Seo Strategies For Small Businesses

Seo Strategies For Small Businesses – Small Business SEO: The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in 10 Quick Steps by Erika Vargoula July 23, 2020 14 min read

The number of small businesses is increasing. There are now 30.2 million small businesses in the US alone, representing 99.9% of all businesses in the country.

Seo Strategies For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, it can sometimes be hard to understand why your closest competitor ranks higher than you on Google. You know you’re selling the best product (or service) at the best price, but every time you do a search, you see that other people are performing better than your site.

Small Business Seo Tips (that Work In 2023 )

This is frustrating for one simple reason: It means they generate business that you can get.

You may have heard that checking your site’s ranking in business name searches will require you to invest thousands of dollars a month in an expert or agency. This is a myth and couldn’t be further from the truth.

While SEO, especially for larger sites, can be very technically complex, small businesses often compete locally with other businesses like theirs.

In many cases, the goal of small business SEO is to increase visibility and awareness within a relatively small geographic area. This will increase the number of site visits, sales or inquiries as well as higher levels of foot traffic to your store or showroom. If you’re willing to invest some time, you can really improve your online visibility.

Best Seo Tips For Small Businesses

In this guide, we’ll walk you through getting started with small business SEO, specifically:

First, let’s look at why SEO is so important for small businesses. Traditionally, small businesses advertise in the newspaper or on regional radio or television.

Consumers find suppliers of products and services differently than they did five or ten years ago. When consumers need something, they pull out their smartphone, open Google, and search. From restaurants to electricians, accountants, lawyers and many more businesses and services. Within seconds, you can find options to consider buying or enquiring.

And that means that as a small business, you need to make sure that your site shows up when someone searches Google. Your options are SEO or PPC (paid advertising).

Tips For Small Business Owners On Finding & Reaching The Right Audience Within Year One Of Launch

It’s just that as a small business, you cannot ignore SEO because it is a proven way to get new customers and make money.

It’s easy to sit back and feel disappointed that another company ranks higher than yours. There are many reasons why many small businesses don’t rank highly on Google.

The number one reason small businesses struggle to appear in search results is a lack of specialized resources and expertise.

There’s no denying that people who own and work for small businesses have to juggle many roles and perform many different tasks in their daily work. This means that many small businesses often lack dedicated marketing resources or people who have developed the skills necessary to successfully rank their site on Google.

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Another major problem that small businesses face is that their marketing budget is often small, even relative to their revenue.

If there are no financial resources available to hire a full-time internal marketing team, specialist or agency to handle SEO for the company, it will be difficult for you to perform well in local directories and search results.

The other major issue small businesses face and why their SEO is often neglected is time. Even when a business owner knows there is something they can do themselves to get their site to rank higher in Google, time is often a constraint.

If you can take the time to have a good small business SEO strategy, there are plenty of resources available to help you increase your website visibility.

Local Seo Tips To Improve Your Real Estate Websites

If you are going to work on SEO for your business, there are many ways to boost your site’s ranking through careful planning, optimization, and using local SEO services. Here are 10 small business SEO tips that focus only on what you can do to get started.

Note: While these guidelines apply to other types of businesses as well, they are primarily designed for smaller sites promoting your physical or service business.

Without the right tools, it will be difficult for you to track your progress and get the information you need to make decisions about increasing your site’s visibility. Two major tools are available for free: Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Chances are you already have both profiles set up for your site, but if not, you’ll need to become familiar with these tools.

Google Analytics helps you track and report on your website traffic and conversions, track growth, and understand how your audience is using your website.

Effective Seo Tips For Small Businesses

Google Search Console shows how your site is presented in Google search results. You can also fix errors, submit your site for indexing, and view other data.

Before you do anything else, go ahead and set them up for your business because the insights you can gain from these tools while performing other tasks will be invaluable. Here you can learn how to get started using Google Analytics and how to add Google Search Console to your website.

It’s important to know how potential customers search for businesses like yours so you can optimize your site accordingly. Finding the search terms people are using is known as keyword research. The first thing to do is open a notebook and jot down a list of terms you expect people to find when searching for a business that sells or offers what you do.

There are no right or wrong terms here. Keep going until you start fighting. You can then use the keyword review tool to find the right keywords to optimize for your site. Start by typing the words and phrases you just noted into the tool and press the Analyze button:

Local Seo Tips For Small Businesses

After you’ve entered your made-up keyword, you’ll see statistics including the number of monthly searches (volume) and keyword difficulty (KD%).

You can add keywords to the list to start keyword planning. While it’s a great way to see how many people search for the terms you note (and how many are competitors), you don’t need to invent everything.

That’s where the Keyword Magic tool can help. Enter any of the major keywords you have identified and hit search.

You will then receive a list of keyword suggestions that are related to the primary search term you entered.

Seo For Beginners Building A New Website For Their Small Business

Go ahead and add relevant words to your keyword list that you will use to plan your site structure, content, and SEO tags.

It may sound simple, but one of the best things you can do when working on your website’s SEO is to take the time to analyze your SERP competition after finding the keywords you need to optimize your website for. Take some time to make a list of companies that you consider to be competitors. Without turning to Google for now.

Your SERP competitors are not necessarily your offline competitors. These may be included, but there are probably others. Simply put, you need to know who (and what) you’re competing with for the top spot in order to adjust your approach accordingly.

Let’s say you want to be a “Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer”. If we look at the SERP (search results page) for this search term, we will see:

Kickstart Your Seo Strategy With 6 Seo Tips For Small Businesses

Probably not what you were expecting to see, is it? We’re guessing you were expecting to see just a list of lawyers. Gone are the days when companies were evaluated only by Google. After all, their goal is to return the best results to users, and that doesn’t always mean ten links from different companies.

Understanding who you’re competing against can help you know where to direct your efforts. It is important to analyze the SERPs for your target keywords in order to understand what is already ranking and how you need to structure your site and its pages.

When doing your own research, you’ll want to determine whether a company’s homepage or internal pages are ranked. From the SERP we just looked at, we can see that this is mostly the homepage of lawyers of this caliber. There are also some results that include an internal page ranking of theirs.

You should also take the time to browse sites that are rated by companies similar to yours and begin to get a picture of the content they cover. If you need help finding out what keywords your competitors are ranking for in the SERPs, use our organic research tool. You will be able to see where your competitors are ranked and how you can develop a strategy to start ranking top for relevant keywords.

Improving Local Seo Strategies For Small Business Owners

Once you’ve identified the keywords you want to rank for, you need to plan the right structure for your site and how to optimize it. This means mapping out the pages you need to build (or have) to rank for.

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