Silent Auction Software For Nonprofits

Silent Auction Software For Nonprofits – The world of non-profits has come to a standstill in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire industry by surprise, with lockdowns crippling organizations around the world. Nonprofits have struggled especially when in-person events, such as parties, concerts, and golf tournaments, disappear or become virtual events. Charities and other non-profit organizations rely on fundraising events to raise the capital they need to undertake operations.

Non-profit organizations now understand the benefits of virtual events, as the disease is in the rearview mirror.

Silent Auction Software For Nonprofits

Digital marketing, virtual events and integrated fundraising methods are opening up new avenues and allowing events to grow bigger than ever.

Unique Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

Online auction companies allow nonprofit organizations to handle this important part of their fundraising efforts and many organizations have used these systems with great success over the years.

With so many features and functions, silent auction software can host a silent auction or even an eBay-like auction, creating a very profitable environment while tying it into your email marketing and online donation systems. .

Givesmart makes hosting an online auction easy. Organize your charity auction with this cloud-based solution designed specifically for charities.

Thanks to advanced AI, Givesmart can optimize your auction process, save your applicants money and increase revenue.

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Givesmart is the perfect online auction tool for nonprofit organizations like clubs, K-12 schools, and churches. The platform’s rich functionality includes modules to manage your contributions, withdrawals, registration, work center, billing, and all your other needs.

Users get pre- and post-promotional tools built right into the platform, helping you get the word out about your auction before it goes live. You get real-time post-event updates and reporting so you can see the best contributors and prospects.

Some of Givesmart’s standout auction features include silent and online auctions, and the company offers global customer support.

32Auctions provides nonprofits with a digital solution for their online auction platform. This software also offers services for silent or live auctions and provides you with a cloud-based fundraising system to plan, manage and track every aspect of your auction.

Best Auction Software For Nonprofits

Another unique feature available on the 32Auctions platform is the tracking feature that allows you to manage and track your unique silent auctions.

Expand your online auction with sales graphics and scale your auction to meet your needs. 32Auctions has a flexible user interface that is suitable for larger or smaller nonprofit organizations. You also get convenient payment processors, which allow you to take donations in large amounts.

You get options to manage transactions using traditional methods like credit and debit cards, as well as new solutions like PayPal and other e-wallets like Stripe.

This online auction platform is perfect for small fundraising opportunities and auctions. Non-profit organizations such as schools, community centers, and animal shelters will find it useful for fundraising activities.

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To ensure your organization or charity reaches your goals, BiddingForGood offers you a 24/7 auction feature to keep your auction running from start to finish.

Powerful and user-friendly event management tools ensure a seamless auction process. You get access to the BiddingforGood community, which helps you improve your site’s marketing efforts and drive more donors to your CTA.

To make closing easier, BiddingForGood offers several payment methods for accepting donations. You have credit and debit card options, but no e-wallets option.

You also get a range of pre- and post-event reports and a dedicated account manager to make your auction a success.

Steps To Running A Successful Silent Auction

Buy affordable hand auction software from HandBid. This company helps nonprofits of all sizes.

HandBid helps you streamline the auction process from start to finish. Set up auctions, manage guest lists, pre-order your packages, process donations, and view helpful reports on your statistics with comprehensive reporting tools.

HandBid also comes with a number of tools to help nonprofits and charities improve their auction process and get more bids.

Manage the software platform on any mobile or desktop device. Bidders will receive direct updates, messages and notifications if they are denied.

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HandBid offers an easy-to-use web interface with remote access from anywhere with an internet connection. The platform also includes search features to help searchers find the right auction, and includes QR code functionality.

Rally Up creates inspiration for online auction solutions for small and independent organizations. Working in 10 countries, the company helps all charities, associations, schools, churches and non-profit organizations to develop their fundraising needs and goals.

