Small Business Web Page Design

Small Business Web Page Design – By our definition, a small business is one with 1-25 employees and less than $2.5 million in revenue. Does it define your business? Although we have developed over the years and have worked with medium and large companies, our portfolio still includes projects for individual entrepreneurs, consultants and startups. Whether large or small, we provide our clients with the personalized service that only small agencies can provide. Every business has unique needs, and we create digital marketing solutions that meet those needs.

Digital Agenda provides quality business advice and consulting services to its small business clients. With two MBAs, our team provides added value beyond creative design services. We focus on creating the right tools and solutions for building a successful business with an effective online marketing strategy. Our goal is to help clients succeed and grow successful businesses.

Small Business Web Page Design

Every business deserves to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP’s), and this is especially true for small businesses. At The Digital Agenda, we obtain valuable and relevant information through industry and competitive research and data analysis. With this information, we can further improve your site structure and create a content strategy to improve your ranking. Improved rankings mean your business can appear ahead of competitors in search results. If you are a small business owner, your website plays an important role in your success. Of course, not everyone is a web designer or has the budget to hire a digital studio to create a top-notch business website. However, here’s the good news: you don’t have to. It’s actually about creating a clean website with easy navigation; communication accessible at any time; and of course great illustrations and well written copy. That’s why we look for real examples of small business website design that don’t go beyond graphics, but remain focused, clean and easy to navigate.

Best Web Design Companies For Small Businesses In 2023

We hope these 40 examples inspire you to continue your design journey with more ideas and inspiration. Let’s jump right into these small business websites.

We will start with local law firms and accounting services. The most important thing about these sites is that they display phone contacts, case studies of different services and social proof that are easily accessible at any time. These sites are heavy and legal heavy, so a minimalist design approach should be adopted to keep the design clean.

This law firm embarks on social proof through bold claims of aggressive advocacy in awards and memberships. In addition, it has a simple layout and it is very easy to find the service you are looking for.

Here we have a more professionally designed website with micro-interactions and UI animations, but that’s not what makes it work. Professionalism comes from the color scheme, clean design, well-organized content, and detailed case studies that help users see the process of class action reviewers.

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The home page of this website uses a simple layout that lists images, values, services and heroic events. Very simple and effective with minimal micro-animation.

Here we have a professional account website with a simple preloader that displays the company logo. The web page template itself is a macro design, with large images and fonts and minimal copy. This makes it easy and quick to read the home page before deciding which page to view next.

Another short page with large fonts and copy. However, this homepage mixes horizontal and vertical video with smooth animations.

Here we have a small website with a very professional dynamic design and rich in animations. However, the more important aspect of this design is the image related to the brand in the company’s colors. That being said, even without animation, the site has a memorable and attractive design. It’s also well laid out with plenty of white space, making it easy to browse and find what you’re looking for.

Importance Of Great Web Design For Your Small Business

If you don’t like animations and giant fonts, you can go with a nice old design, like in this case. Here we have a professional account page with a very simple design that focuses on copy. Additionally, the page is short, well-organized, and has a contact form at the bottom.

Another popular small business area is owning a gym, sports club, dance academy, or developing your coaching skills. These sites require more visuals, such as images and video materials to include tutorials, programs and tools. A free trial program is always a big plus.

This small website contains everything that may be of interest to the user on its pages. It offers a professional design, a classic sports color scheme of blue and dark purple, and separate sections for profiles, programs, prices and contact forms.

When it comes to yoga, this design usually gives an atmosphere of calm images, clean colors and lots of white space. In addition, this yoga site has great animations of rolls, programs and schedules.

Best Website Designers For Small Business In 2023

This site focuses its entire design, branding and presentation on personal trainers and their values ​​and philosophies. It looks more personal and builds trust.

The next example is something else on a small website. The entire page is an introduction to the Go 180 concept that will put users in the zone. Use strong slogans like “At GO180, we do everything we can to help you be the best you can be in your life.”

Finally, a dynamic dance academy website that shows activities in color and graphics. The home page is an introduction to the academy, the program and the faculty.

When it comes to the medical industry, it is important to present yourself on a professional website. Most medical websites keep the design clean and use simple colors and appointment booking options.

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Family Dentistry has a clean modern design with rotating animations. It features real Google reviews from customers, and at the bottom there’s an easy-to-use form to book an appointment.

Bryant Dental was created by dentists to solve the problems they face and use technology to overcome those problems in a way that has never been done before. A high-quality professional website provides an unforgettable experience for every user.

The last example shows that you don’t need to go overboard with animations and graphics to have a professional website. It is a professional dental studio website with a personal touch, great structure and clean air simplicity.

Here you can get away from the clean look and be more creative with your photos. Real estate and architecture websites should be professional, but provide an atmosphere that will appeal to your customers. They are talking about a way of life and not just selling a house or a house, so they focus on the end product and the life of the customer if they choose their service.

Small Business Website Design: What You Should Look For

Here we have an example of a small business website for kitchen installation. In fact, it does the right thing by focusing on photography and aesthetics rather than production. After all, pictures of the end product speak louder than written promises.

The following website belongs to architectural design studio. It has a simple natural design and promises to build a house you can call home.

Strategy can be very important to any brand. In this case, the architectural design studio uses the model of the design.

A real estate agency based in Dubai makes a great presentation on its website. No scrolling, just a full screen slider with all your benefits and a CTA button to move you to that page.

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Like hotels and real estate agencies, travel agencies and hotels need to sell experiences. Most travel and hotel websites use images to convey style, atmosphere, feeling and even dreams.

This site will not only offer the hotel, its rooms and restaurants, but also the experience it promises. It shows different activities for customers every season.

Fuente Real’s website has a more artistic approach, perfect for showcasing the beauty of such a boutique hotel. The animations are also small and nice, with a parallax effect on the background element of the hand.

As a hobby focused on the art of simplicity, this idea is applied to a beautiful minimalist website.

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Then we have luxury hotel and restaurant websites with professional art design. It has an expandable sidebar menu that you can access at any time and easily navigate the site.

Unlike the professional minimalist design of the previous examples, here we have a hand-drawn notebook that is reminiscent of a traveller’s diary.

Whether you own a small local restaurant or sell food and drinks, your goal is to get customers talking. The simplest way

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