Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

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Desiree Ng, a professional air traffic controller who works long shifts, goes cafe hunting in her spare time. But for reasons not related to coffee or company! She really likes the design and decor of the cafe – the wooden feel, the comfortable seating and the decorative details like the display of unusual displays. So when it came time to design her new studio apartment, she wanted a coffee-inspired look.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Presented by designer Shalom Hong – interiors that perfectly suit their lifestyle. Now, let’s take a look at this modern house that we love.

Condo Floor Plan Ideas That Combine Creature Comforts With Small Space Living

First-time homeowner Desiree Ng shared her design brief with several ID companies. Ultimately, she decided to add Shalom as her ID because she felt she could visualize the comfortable living space she wanted. It was a leap of faith for Korikori as it was a new brand in Singapore at the time.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

“My studio decor design has a lot of elements…a lot of blue-green with different types of wood surfaces and colors. Everything went great though! All combinations work well together; They are similar to the 3D images shown to me by Shalom!

In keeping with the atmosphere of the cafe, Shalom designed a space with deep greenery and rich greenery against a backdrop of pale woods. This combination creates a modern yet comfortable atmosphere.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Techniques For 2, 3, And 4 Bedder Condominiums — Swiss Interior

Shades of brown are central but subtle in the decor of this studio apartment. Monotone combines furniture and fixtures of different colors. This unique color palette works well because this studio apartment gets a lot of sunlight from the balcony.

The lobby area is equipped with full-height storage cabinets that hide unsightly electrical cords and other cords.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

This TV feature wall is the perfect answer for Desiree, who likes to read and keep up her good skills as it is designed with drawers and distinctive display shelves. Wood paneling has been fitted and fitted to add a bit of Scandi flair to the room. The warm brown light-colored wall on the upper side of the walls is the perfect foil against the bold, deep brown found in the living room.

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas, Tips & Inspiration

Lack of space is a problem for a studio apartment. A design challenge was the need for space for a dining room and a study. Undaunted, our designer added a metal-framed island counter with a leg base.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

With its birch laminate, the island counter perfectly matches the kitchen cabinets that come with the apartment. It integrated the dining room and kitchen with minimal disruption and made full use of the limited space. Overall, the metal frame is minimal, creating a very seamless look.

So how does a designer add interesting elements to a plain-looking counter? A black round light and hanging shelf above to add color from plants and decorative pieces is the answer!

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Top Interior Design Ideas For Your Condo

Designer Shalom shared, “The client trusted my passion and design and gave me the opportunity to create a bold color scheme for her home. This project also gave me freedom of design expression where I used different materials including metals.

In addition to her love of dark colors, Desiree also turned her attention to this gray storage bed in her boudoir.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Shalom is working on incorporating this bed into his design solution. This becomes a design challenge as it affects the look of the bedroom as well as the spatial planning.

Studio Condo Design And Decor Inspired By Cafe Vibes At Bartley Area

The final design solution really maximized the rest of the area. The TV console, wardrobe, cabinets, drawers and shelves are visible. Hidden from view as a really clever design feature is the vanity top and elongated footstool. Talk about smart design that maximizes space!

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

As Singapore builds more new housing projects and homes on a smaller scale than before, we are facing the challenges that come with compact living. The smart design solutions found in this cafe-inspired private studio apartment are a definite must-have for any HDB or flat in Singapore. Don’t you agree?

Asia’s fastest growing home renovation company. We excel at creating award-winning home interior designs with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our transparent approach ensures that you are always informed about the progress and costs of your project. We also offer a 5-year kitchen and cabinet fitment warranty, guaranteeing long-term satisfaction. Trust us to deliver the best in home renovations! What is an apartment? The difference between flats and apartments is more pronounced in Singapore than in other countries.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Small House Interior Design Ideas

Globally, “condo” refers to an apartment complex consisting of several units that are individually owned but share common areas (such as a laundry area, outdoor space, or other amenities). In most countries, the term is interchangeable with any apartment complex or residential dwelling. However, in Singapore the term has a bit more meaning.

A condominium in Singapore differs from HDB housing in that it is usually a private venture. Flats are private properties not planned, built or managed by the Housing and Development Board. As a result, there are fewer restrictions and regulations on them. (Note that there are HDB executive flats; they are a mixed form of public and private ownership).

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Private apartment owners in Singapore have full control over renovations and set their own rental terms. The downside of this freedom is that flats are more expensive than HDB housing. This is because HDB housing is heavily subsidized by the government, and a small flat costing SGD$300,000 in public housing without subsidies can easily exceed a million in private retail.

Condo Interior Design: 5 Best Condominium Interior Ideas Singapore

Apartment design is clearly alive and well in Singapore. Without HDB regulations and renovation guidelines, homeowners are taking an exploratory and adventurous approach to interior design, taking risks and embracing creativity. With only 20% of Singapore’s total population living in private residences (and even a smaller percentage preferring to live in apartments), each private apartment in Singapore is unique and thoughtfully designed. However, there are some interesting artistic themes emerging in modern apartments across Singapore.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Flooring is one of the hottest trends in apartment design to differentiate the private interior from the classic HDB style. Apartments also have more floor space, giving the homeowner more opportunity to install an attractive floor that serves an aesthetic and functional purpose. Wood floors with a rich, natural look are especially desirable. Extreme tiles are another popular choice, with homeowners opting for expensive high-end flooring materials such as marble or granite tile.

Another trend in apartment design is the return of Scandinavian color palettes. The Japanese design style has become popular in Singapore and has inspired homes across the country to redecorate with a natural focus and bright color palette. Neutral beige and natural wood play against bright whites, pale oranges and yellows, creating a cheerful, open and bright atmosphere.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Before & After: Inviting Condo Interior Design

At the other end of the spectrum, some people go the opposite way and turn to industrial design. A commitment to technology and raw industrial materials such as metal, brick, concrete, glass and wood create a solid, New Year’s sophistication that redefines the potential of modern residential design. Brass accents along with exposed beams, pipes and brickwork are popular in this design scheme, which was developed as a reaction against the cookie-cutter maximalism of much contemporary design. For more inspiration on how to reimagine apartment decor and interior design in Singapore, check out the list below.

Apartment Interior Design Ideas in Singapore: Examples of the Best Floor Plans and Popular Interior Design Trends in Singapore

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

The best way to style a small apartment (1 bedroom) or a two-key apartment is to emphasize comfort. Casual design heralds the emerging trend and rise of maximalism in Singapore; Incorporating as many elements as possible for convenience in one place. The design manages to comfortably and uncluttered walk the middle line, incorporating a variety of luxury comfort items without cluttering the space.

Loft Design Ideas (minimalist Living With Flair!)

This is a particularly successful style for studio apartments, as shown in the picture, because it allows every inch of your tiny home to accommodate your comfort. Features of this home include an abundance of comfortable chairs and sofas, a large bed, valuable personal items, plants, art, television and many different areas where you can spend the day. There is also a second bed that can be pulled out from under the first, making this design efficient and comfortable.

Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to modern interior design, gray is clearly a contemporary trend color. Monochromatic palettes are back in full swing, and gray is taking center stage in many areas of interior design. Subtle

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