Rally Up allows you to sponsor live events, raffles, auctions, live sales, and fundraising events. This platform comes with advanced peer-to-peer fundraising tools and built-in mobile features, including a text-to-give option.

You receive international support and many financial contributions. The step-by-step calculation makes it easy to use and the company already has more than 500,000 users worldwide.

Top Charity Auction Sites For Your Fundraiser

Better World is a comprehensive fundraising platform to help charities and non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals. You get free live access to a full range of fundraising tools for your live or silent auction.

Better World comes with mobile-friendly auction templates and custom branding pages to help you increase awareness and sell tickets.

The developmentally designed donation pages improve donor engagement and the platform is PCI compliant for secure data protection.

Track, manage and engage donors through a user-friendly platform, with an easy-to-use dashboard for easy access to your campaign. You get multiple connections and direct deposits into your nonprofit bank account.

How To Maximize Your Auction Fundraiser

QGiv is the last entry on this list, but it is a great contender for online auction software.

This online fundraising platform comes with auction features and includes standard features like push notifications so your sellers know when they’ve won an auction or outsourced.

Bidders can view their wish list and the highest bid on the auction. You also have functions to create required donations, conduct live auctions with offline and in-app bidding. Allow subscribers to invite their friends with regular invitations.

There are several widgets to help you customize your donation page, with easy navigation. The company offers fantastic customer service and you get unlimited users with unlimited opportunities for support and auction items.

Event Management Software For Nonprofits

There are no long-term contract obligations and no hidden costs. This system also integrates with all your CRM tools and sales funnels. A silent auction is an auction without an auctioneer and where participants submit their silent bids anonymously. They can be an effective fundraising strategy for nonprofits of all sizes.

Silent auctions can be held as separate events, but are often combined with other events, such as galas, cocktail fundraisers, sports tournaments, and more. They are often organized as in-person events, although silent auctions are not uncommon.

That said, restrictions related to COVID-19 continue to move nonprofit fundraisers, events, and other activities even further into the virtual world.

Unlike a live virtual auction, where visitors log in and bid in real time, a virtual silent auction usually takes place over a period of time, such as a week.

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Silent Auction Items For Nonprofits (75+ Ideas)

Most participants are given access to an online catalog of available auction items and are encouraged to browse items at their own pace and bid on items that interest them most.

There are many things that go into hosting a great virtual silent auction, but getting the right silent auction items is probably at the top of the list. This is if you want to achieve your fundraising goals and “wow” your guests. After all, they are the stars of the show!

There is no perfect magic formula for choosing the right silent auction items as it depends on your unique situation, especially your audience.

Organizing a virtual silent auction is a complicated process. It includes everything from setting up a team, purchasing the right auction materials, choosing the right online auction software and catalog, and shipping the products to the top sellers.

Wedo Charity Auctions Software

In this article, we will focus on buying auction items, one of the first and most important steps in organizing a virtual silent auction.

Buying auction items or buying refers to the process of finding the auction items you want for your events, needing and acquiring them, and then creating a catalog.

Purchasing the right auction items is critical to the success of your virtual silent auction, helping you raise as much money as possible for your cause.

The auction items that usually receive the most bids or requests from donors, are priced well, and are unique or unique in some way.

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If you’re trying to think of the right items for your silent auction, here are some questions to get you started:

Restaurant gift cards are the easiest to get started with and most restaurants are happy to work with you as the auction is a great opportunity for their business to advertise.

Depending on the restrictions where you live, restaurants may be open with certain limits. They may have limited the number of visitors or deliveries. Adjust the auction item accordingly. Perhaps the biggest seller will have a delivery/collection service from the restaurant or they will have the restaurant to themselves for one night.

Pro Tip: Take it a step further by booking a dinner at a restaurant you usually book (or a high-end restaurant like a Michelin-starred restaurant).

Nonprofit Auction Software Market

The options are endless with food-related silent auction items. The key is to know what will make your audience happy!

Tickets to sporting events in particular make excellent auction items

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