Silent Auction Platforms For Nonprofits

Silent Auction Platforms For Nonprofits – The world of non-profit events came to a standstill in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire industry by surprise, with key disruptions to organizations around the world. Non-profit organizations are having a tough time with private events such as weddings, fashion shows and golf tournaments, which have been canceled or become virtual events. Charities and other NGOs rely on fundraising events to raise the capital they need to cover their operations.

Nonprofit organizations now understand the benefits of holding virtual events, even when the pandemic is in the rearview mirror.

Silent Auction Platforms For Nonprofits

Digital auctions, virtual events and hybrid approaches to fundraising are breaking new ground and allowing events to be bigger than ever.

What Is A Silent Auction? (+best Software To Help In 2019)

Online auction platforms allow non-profit organizations to carry out an important part of this fundraising activity, and many organizations have used these systems over the years with great success.

With many functions and features, silent auction software can host a silent or eBay-like auction, creating a competitive bidding atmosphere while connecting to email marketing and online donation systems.

Givesmart makes it easy to host online auctions. Manage your charity auction with this cloud-based solution designed specifically for charities.

Advanced artificial intelligence allows Givesmart to optimize your auction process, helping bidders save money while increasing your revenue.

Silent Auction Fundraiser

Givesmart is an online auction tool useful for nonprofit organizations such as associations, K-12 schools, and churches. The platform’s rich functionality includes modules to manage donations, admissions, registration, career center, accounting and all your event needs.

Users receive pre- and post-event promotional tools built into the platform, helping you increase awareness of your auction before it goes live. Receive real-time updates and reports after the event, allowing you to see your top donors and prospects.

Some of the unique auction features included with Givesmart are silent and online auctions, and the company offers world-class customer support.

32Auctions provides another digital solution for non-profits for online auction platforms. This software also provides functionality for silent or live auctions, providing a cloud-based fundraising system to manage, organize and track every aspect of your auction.

Steps To Plan A Nonprofit Fundraising Auction

Another unique feature available on the 32Auctions platform includes a goal counter that allows you to manage and track your private silent auction.

Enhance online auctions with bid sheets and scale auctions to meet your needs. 32Auctions has a flexible user interface that is suitable for the largest or smallest nonprofit organization. You also have a convenient payment processor, which allows you to accept donations in the above currencies.

You have the option to process transactions using traditional methods such as credit and debit cards, as well as new solutions such as PayPal and other e-wallets such as Stripe.

This online auction platform is ideal for fundraising opportunities and smaller auctions. NGOs such as schools, community centers and animal shelters will benefit from fundraising activities.

How To Host A Silent Auction Online In 6 Steps [complete Guide]

To ensure your nonprofit or charity meets your goals, BiddingForGood provides 24/7 auction functionality to keep your auction running from start to finish.

Dynamic event management tools and friendly user interface provide a smooth auction process. You get access to the BiddingforGood community, helping you increase your site’s bidding activity by driving more donors to your CTA.

To make closing easier, BiddingForGood offers several payment methods for accepting donations. You have credit and debit card options, but no option for e-wallets.

You also get a variety of custom pre- and post-event reports and a dedicated account manager to see your auctions succeed.

Mobile Bidding Technology: App Based Vs. Browser Based Silent Auction Software

Get affordable mobile auction software from HandBid. This company helps host auctions for non-profit organizations of any size.

HandBid helps you streamline the auction process from start to finish. Prepare auctions, manage guest lists, pre-allocate bid paddles, process donations and view useful reports on your statistics with comprehensive reporting tools.

HandBid also has many tools to help nonprofits and charities improve their auction process and get more bids.

Run the software platform on any mobile or desktop device. Bidders will receive live updates, messages and alerts if they are outbid.

Silent Auction Mobile Bidding Software

HandBid offers a user-friendly interface with remote accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection. The platform also includes a search function to help bidders find the right auction and a QR code function is included.

