Send Mass Email From Excel List

Send Mass Email From Excel List – Incorporating this mailer and mail sender template in Excel will help you create single or large emails and send them using Outlook with VBA.

Need to send multiple emails at once? Or do you have a standard email that you want to send every now and then without using some complicated software? Our email sender template is a mailing list solution that will help you create and manage multiple emails without the need for MS Excel and Outlook.

Send Mass Email From Excel List

Please note that our email sender template is compatible with Excel 2010 and later. It is not currently available in Microsoft Excel for Mac.

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All you need to get started with our model is an installed and configured view. This means that if you can open your Outlook and create emails manually, our template can also do it faster.

Our email client has 3 parts. The two of them are designed to organize and send emails as one or more sections, finally giving the opportunity to create templates. So if you send the same emails every day, you may find the ready-made email sample section most useful.

In the Email Package section, you can host up to 1000 emails. However, creating multiple emails can block your Outlook outbox. Therefore, we recommend that you start by creating a smaller number of emails. After making sure your vision abilities are sufficient, you can fill the cell with all the information.

Each row belongs to the email. Start by entering an email ID, then setting an email subject, and finally writing an email. For the body of the email, you have 2 options: either you will use a pre-built template or you can write your own article.

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Additionally, you can use HTML text format or just write plain text. You can also add files from the Attachments column. Select the cells in the Attachments column of this email and click the “Select Attachments” button. If you do not want to attach any files, leave this cell blank.

Once you have filled in all the email information, you are almost ready. The last step is to choose the action you want to take.

In the “Select Action” column, you can choose to send an email, create a draft, or do nothing. When you select an action and click on the “Generate Email” button, you will get all the results in the results column.

This part of the integrated mail template can be useful for sending the same email every day. In the physical section, you do not have to enter all the email characters in a single cell. You can use separate rows to create your email. This way it will look nicer.

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This section also allows you to add attachments and save emails as drafts. When you click the Show Preview button, the template will automatically open the Outlook window to see the latest version of the email before sending it. So just like you used to do in Outlook, you can check before taking any action in viewing this email.

In this section you can organize and save up to 10 draft emails. Once you have specified your personal standard emails, you can select them with a single click on the drop-down button in the Email Package section. It saves you time if you use almost the same draft for your email. Also, these drafts can be redesigned and changed whenever you want.

The email sender template is an Excel template that is ready to use as provided. If you need to customize your report or need more complex templates, check out our personal service.

Watch the video below to see examples in action! The presentation also includes notes, usage, explanations and tips and tricks. For example, I have the following data range in the worksheet with the column Name Name Email Address Registration Code and now I want to send a message with a personal message. Welcome and your personal registration code to a separate email address in column A. To resolve this issue, the following methods may be helpful:

Bulk Email Checker

With Word Mail input function, you can complete this task quickly and easily by just following the steps below:

1. Start a new blank Word document, then click Send> Select Recipient> Use existing list, see screenshot:

2. In the data source selection window, select the workbook that includes the range of data you want to use and click the Open button, see screenshot:

3. In the table selection box below, select the worksheet that contains the range of data you need, and then click the OK button, see the screenshot:

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4. And the main files of your email messages and address list are attached, you can now edit text messages and add placeholders that indicate where unique information will appear in each message.

(1.) To enter your own welcome name, click Submissions> Insert a merge field> Name The personal name is entered in the message and the field name is surrounded by “”.

(2.) Continue to write your message and enter the registration code where you need it, see the screenshot:

5. After composing the message, you can click Preview Results on the Mailbox to preview the email message and work. Change before completing the merge.

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6. After making sure there is no problem, you can send an email to a separate recipient, click Send> Finish and Merge> Send an Email Message, see screenshot:

8. Then click OK. Emails are sent to a separate recipient with their own registration code at the same time. After sending the email, you can log in to your Outlook to make sure the email is correct. Successfully submitted.

With Kutools Email for Excel, you can quickly send custom emails to multiple recipients with different Excel attachments via Outlook as needed. At the same time, you can also send CC or Cco messages to specific people. Download for free and try Kutools for Excel now!

Except the VBA code entry function below may also satisfy you, please do the following:

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1. Press ALT + F11 and a Microsoft Visual Basic window for the program will open.

3. Then press the F5 key to run this code and a prompt will appear to remind you to select the data range you want to use, see the screenshot:

4. Then click OK, the email will be sent to a separate address with their individual registration code one by one. After sending the email, you can log in to your Outlook to make sure the email is sent. Successfully.

If you have Kutools for Excel with its Send Email feature, you can quickly send custom emails to multiple recipients with as many different attachments as you need.

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2. In the Email box, select the range of data you want to use, and then specify the recipient address, attachments, and subject you want to view.

3. In the edit box, enter each welcome name, select a name from the drop-down list, and click Insert Placeholder to insert the name into the message. See screenshot:

5. After the e-mail body is complete, select the optional sending method, you can send via Outlook or your specified server, see the screenshot:

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Note: If you want to use another server, click Outgoing Server Settings to set your send mode, see the screen:

6. Finally click the send button to send the email, after completing them, a prompt will appear to remind you of the sending status. See screenshots:

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This code works very well, thanks a lot for that. But I just have a little problem, I am trying to change the code to the default cell I want to capture the emails and send them because I created my excel file. I want to change the selection box for a specific range of cells. Example: All my data fixes will be between A2: C6 so when I run a macro I do not have to select it again. Thank you very much for everything you explained above

Can you modify the code to attach multiple files to an email? It will be a great help. Thank you very much.

Can it add code so that it includes my normal email signature? Also, when I select my queue to send an email, I have an Excel spreadsheet filtered, but when I run a macro it also pulls in a hidden queue.

When you apply Kutools for Excel, it may help you to install it.

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