Send Mass Email To Individuals

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You want to send the same email to different people, but still want a little personalization. Doesn’t it make you wish there was a tool that could have made this task easier?

Send Mass Email To Individuals

Sending bulk emails in Outlook isn’t as scary as it sounds. Of course, there are a few complexities involved. But once you understand how the software works, managing your business and locking in sales is simple and effective. Of course, for an email to be effective, you need to work with your company’s email template. Once you do this, sending emails automatically becomes easy.

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In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about bulk email, Outlook, and sending bulk emails in Outlook, in that order.

According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails. You can determine the type of email you want to send to your customers based on who they are and what they do. We have compiled the list below to help you understand better.

You need to remember that your email list does not contain similar people. Each of them has its own taste and preferences. Creating a successful email marketing campaign requires understanding their needs and wants.

We’ve already given you an overview of the types of emails you should be sending to both existing and potential customers. Each type of email has a specific role that forms different spokes in the proverbial marketing wheel. They include:

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Commonly known as the cash cow of email, welcome emails can increase revenue by more than 320% compared to promotional emails. This is mainly because the recipient’s interest in the recent subscriber is at its peak.

You should make sure that your welcome email is detailed and includes information about all the products and services you offer. Add a memorable and effective call to action and you’re good to go.

The importance of the newsletter cannot be underestimated. It helps to build customer relationship and create goodwill. It provides a platform for your products along with your branding. Newsletters help keep customers up to date with the latest news and offers, which is great for keeping them interested.

Special offers emails include coupons, discounts, special offers, etc. that will help you make sales. You can offer special offers to some of your customers by calling them as VIPs.

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Using catchy email subject lines can make your customers feel special and appreciated. This will help you in two ways: increase customer loyalty and generate revenue.

If you have a strong customer base, product announcement emails can really boost sales. In fact, sending these emails to existing customers can increase conversion by 60-70%.

You need to create an effective sales email template to increase the likelihood of a potential customer placing an order.

Just the fact that your customer has added something to their card shows that they are interested in the product. With an average click-through rate of 21%, almost half of people complete their orders.

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Confirmation emails are proof of a completed action such as bookings, orders, etc. This type of email can be sent to both customers and website visitors.

With these emails, the customer can view payment and shipping information, get quick support, and get an estimated delivery date. Since customers more or less expect it by mail, email open rates are also high. You can add promotional content towards the end.

Curated content refers to a collection of useful, high-quality content that could be of interest to your customers.

To effectively curate content, you need to choose a topic and then curate relevant content. Neil Patel created a checklist to better understand content curation. The content is here.

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Customer opinions play a very important role in determining product quality and brand reputation. Since 84% of customers trust both online reviews and personal recommendations, review request emails can be very useful. Your existing customers will also feel that their opinion is valued and gain trust in your brand.

Milestone emails can celebrate a milestone for your business or a customer’s engagement with you. For example, your business has been in business for ten years, or a customer joined your mailing list a year ago.

It makes the customer feel special, increasing their loyalty to your brand. You can also offer them special discounts to increase sales. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

According to Campaign Monitor, nearly 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This creates the need to optimize emails to make them mobile friendly.

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If an email is difficult to read or unpleasant to look at, people will immediately delete it and some will even hit the dreaded unsubscribe button. Sending personalized mass emails is certainly good, but with the changing times, mobile optimization has also become necessary.

Sending personalized e-mails or sending bulk e-mails individually can be done quickly using Microsoft Word’s mail merge function with Excel and Outlook.

Mail merges allow you to send the same documents with unique details to multiple people. Your email has the same format, the same text, the same graphics, but with a personalized greeting. You can also make the email subject unique.

The two parts are “merged” using letter joints (see how it’s called right?). Here’s how you can send bulk messages in Outlook without spamming your clients.

Mail Merge In Outlook: Send Bulk Email Individually

(Note: The merge fields come from the mailing list column headers. If you find a discrepancy, use Field Match to ensure accuracy. If you’re still having discrepancy issues, select that field from the drop-down menu.

As mentioned above, you can also select a list of recipients by creating a spreadsheet in MS Excel. In this case, the recipient selection process is slightly different. Read on for details on this.

After starting the mail merge, click “Select recipients” and then “Use an existing list.” You need to select the Excel table you created earlier and then select “Open”.

When the “Select Table” window appears, select the name of the page containing the recipient’s information. If the first row of the generated spreadsheet contains column headers, click “First data row contains column headers”. Then click “OK”.

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You can then continue with the rest of the steps to customize your greeting lines and compose your email body. The list of recipients can be selected in Excel or Outlook, the end result is no different.

Here are some tips to help you send personalized mass emails individually, saving you time and effort.

Starting with the benefits of bulk email in Outlook. First, as a user, you don’t need any additional newsletter tools. Second, your email recipients will receive personalized emails that can improve your chances of making a sale.

The cons of using Outlook mainly focus on displaying messages. Due to the lack of a newsletter tool, newsletters may not be displayed correctly. Similarly, if the recipient has a different version of Outlook, the screen may again experience problems. Outlook also has no customization tools for users.

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Nevertheless, the convenience and efficiency of sending personalized mass mail to people makes it quite attractive and preferable for most users.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and is used to send the same email to someone with the advantage of hiding the addresses of other recipients. BCC has one major drawback: it is also the most widely used method of spamming.

The problem is that the sending server, the receiving domain server, and the receiving mail server all see your bulk mail differently.

The sending server sees that you are sending an email that goes to multiple email addresses at once. Some of these emails may even be delivered to email addresses in the same domain, which are then viewed by the recipient domain’s email server. If you send a letter abroad, the recipient’s mail server will also see it.

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All of these are considered violations that increase the chance that your bulk mail will end up in spam. For this reason, it is best to send mass emails from Outlook.

Once you’ve finished composing your mail, Microsoft Outlook sends the emails almost immediately. This may not be favorable for many of us. The good news is that Outlook offers us the ability to snooze outgoing email.


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