Rally Up creates smart online auction solutions for smaller nonprofits. The company operates in 10 countries, helping all charities, groups, schools, churches and non-profit groups meet their fundraising needs and goals.

With Rally Up, you can run live events, raffles, auctions, live sales and crowdfunding events. The platform has advanced peer-to-peer fundraising tools and built-in mobile sourcing features, including text exchange options.

You receive international support and multi-currency donations. The step-by-step interface is easy to use, and the company already has more than 500,000 users worldwide.

The Complete And Easy Guide To Nonprofit Charity Auctions

Better World is another convenient auction and crowdfunding platform to help charities and non-profits reach their fundraising goals. You get free lifetime access to a variety of fundraising tools for live or silent auctions.

Better World comes with mobile-friendly auction templates and custom-branded pages to help you build awareness and sell tickets.

Professionally designed donation pages increase donor engagement and the platform is PCI compliant for secure data protection.

Track, manage and interact with donors through the platform’s user interface, with an easy-to-use dashboard to access your campaign. You get multiple integrations and direct deposits to your nonprofit bank account.

Online Silent Auction & Fundraising App

QGiv is the last mention on this list, but it is a top contender for online auction software.

This online fundraising platform features bidding and includes standard features like push notifications to let bidders know when they win or lose an auction.

Bidders can check the auction watchlist and maximum bids. You also have the function to generate necessary donations, conduct live auctions with offline and in-app bidding. Allow registered bidders to invite their friends with special virtual invitations.

There are many widgets to help organize your donation page, making it easy for donors to navigate. The company offers excellent customer service and you get unlimited users with unlimited access to support and auction tools.

Online Auction Fundraising Software

There are no long-term contractual obligations and no hidden fees. This system also integrates all CRM and sales funnel tools. When choosing an activity for fundraising, a silent auction is one of the best choices you can make. Not only can you hold a silent auction for almost any type of fundraiser, you can start the day or even the day before the main gala. This gives you the perfect way to start raising money and promote your fundraising event at the same time.

There is only one problem. Because silent auctions are so popular, every non-profit or charitable organization tends to use them at their events. And with the growing popularity of virtual and hybrid galas, your organization is not only competing with local charities but with nonprofits across the country.

This means that your silent auction must stand out from the rest if you want to attract the interest of donors. To help with this, put together a list of engagement strategies that are sure to draw attention to your event.

Because silent auctions are so popular, chances are you’ve already paid a fee in advance. Take advantage of this by studying the performance of previous silent auctions and rating the hat – and the hat is not.

Essentials For Hosting A Silent Auction At Your Next Event

Do certain items receive multiple offers? Then you will definitely bid on the upcoming auction. Which sponsors donate the most popular items? Is he sick and can he donate the item again?

Of course, you don’t have to repeat the same old strategy at every silent auction. Consider offering new items or presenting an auction in a branded format to gauge audience reaction. Because each silent auction offers new data, you’ll be able to put together better participation strategies for future fundraisers.

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at all the silent auctions that offer items of interest – or bids. Even if you go to the trouble of buying luxury items like a week-long cruise or a trip to Jamaica, you won’t get any interest if the auction item doesn’t have a guest value.

Instead, tailor your list of auction items to the specific interests – and budget – of your guests. Are most of your supporters sports fans? Then, getting lots of autographed sports memorabilia from your favorite athletes can get them to visit your website. Does your donor enjoy dining and nightlife? Then organize your offers based on the acquisition of reservations and gift certificates to popular restaurants, clubs and playgrounds.

The Best Online Auction Sites For Nonprofits

Once you have a list of auction items, you will have to wait a while to find the item. We recommend giving yourself anywhere from 9 to 12 months before your event to ensure that the items you are purchasing are of high quality.

When looking for these items, you are reluctant to ask for help from local businesses and partners to provide them. Build a network of businesses and connected people in your community to make auction items easier to find. And make sure your event team is persistent and willing

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