketing strategy that pays off for your business.

What Is Email Marketing?

Emailing information and offers is a form of permission marketing, a term coined by Seth Godin in his book Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends to Customers. Godin advocates that customers choose marketing and decide when, where and how to advertise, stating that this is the most effective (and respectful) way to convert viewers into customers. When a website visitor, prospect, or previous customer signs up for your mailing list, they give you permission to contact them.

Double email opt-in versus single opt-in helps collect email addresses by performing an additional verification step that ensures you actually have permission to email them. This method prevents false registrations and helps ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations and laws such as GDPR.

Luxury skincare company Beneath Your Mask uses double email opt-in and sends a welcome email once a subscriber is on the list.

Many email marketing platforms, such as email, provide the ability to enable double opt-in emails to help businesses maintain high-quality email lists. These email marketing best practices will help you build an engaged list and maintain high open rates that lead to sales.

Avon’s Account Selection

After a customer opts in to receive emails, send them a welcome email to establish a timely connection and prepare them for what’s to come. Welcome emails typically have an average open rate of over 86% and are well worth using. Most email marketing services, including their built-in marketing automation, allow you to send an automatic welcome email after a new subscriber joins your email list. Make sure your welcome email is evergreen and relevant to newcomers.

Bushbalm, a company that develops a line of natural skin care products, encourages website visitors to sign up for its mailing list at a promotional discount. In its welcome email, it provides a limited-time special offer to new subscribers.

Your first contact with a subscriber is an opportunity that should not be wasted; instead, set the purpose of your welcome email to match your business goals.

With a direct line to your subscriber’s inbox, email marketing is an opportunity to build a close relationship with your readers. The type of email address you use can affect this relationship. As an email marketing best practice, don’t use a no-reply email address. Instead, choose a valid email address that subscribers can actually reply to. Here is the difference between the two:

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Monitor your company’s inbox for incoming emails and respond in a timely manner. As your business grows, configure your inbox to filter out-of-office auto-replies and automatically forward subscriber responses to your customer service representatives. Email that feels personal encourages engagement and feedback from your newsletter subscribers, which can help build awareness for your business and positively impact email deliverability rates.

Connect with your subscribers and give them the most value by personalizing the emails you send. One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your emails is to address your subscribers by name in email marketing platforms that dynamically add personal information to your emails. However, this is just one of the many ways you can personalize your mailings.

Choose an email marketing platform with powerful automation features that allow you to create an email experience that is tailored to each subscriber:

As a business, you want to approach customers in a way that feels sophisticated and professional. But in practice, this can lead to a stiff formality that makes your emails sound cold and impersonal. Instead, choose a casual and conversational tone in your emails.

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These small changes can make the difference between emails that are immediately archived and emails that subscribers read to the end.

On average, a person sends and receives 121 business e-mails per day; The email you send to a subscriber is just one of an endless digital pile. Give your email a better chance of being read by keeping your emails short and to the point.

Furniture company Sundays sent out short and to-the-point emails about their biggest sales of the year during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

According to Campaign Monitor, the ideal email copy length is between 50 and 125 words. These are just guidelines and you should experiment with the length that works for your business audience. However, avoid emails that are too long and force readers to click halfway through. Instead, get to the point and make it clear what you’re trying to convey to the reader—whether it’s an upcoming sales promotion or the launch of a new product line.

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People usually don’t read every word in an email, at least not initially. Instead, when reading online, people often use an F-shaped reading pattern, which is optimized for efficiency by focusing first on the top of the text and then scrolling vertically. The reader’s eyes look for important details to get a broad picture of what the newsletter is saying.

Structure your emails to help your readers get as much information as possible quickly. Here are some tips to avoid large blocks of text in favor of transparent content:

These simple tips can make your emails easier to read and ultimately easier to message your subscribers.

Spending time creating an engaging and informative email only matters if the subscriber opens it. That’s why a headline that grabs a reader’s attention from a cluttered inbox is so important. Avoid gimmicks like BOLD letters, excessive exclamation marks, and emoticon overload and try these tips instead:

Product Research Secrets

Think of a subject line that will get the reader to click instead of opening a new email in their inbox.

If the subject line is your headline, the preview text is your subtitle. While the subject line is what a subscriber sees first, the preview text gives you another chance to inspire someone to open your email. Don’t use preview text, which by default indents the preview header or the first line of the email. Instead, adjust your preview text and choose a line that encourages readers to read what you have to say.

Instead of using preview text to repeat the subject line with slightly different words, think of the two lines as complementary. Here are some examples from real companies:

Take advantage of preview text to tell your subscribers what’s coming in your email and encourage them to click through and read your message.

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Email is a great tool for inspiring action; this is where calls to action (CTAs) come in. Add CTA buttons to your emails to make it clear what the reader should do. The CTA text should be short (one to five words) and concise, while the CTA button should stand out from the rest of the email and be clearly visible to the reader.

Sustainable cookware brand Fable used direct CTA ads in email to drive subscribers to a sale on their website.

Mejuri, an everyday jewelry brand, uses a relevant CTA to drive traffic to its gold collection on its website.

Some email marketing tools, such as email, also offer the ability to add CTAs that are directly related to checkout, giving your subscribers even fewer steps to take before making a purchase.

Key Decision Makers When Buying Business Email Listsdgadh.pdf.pdf

By tracking the average click-through rate (CTR) of email CTA messages, you can learn which messages are effective and which offers are most attractive to subscribers.

A valuable feature of most email marketing platforms is the ability to experiment with email content through A/B testing by sending different versions of the same email.

With A/B testing, you can compare different elements of your email to see what works best. Here’s a list of different elements you can experiment with using A/B

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