Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing – Colored pencils are an increasingly popular medium. Due to its high pigment content and archival qualities, artists can create professional works that can mimic the effects of pastels and even oil paints.

The advantage of colored pencil is that artists have the same level of control and immediacy as with other drawing media. Anyone with graffiti drawing experience will be able to draw with colored pencils. Colored pencils are lightweight, portable and mess-free. Artists can carry them with them in a pencil case to take with them wherever they go, to start drawing when inspiration strikes.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Use this tutorial on basic drawing techniques, some tips for beginners, to better understand the materials and learn how to get better at drawing quickly.

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Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Maybe you already know what art styles you like, maybe you already have your own art style. For many artists, finding their own style is a huge milestone in their artistic journey and it can take time!

A popular style for many color artists is realism. This is because colored pencil gives the artist optimal control to create precise and detailed marks on paper. The softness of colored pencils allows artists to layer colors, creating beautiful gradients and subtle tonal transitions.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings And Creative Art Works By Kristina Webb

As you can see, this artist achieves hyperrealistic effects by applying multiple layers of colored pencil. This really shows the true potential of colored pencil media.

Each type of material has its own special purpose and some supplies are more important than others. You might find something that can improve your drawing process, take a look.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

A quality artist colored pencil will have a soft core that resists breaking. The pencils will be highly pigmented, and the pigments will be stable to light. Professional colored pencils will be wax or oil based. You can get information about different colored pencils from our overview of colored pencil brands. Here are our top three product picks:

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Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils: These high-quality, popular pencils are highly pigmented, made from an oil binder and have a medium-soft, resistant core.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

They are wax based, softer than Polychromos and also highly pigmented. Due to the softer core, less pressure is required to achieve techniques such as mixing and baking. The tips are less resistant to breaking.

Bruynzeel Design colored pencils are great for beginners because they are cheap and wax based. But they provide all the brilliant qualities of an artist pencil, such as high pigmentation and fastness to light. The only downside is that these pens have a small color range. However, you can buy some other brands of pencils to fill in the color gaps, as they can be used with any wax or oil based pencil.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Walter Foster Drawing Made Easy: Flowers In Colored Pencil

Look for acid-free paper, as this means it is archival quality. Thicker paper is better and less likely to tear when wiped. Paper thickness is measured in gsm, any paper over 300 gsm is thick and suitable for all types of applications. Another attribute of quality paper is the grain or texture of the surface. The small tooth will stick to the pigment of the pencil, making it easier to layer and blend the colors and make the colors appear brighter on the surface.

Pastelmat is a thick, heavy paper that comes in a range of colors. The pigment is released smoothly from the paper to the surface because the paper has just the right number of teeth, which helps the pencil binder to stick. Apply multiple layers of paint without the need for fixing between layers.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

The best thing about drawing with colored pencils is that you don’t need too many supplies to get started.

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It is useful to have a good eraser. When working on a paper like Pastelmat, you’ll need an eraser that can lift the color without damaging the paper’s teeth. To remove light pencil marks, take a kneaded eraser, go over the paper and lift the colored areas. The best thing about soft rubber is that it’s moldable – mold it to the point that it pulls out the finer details.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Will sharpen pencils to an ultra-fine point and prevent pencils from falling out. Pencils last longer when you use this sharpener.

By establishing composition and structure as the first step in the drawing process, you can focus more on applying and mixing color in later stages.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Colorful Blooms: A Step By Step Guide To Painting Flowers With Colored Pencils

In this youtube tutorial with the first drawing tutorials. These guides serve as reference points to help create wings of the same shape and size.

Quality art colored pencils can be applied in layers. The ability to layer colors is what gives colored pencil artists the ability to create realistic effects and smooth transitions.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Color layers to change the hues and tones of the colors below. The pencil is semi-transparent, so the colors applied in the previous layers will be visible.

Beautiful Flower Drawing Colour Pencil Easy Pictures

Details and highlights will be the last thing you create. If you focus too early on the intricate details, they may get lost on other elements and you may have to reapply.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Colored pencil binder has a certain amount of opacity, but if you draw light over dark, you won’t get full coverage. For this reason, start with light colors and slowly layer on dark ones.

Dark pencil marks are more difficult to remove from paper and covers, so artists gradually create shadows at the beginning of the drawing, and later increase the contrasts.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Tried Drawing A Very Simple Landscape From Imagination Using Polychromos Coloured Pencils. How Do I Know When To Stop Adding More Layers? Other Feedback Also Welcome!

Drawing from light to dark is a general parameter and an indication of how to start drawing. However, artists usually apply the lightest highlights as a final step along with fine details and other finishing touches.

Leave these light highlights to show the lightness of the paper, then press down hard with the light pencil at the end to emphasize them. A useful tip, when you are in the outline phase of the drawing, is to draw around the places where the lightest points will be, so that you don’t mistakenly paint them with a dark color too early.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

To lighten the color profile of a part of the drawing, press more white or light pigment into the areas you want to appear lighter. To increase the darkness and shadows of an area, apply a darker color to the area you want to deepen. The effect of applying a darker color will be more dramatic than applying a lighter color. Values ​​can be changed in this way throughout the drawing, once the general composition is established.

Color Pencil Drawing By Atomiccircus

Pencil drawings will not look smooth in the first layer. Often, pencil artists who draw in realistic styles start with light layers of paint and build up.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

In the last layers, press the paper hard, the colors will mix and flow into each other. Place the pencil with firm pressure into the final layers of the drawing to achieve a smooth look.

Understanding how to use color is a key step in developing your skills from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

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​​​​​​Being good at drawing with colored pencils is not just about being able to accurately draw lines that mimic an object. By elegantly mixing and matching colors, brilliantly aesthetically beautiful works of art can be created.

— the tutorial is quite detailed and intended for anyone who wants to further understand pigments and how they combine and interact. By having a basic understanding of color theory, you will be able to apply layers of color with confidence and precision to achieve the desired results. The guide is written for painters, but from it you can learn the jargon of colors (shades, tones, etc.), how to accurately spot and read a color from a reference, and how to translate it into a work of art.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

When thinking about how the colors will mix on the paper, pay attention to the tonal transitions in your reference. Then choose the appropriate colored pencils and plan how you will layer them to achieve the desired result.

Try Colored Pencils With Beginner Projects

Colored pencil is a fairly flexible medium. Change the tones and saturation of colors with layering. For example, if you are drawing a red rose and you notice that some parts of the color on one petal have pink tones, you can start with red and then apply magenta on top to change the color profile.

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Most colored pencils do not smudge easily. Wax and oil binders are quite stable and won’t budge much when applied to paper, especially if you use

Simply place a piece of paper between your hand and the drawing to avoid smudges when leaning on the paper. You can also get a

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

Bird Pencil Drawing By Atomiccircus On Deviantart

We’ve talked a lot about applying colored pencil and it takes time! Of course, you choose how much time you spend on the drawing, and how much time you need also depends on the size of the drawing and the amount of detail you use. But if you want to achieve a smooth, even, realistic look, expect to need more layers and more hours.

There are several in color

Simple Colour Pencil Drawing

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