Small Business Web Design Service

Small Business Web Design Service – If you are a small business owner, your website plays a huge role in your success. Of course, not everyone is a web designer or has the budget to hire a digital studio to create a top-notch business website. Here’s the good news, though: You don’t have to. In fact, all it takes is a clean website with simple navigation; contacts that are always available; And of course tasteful visuals and well-written copy. So today we’ve scoured the web to find real examples of small business website designs that don’t overwhelm the visuals, but are focused, clean and easy to navigate.

Hopefully, these 40 examples will inspire you to continue your design journey with more ideas and passion. Dive into these small business websites now.

Small Business Web Design Service

Let’s start with local law firms and accounting services. On these sites, it is important to always have easily accessible phone contacts, case studies of various services and social proof. Since these sites are data-heavy and contain a lot of legal information, they need to follow a more minimalistic design approach to keep the design clean.

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This law firm starts off the bat with social proof through a bold statement of aggressive legal representation on top of numerous awards and memberships. In addition, it uses a simple layout and is very easy to navigate and find the service you are looking for.

Here we have a professionally designed website with microinteractions and UI animations, but that’s not what makes it impressive. Professionalism is provided by the color scheme, clean design, well-organized content and detailed case studies that help the user see the group activity in an expert’s work process.

The main page of this site uses a simple layout with a character image and listing prices, services and events. Very simple and effective with minimal micro animations.

Here we have a professional looking accounting website with a simple front-loader that displays the company logo. The design of the website itself is in a macro style with large images and fonts, with minimal copy. This makes it much easier and faster to read the home page before deciding whether to view the next page.

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Another short page with larger fonts and less copy. However, this homepage combines horizontal and vertical scrolling, enriching it with smooth animation.

Here we have a small website with a very professionally designed dynamic design, full of animations. More valuable in this design, however, are the brand-specific illustrations in the company’s signature color scheme. That being said, even without animations, the site has a memorable eye-catching design. It’s also well-organized with plenty of spacing, making it easy to scan and find the section you need.

If you’re not into cartoons and giant character portraits, you can also opt for an old-school design like this one. Here we have a professional accountant page with a very simple design with a focus on copy. Also, the page is short, well organized, and has a contact form at the bottom.

Another popular area for small businesses is promoting a gym, sports club, dance academy or your own coaching skills. These sites require more visuals like images and videos along with a little insight into the classes, programs and facilities. Also, free sample programs are always a big plus.

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This small site has everything that users might be interested in on the main page. It offers a professional design, a classic sports color scheme of navy blue and orange, and separate sections for introduction, program, pricing and contact form.

When it comes to yoga, the design usually evokes an atmosphere with images that evoke calmness, a clean color scheme and lots of white space. Additionally, this yoga site has great animations for scrolling, programs and schedules.

All design, branding and presentation on this website is centered around the personal trainer, their values ​​and philosophy. It looks more personal and builds confidence.

The next example is anything but a small website. Its entire home page serves as an introduction to the Go 180 concept to attract users to the area. It uses strong slogans like “At Go180 we do everything we can to help you become your best self for the rest of your life”.

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And finally, a dynamic dance academy website that communicates movement with color and images. The home page serves as an introduction to the academy, programs and instructors.

When it comes to the medical field, it’s important to present yourself with a professional-looking website. Most medical websites have a clean design and always have simple minimal color schemes and appointment scheduling options.

Family Dentistry has a clean, modern design with scrolling animations. It has real Google reviews from customers and a well-designed, easy-to-find form to fill out to book an appointment.

Bryant Dental was created by dentists to solve problems they faced themselves, using technology to overcome those problems in unprecedented ways. With a very high-tech professional website, it provides an unforgettable experience to every user.

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The last example shows that you don’t need to go overboard with animations and visuals to create a professional website you can be proud of. It’s a professional website for a dental office with a personal touch, elegant structure and simplicity that feels like a breath of fresh air.

This is where you can ditch the clean design and get more creative with the visuals. Real estate and architecture websites need to look professional, but they also need to create an environment that will attract their prospective clients. They communicate a lifestyle, not just sell houses and apartments, so they focus on the end product and what the customer’s life can be like when choosing specific services.

Here we have an example of a small business website for kitchen appliances. In fact, it gets things right by focusing on images and aesthetics rather than imitation. After all, pictures of the end result speak louder than any written promise.

The following site belongs to an architectural design studio. It has a simple natural design and elegant architectural structures that you can call home.

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Exercise can be very important for any brand. In this case, the architectural design studio uses project-style design.

This Dubai based real estate agency offers a great presentation on its website. There is no scrolling, just a full screen slider with all available perks and a CTA button that takes you to the relevant page.

Like architecture firms and real estate agencies, travel agencies and hotels need to sell experiences. Most travel agencies and accommodation websites use visuals to communicate style, mood, feel and even dream.

This website serves not only as a presentation of the hotel and its comfortable rooms and restaurant, but also what it promises. It shows different activities for customers in every season.

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Fuente Real’s website has a more artistic design approach that is perfect for informing the aesthetic of such a boutique art hotel. The animations are also minimal and tasteful, with only the parallax effect of hand-drawn background elements.

As a resort that focuses on the art of simplicity, it capitalizes on this idea with a beautifully minimalist website.

Next we have a website owned by a luxury hotel and restaurant with a professional artistic design. It has an extensive sidebar sticky menu that you can access anytime and navigate the site easily.

In contrast to the formal, professional, minimalist design of previous examples, here we have a more casual, hand-drawn album design that has the feel of an adventure journal.

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Whether you own a small local restaurant or sell food and beverages, your goal is to make your users’ mouths water. The easiest way to do this is with high-quality food photos. Another proven approach is to focus on your experience and present your restaurant as a place for friends to gather and have a good time.

Background videos are always great for restaurant websites to get users in the mood for dinner. It instantly communicates the charm of the restaurant, the food on offer and how great it is to mingle with your loved ones.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, designers here look to Tokyo’s aesthetic with deep reds, manga sketches and bright neon signs.

Clean the site with natural colors and great presentation. Because the company promotes an environmentally responsible approach and fresh local seasonal ingredients, it fits well with the site’s color scheme and layout.

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Another way to create a website is to take product photos. In this case, you can see tasty burgers as design elements all over the page.

Good cleaning service websites should be attractive and organized like the places they promise to clean. Additionally, they usually keep their content well organized and offer detailed references and social proof to build trust with future customers.

The most important part of your design is your message. Then how about a great trick like cleaning

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