Small Atm Machines For Sale

Small Atm Machines For Sale – This is a unique opportunity to transfer your purchase to an ATM by implementing a mini ATM and earn a commission on every transaction.

Customers can visit the nearest agent and carry out all these transactions using their debit card just like at an ATM.

Small Atm Machines For Sale

An agent can easily check a customer’s balance in less than a minute using the portal or mobile app and the customer’s debit card.

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Instead of looking for an ATM, agents can turn their store into an ATM. Customers can only withdraw money using their debit card.

The same device that is used to withdraw cash can also be used as a POS terminal to accept payments from customers via their debit or credit cards

A micro ATM or mini ATM is a portable, pocket-sized card withdrawal terminal used to dispense cash in places where bank ATMs cannot reach. The mini ATM works as a unique “Bank-in-a Box” that allows customers to withdraw cash and know their balance. This payment solution aims to take branchless banking to the last mile. Micro ATMs, as the name suggests, are smaller portable versions of ATMs and can help you increase your income with minimal investment as the micro ATM price is much lower and the earnings are high.

According to published data, only 5% of the rural population has access to ATMs. Therefore, there remains a huge gap in the availability of ATM services in these areas. This is an initiative by the Government of India as it is commercially viable to have multiple micro ATMs rather than having multiple ATMs.

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This service is a win-win as it offers a number of benefits to everyone, both sellers and customers.

To become a reseller/distributor, you need to fill out the form and submit the following documents for verification:

To find out more about Micro ATM pricing and registration, and to work together to start your Micro ATM business immediately and hassle-free, fill out the form and register with us today. Once the verification process is complete, we will contact you to ship your Micro ATM.

The money that is given in cash is credited to the seller’s wallet, IN REAL TIME, together with the commission.

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Offers a wide range of Micro ATMs from Rs. 2499 to Rs. 18,999 depending on the type of machine purchased by the user.

Agents can offer customers cash withdrawal, mini statement, balance inquiry without long lines and the disappointment of having cash at the ATM.

Offers instant real-time commissions to its Micro ATM agents. This fee will be reflected in your portal wallet immediately as soon as you make a transaction at the micro ATM.

Micro ATMs will arrive to you within 4-7 days of placing your order. During this period, the Mini ATM activation process takes place at the same time. Once the Micro ATM reaches the customer, our team trains them on the process and can start using it right away!

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Register and create an account. In 48 hours you can start your own business and increase your income In recent years, ATMs for cryptocurrencies have exploded. According to statistics, there are now over 4,400 digital currency vending machines worldwide with new models under development. The following ATMs can be purchased today, allowing anyone to implement a cryptocurrency distribution kiosk at their local shop or tavern.

Cryptographic machines are becoming increasingly popular as a number of manufacturers have helped make these machines available. There are currently more than 4,400 cryptocurrency ATMs located in 77 countries around the world. There are also many manufacturers that build these devices and allow anyone to buy one or more machines to sell cryptocurrencies locally. Starting a crypto-ATM is not easy, because the entrepreneur needs to raise capital for the cost of equipment (equipment) and also be able to maintain the ATM. Also, people who are considering buying a Bitcoin ATM should consider the laws they are under and make sure it is okay to implement a money transfer device in the region. Finally, the crypto ATM must have a decent location where it will be seen by many people and visitors. You can’t just set up a crypto-ATM anywhere you want, because operators usually do business with local coffee shops or convenience stores, leaving the machine in a busy area. Only after these matters have been determined can one begin shopping for the perfect crypto ATM.

The Israeli company Lamassu has been a well-known manufacturer of cryptocurrency ATMs for years. The company was the first to create a two-way ATM that allows people to not only buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but also sell digital assets. Lamassu currently makes four different models: the Douro II ($5,897), the Sintra Forte cryptomat ($10,094), the Sintra two-way ($8,506), and the recently released Gaia ($4,083).

Lamassu calls the Gaia an “essential cryptographic machine” that still uses high-end components produced in the same Portuguese facility as the company’s other models. In terms of local fiat currencies, Lamassu ATMs support almost all major currencies in the world and currencies can be configured before sending. Currently Lamassu machines also support LTC, BCH, BTC, ZEC, DASH and ETH. According to data site, Lamassus can be found in 436 different locations.

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General Bytes has been selling cryptographic ATMs since 2014 and is one of the most popular device manufacturers in the world. The Prague-based company has machines in more than 70 countries and was the first ATM supplier to add Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to its products. claims that there are approximately 1,384 General Bytes machine locations.

The company has two machines for sale: Batm Two and Batm Three. The Batm Two can be purchased in two variants: “classic” ($3,249) and “large” ($3,999). The Batm Three series can be purchased in four different models ranging in price from $7,499 to $9,499, excluding accessories. General Bytes machines accept almost all major fiat currencies and more than 40 cryptocurrencies are also supported.

Genesis Coin is another popular machine used by a wide variety of ATM cryptocurrency providers. The company sells two models: the two-way Genesis 1 ($14,500) and the smaller Satoshi 1 ($6,800), which can be configured as a two-way device. Each delivered machine has a delivery time of 7-14 days. Genesis 1 comes with features like an account validator, a barcode scanner, a thermal printer, an EMV card reader, an optional fingerprint reader, and a high definition camera. The Genesis 1 machine is very large, measuring 30″ wide, 24″ deep, 56″ high, and weighs approximately 400 pounds. The smallest Genesis machine, the Satoshi 1, measures just 18 inches wide, 23 inches deep, 65 inches tall, and weighs about 285 pounds. According to, Genesis machines can be found in 1,383 locations.

Canadian blockchain company Bitaccess offers several services, but also produces cryptographic ATMs. The company offers two types of models: Btm C ($6,000) and Btm SE ($8,000). The Btm C is a basic model of two devices with a 19″ touchscreen, and customers need to order a minimum of two machines. The Btm SE special order is a high-security configuration ideal for large deployments, Bitaccess explains. The machines allow support for various fiat currencies, but Btm C and Btm SE support BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC and many other coins.Currently, Bitaccess ATMs can be found in 254 locations worldwide.

Fun Facts About Atm Machines

Sumo ATM (Bitxatm) is a popular machine vendor that sells two types of product lines: Sumo ATM V.4S ($6,691) and White Label ($55,575). The V.4S series is built with industrial-grade components and its design makes it easy to fit into small spaces. According to Sumo, the plug and play installation process is simple and takes just 30 minutes to set up. Sumo ATM V.4S allows the use of various cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH and XMR.

The White Label line is actually no different model; rather, it is an order of 10 V.4S Sumo ATMs sold at a wholesale rate. With the White Label deal, people who purchase the package can put their logo on the background, have custom menus and interactive elements, use specially designed paper rolls, or support multiple vendors and currencies. There are 69 locations worldwide where Sumo slots are located.

The rapid growth of cryptographic ATMs around the world is quite evident, as their presence continues to grow throughout Europe and the United States, but the increase in installed cryptographic machines is also growing significantly in Latin America and Asia. It’s not easy to get started when you first consider running a crypto ATM. But after confirming that the business will be profitable, would-be operators will find plenty of machines to choose from on days with varying features.

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